What are some really fast breakfasts to make and eat?

Felix T.
I sometimes make a smoothie with banana, berries, low fat yoghurt naturel, protein powder and chia. That only takes me 5 minutes to make.

Arianna W.
Overnight oats are always a go to for me with busy school and work schedule so I can prep them for the week🙌🏻 You can even add protein powder to it and add that extra boost!

Mads C.
Porridge oats in water with 2 pineapple rings and a scoop of whey protein to flavour. A handful of nuts on the side or fruit can round the meal out a bit

Chris I.
I usually eat oatmeal with raisins for breakfast. I eat the microwaveable oatmeal (Golden syrup flavour!) And it's really easy to make, all you need to do is open the pouch it comes it into a bowl, add milk up to a certain level and put it in the microwave for 2 minutes. After which I add my own raisins and enjoy!

Adonilo G.
Omelette are quick and easy to throw together. Throw is some peppers and spinach to make it super healthy. Avocado toast isnt so bad either.

Carolyn O.
I do steel cut oatmeal. Iused to get frustrated making it because it will take a long time but then I saw are YouTube video to cook it overnight.

I really like steel cut oatmeal because it has texture, it’s not mushy like most oatmeal. Also it has a lot more nutrients and benefits because it is not processed anywhere near the amount most oatmeal.

I cook 1 pound of steel cut oatmeal on a Sunday and then take some with me every day for work for breakfast. I add almonds blueberries and Kashi cereal. You can probably find creative ideas on Pinterest or Google.

Oh yeah, it’s also known to help you stay full until lunchtime and is very low in calories.

Susie Y.
The best breakfasts to eat are: eggs(anyway),cereals,salad (simple or complex)and a smoothie (any type).(it is much better all of those things with a glass of water besides you).

Dora S.
I make breakfast bars but instead of doing them as bars, i put them in a muffin tray in paper muffin cups to make them easier to eat on the go.

Oscar U.
I’m a vegan, so this is going to be quite different for me. For me, a quick breakfast, if I have forgotten to meal prep, is a plant-based yogurt and fruit or oatmeal with a little bit of peanut butter. I take the time each week to meal prep, so I have all of my breakfasts ready throughout the week to grab and microwave. For me, this works – this week, I’m having a tofu scramble breakfast burrito, veg sausage, and spinach and mushroom sauté.

Everett Z.
If you're busy and have work/school/or just a busy day and don't have time to make breakfast, a bowl of cereal is by far the best breakfast you could have no matter how old you are, otherwise, experiment, use the internet and make a an eleborate nutritious breakfast. ◉‿◉

Carolyn X.
I make a bunch of egg and cheese wraps, or I add bacon or sausage and I make a weeks worth on Sunday night so I nuke one in the morning and go because I don't have time to make breakfast if I don't do this I have a slimfast shake with two scoops, one scoop doesn't keep me full till lunch.

Kristen W.
Well, my favourite breakfast to eat in the middle of a busy week and day would be having some granola and yoghurt, super quick and super tasty!

Vicky E.
Steel cut oats you make ahead of time then just scoop it in a bowl, warm with milk and add peanut butter. I also love toast with pears, honey and peanut butter

Salvador U.
Anything on toast is probably the fastest to eat, but fastest prep you can do the night before. Overnight oatmeal with frozen fruit in it is amazing and instant when you wake up, and if you want things like smashed avocado on your toast you can smash it with a bit of lemon juice for easy application in the morning.

Sindulfo P.
I like crumpets and bovril spread with a piece of fruit – might not be the healthiest but it sets me up for the morning.

Grace E.
I LOVE cheesy scrambled eggs with a side of peanut butter and banana. I also really enjoy preping my breakfast the night before. Get a muffin tin and crack an egg in each place, then agg ham, cheese, and spinach! Bake them on 350 until they are firm and you can pop them in the fridge and enjoy them all week!

Maurice J.
I eat the same thing for breakfast. It’s awesome.
Steel cut oats, maple syrup, cinnamon, blueberries and sliced almonds with 10 ounces Icelandic yogurt and add pecans.definitely works.

Julia Q.
Instant oatmeal is great, especially with yogurt or but butter. I also like those frozen egg white patties that you can just heat and wrap up with some veggies or a thin whole wheat bagel and a slice of cheese

Daphn S.
Oatmeal with peanut butter and apples and bananas on the side… It keeps you full for a long time but not to mention also make some toast with weather butter and fried eggs on top with cheese or toasted bread with butter and Nutella spread