Should I stop drinking milk if I want to lose weight?

Maurice Z.
I think there is no real connection between drinking milk and losing weight. You can continue with milk but be conscious what you eat and when and exercise.

Isabela A.
That’s great that you want to lose weight! The Fabulous app is a great start! As far as drinking milk, however, I don’t believe it’ll prove to be a big factor in your weight loss.

Are there other drinks you can consider eliminating from your diet? Perhaps sugar-laden drinks such as colas, or fruit juices, or sweeten coffee drinks!

Milk is a great source of calcium. It may actually assist you in your fight to lose weight.

Jesualdo S.
Personally I swtiched from cow milk to almond or coconut. I haven't weighed myself yet to see the difference but I feel better.

Nellie U.
Getting rid of milk wont make you lose weight. Consuming less, or burning more calories will make you lose weight. The only reason to cut milk out would be if you had intolerances.

Aubrey G.
It's ok to drink whatever you want, but you might find it easier to make easy cutbacks and substitutions! For example, if you drink two glasses a day, replace one with water. Losing weight is all about your calories in vs calories out, so if you're able to maintain a budget while drinking milk, do it! Or, if you want to exercise enough to afford milk in your calories that day, go for that!

Wallace O.
Yes. Milk contains many harmful components. It is best to avoid all animal products. Try a whole food plant-based diet and you'll see amazing results. You can eat until full and still loose weight. For more information, visit

Ruby O.
I’d say give it a shot! If quitting cold turkey is tough just drink less and less. Buy a quart instead of a gallon things like that and see if it makes a difference

Mimoso C.
No – weight loss is calories in vs calories out. Everything is allowed in moderation and cutting out complete foods will just increase cravings. You can always choose semi skimmed milk to reduce calories. Or switch to plant based alternatives to receive the nutrients no need if you are concerned about environmental impact. But no need to cut out all diary if you are nit intolerant . Good luck!

Jabim S.
I think that drink milk in my age is very important to be healthier and more energized so if milk has some calories I’d rather to stop eating something else than stop drink milk

Carolyn J.
Well I'm not sure if milk makes you gain weight, it doesn't make you lose either. Although, milk has been known to actually weaken bones rather than make them stronger. I would drink almond milk. Itsl tastes really good and is healthier for you.

Hans J Rgen U.
It depends if you exceed your calorie daily limit or not. Milk or otherwise. Milk is quiet filling with dates for me and I have been loosing weight.

Druso Z.
Milk is often demonized but it's has nothing to do with gain weight, just watch your calorie intake and eat more protein and you'll be fine

Gertrude X.
I don't think that you have to. I believe that you are going to be just fine with two glasses per day.You can always choose healthier options like low fat or any kind of a nut milk which has less calories per glass.Im not even vegan and I drink almond milk because it's more light for my stomach. And if I get hungry late at night a glass of milk is what I need to feel me up so i won't empty the fridge.

Sylvia P.
No unless you are allergic to milk and milk products. The key to loosing weight is burning more than you are eating. However in the process of working out, you need a balanced diet for regaining the vitamins and minerals. Milk provides you just that. So don't skip milk

Silvana J.
As an adult you don't actually need milk, as long as you're getting calcium and vitamin D from another source. It can have a high fat content. You need some fats in a healthy diet, but keep an eye on how much you're in taking. Milk isn't inherently bad or good for a diet, it provides you with fat, protein and carbohydrates. Just make sure you're getting a balanced diet generally.

Andrew J.
Drinking milk increases height it increases the amount of calcium I'm a person's body which is necessary instead of stopping you should drink milk twice a day it helps with diet .
That s all I had to say

Teresa Z.
You should not. Just drink/eat less from certain things. Milk can be tricky since we shouldn't drink milk whatsoever, but start drinking a bit less of it week by week and your body will get used to it.
Same goes to everything you would like to avoid (snacks, bizkits, crackers, chocholate etc.)

Carrie J.
Yes, if you get bloated from drinking milk then definitely you should stop drinking it. I have this problem and so have stopped taking milk. You can try taking Greek yogurt or low fat yogurt for the calcium balance in your body. Also, if you have acne prone skin then you should not be drinking milk .

Perry P.
Ditch milk, it’s not good for in large quantities and it’s not good for the cows. Soya, oat, almond or coconut taste good in different things. You get used to the taste.

Paul E.
I don't think so. You could try switching to a lower fat option, or just drink less. Cutting things out completely isn't sustainable long term

Jucemira Z.
As a medical student i would not recommend you to eliminate milk from your diet as it provides the body with very essential nutrients. The better way is to cut down on carbs and soft drinks .

Antonio S.
Milk is Paramount, it's our main source for calcium which ensures nerve transmissions and therefore, it helps us to be physically and mentally fit. I don't see removing milk from your diet is a good choice if you want to lose weight.