How do you get working out to be a part of your daily routine? I always go for two days, then slack.

Rachel S.
I've been consistently going to the gym 5 times a week for years at 6:00AM, so I got you!
When I started going to gym, I worked with a trainer (with a group, not on my own) and my parents initially came with me too. So based off of personal experience (and many studies have also shown this): go with mates! Being able to socialise and add some fun to your workouts makes committing to a routine much easier. You can also hold each other accountable! If they're not available, a trainer's a brilliant alternative (group training is cheaper if you need to save some money). Hope this helps. Best of luck!

Brianna T.
I make exercise part of my daily routine by working it into my life, walking the eldest to nursery then going for a walk into town with the youngest instead of going home. Taking the kids to the park or to feed the duck, a good walk always makes us feel better and its a great way of spending time together

Tanja O.
I do a litlle excercise just 1-3 minutes during 1 week. After that my mind and my body told it is to short and I watch several excercise video and pick up, apply to my morning routine. Remember a little bit everyday

Scarlett U.
I try as much as possible to make this habit continue in my life, even if at least I walk for ten minutes. Before I go to university, if anywhere, I wake up early in order to try to exercise, even with a simple exercise for ten minutes, or whenever I have the opportunity to increase the time, and even On vacation I try to combine something I love with a simple sport. Just start with simple steps and easy sport. Only simple things lead us to achieve what we want and prepare us for the difficult things to come in our lives. If you don't get organized, don't give up and start from your beginning and better💪🏻