Do you have any recommendations for students who just need to have some kind of quick breakfast?

Gabe Z.
Buy breakfast food, even if its just a piece of fruit or some bread. When I was in college I often had some some of fruit (banana, avocado etc.) out on my counter that I walked passed every morning. That way I would not only see it as a reminder, but I would check to see if it was ripe or going past ripe. This subconsciously helped me take the time to
Astrid X.
Find easy open things like yogurt or microwaveable things. Toastable things work too. Make sure they are healthy though. No candy mix chobani yogurts and eggo waffles. Find organic, fresh, quick snacks, and trust me they exist. Another thing you can do is prepare things like lunch (is you have one) and chores the night before leaving you more time to do other things in the morning.
Nicolas X.
Breakfast is the most omportant meal,so you have to decide to have a good breating ,meaning
Go to shop buy ,porridage,eggs, and mushrooms,fruit frozen ,strawberries,blackberries ,bannans,,
Make a plan for your breakfast,,and enjoy also have water with lemon.
Will Q.
Porridge because the porridge in packets is really easy to make and its fast to make, also very high in protein which gives you energy.
Alfredo Q.
I'm not sure if this is quick enough for you but I find granola my quickest breakfast. I just get a small bowl with yoghurt and some granola from the shops and maybe a bit of fruit. Or if you need even quicker, just a protein bar or cereal bar. Both are very healthy.
Nolan Y.
Keep fruits or vegetables around. They are healthy and easy to grab. Overnight oats are also awesome for breakfast on the run
Casiana C.
I would recommend you to have some yogurt in the morning as it's cold and refreshing, it will wake you up and set you for the day! I would also recommend having a fruit salad and if you don't have that much time to prepare it, you can have your favourite fruit (ex: a banana or an apple)
Paige F.
I would say maybe just pick up lunch on the go but if you cant do that then toasties are not just as plain as toast but they are also quick and easy to make
Charlie G.
even though people decide not to believe in “breakfast is the most important meal of the day” it really is true. i recommend a healthy protein bar or a bowl of fruit or yogurt!!
Awesome N.
I would say depending on what you like, a morning egg is always a healthy choice or a blow of oatmeal/cereal with some fruits on the side is tasty.