What should be the ideal proper breakfast, just one thing that I can stick to for every morning!

Nicklas G.
Hi! I drink a protein shake. I buy Garden of Life protein poweder. They have various kinds, whey based, vegan, etc. I add a 1/2 banana and some baby spinach. It's quick, healthy and gets me to lunch.
Penny Z.
I’m somewhat hesitant to answer. I’m not a physician or dietician. But I have fought through some schedule induced exercise plateaus. With that in mind, the standard three egg whites plus oatmeal is something I can tell you from experience will serve you well. If you still need more calories after that, add fruit or Greek yogurt.
Good luck!!
Patricia O.
I think the ideal breakfast is something that should be easy to prepare. My ideal breakfast is hot chocolate with bread and fried or scrambled eggs.
Simon Z.
That depends on your diet. I'm doing Keto and some days I'll have eggs, bacon, cheese and tomatos. Other days I'll have cereal, waffles or a parfait. Whatever works best for my diet and depending on how I'm feeling. Of course, a coffee too!
Erika J.
Yogurt is something I do stick to on most days. I also enjoy lentils, which are a good source of protein and keep me satiated until lunch.
Yasemin X.
Protein. Eggs and sausage ate fastest, and usually sit ok no matter what time it is. Cereal churns my stomach now. Oatmeal and a bit bar are my alternate during winter months. I'm looking forward to trying smoothies with protein added in the summer too.
Melinda F.
Zdrowe, pełnowartościowe ale i smaczne produkty. Staraj się zróżnicować je żeby dostarczyć sobie wszystkich potrzebnych skladnikow
Gerwin W.
I think the ideal breakfast would be a banana and a hard boiled egg (or 2 depending on your appetite). Bananas are nature’s ideal on-the-go snack and the eggs you can boil on a Sunday for the next 4 or 5 days so you don’t have to worry about making time for it during a busy morning.
Vanderl Ia S.
Something easy is just a fried egg (or two depending on what fills you up) and some fruit like a banana, an apple, or kiwi. I usually fry my eggs in olive oil to incorporate healthy fats and if I have enough time I cut the fruits up and make a fruit salad. It's delicious and keeps me full throughout the morning.
Licelima E.
Steel cut oats from walmart, a handful of your favorite frozen fruit in the microwave together with water for 4 minutes.
Joanna T.
I also have the exact same meals everyday, since it allows me to easily prep for the next 3 days, and I'm able to know exactly what y calorie and nutrient intake is. The key is to find what you'll never get sick of. I have!

Banana Date Smoothie.

Overnight Oats (Instant Oats, Granola, Blueberries, Blackberries, Jumbo Raisins, Coconut Shreds/Chips, Hemp Hearts, Chia Seeds, Pumpkin Seeds, Maple Syrup, Almond Milk).

This is coming from a 3 year vegan. No animals had to be killed or exploited, it's affordable, and I'm getting more than I need.

Dinner involves Lentil Soup with Chickpeas & Red/Black Beans, as well as Baked Sweet Potato with Cinnamon.

Snacks include Apples, Bananas, Kiwi, Clementines, Larabars (Peanut Butter), Peanut Butter Spoonful, Organic Rice Protein Powder (not necessary, but I'm striving to build as much muscle mass as I can).

Watch 'Game Changers' when it comes out. It's produced by James Cameron. Watch 'The Best Speech You Will Ever Hear' by Gary Yourofsky on YouTube in the mean time.

Katarina S.
I make oatmeal by putting oatmeal in several Mason Jars. I add almond milk to some, regular milk to others. Then I add different berries to some and to others I add nuts. Then I place them in the refrigerator. Easy different breAkfast
Landon B.
My ideal proper breakfast includes protein (like eggs) fruit or juice and a fiber rich grain of some sort maybe oatmeal a muffin or a whole grain bread or even a ww waffle. Also for me coffee is a must have for breakfast.
Frederick E.
Unfortunately I don’t have time for a dit down breakfast everyday do I opt for a protein shake and a piece of fruit as my ‘go to’ items. As a bariatric patient I’m on a lower calorie program so I limit carbs.
Iracilda P.
Something with a fruit and protein. A fresh fruit is a nice treat in the morning. It is sweet and wakes you up. Protein fills you up and sustains you. And a complex carb can do the same. Breakfast is good when there is a variety. Don't get bored, but also don't get overwhelmed. Be creative and try new things. It's okay if you don't love chia seed pudding, but it's good that you try it out.
Ezio U.
I can do 1x weetabix + enough milk to soak the weetabix + 1/2 cup of greek yogurt + a cup of fruits forever! I rotate the fruits though.. whatever i can get from the local supermarkets 🙂
Rosemarie U.
The best thing to eat is something high in protein. For me eggs are great you can do them in so many ways and with different added tastes. You are only buying 1 ingredient. They are cheap. Quick to cook, satisfying and tasty. They have stopped my snacking in a morning almost entirely.
Miriam T.
Eggs with spinach, oatmeal, and bacon. The bacon… Although not the healthiest option will help you stick to it because it's delicious. Add a bowl of fruit if you can, or q green smoothie I'd your feeling like a rockstart
Alo Sio Q.
The breakfast should be light in early morning it should not contain heavy food items. Basically I prefer a cube of cheese and handful of dry fruits
Carrie Z.
Banana, if l don't have time to prepare breakfast.
Walter N.
I usually have porridge with honey and blueberries. It's easy, doesn't take ages to do, and has lots of good stuff to set you up for the day.
Johan Z.
Cheesy egg scramble takes less than 7 mins to make and you can add salsa or hot sauce to change it up!
Shelly F.
Eggs scrambled with spinach or other veggies on hand. Topped with salsa or hot sauce. Eggs are the foundation for me because they are so quick, healthy, and versatile. You can always switch up how they are cooked, add avocado, change the seasoning, etc. So they never get old.
Debra J.
A good breakfast includes a whole grain source of complex carbohydrates, lean proteins and healthy fats. Some foods that contain these macronutrients are eggs, vegetables, low sugar fruits, whole grain toast, etc
Vernon E.
Whole wheat toast, avocado spread (make it yourself in a minute by mashing together one avocado with salt and pepper), and eggs on top!