What if you’re not a great cook and need something fast and easy to make? Any ideas?

Tommy Z.
When you're in a hurry it's nice to have fruit and nuts in your vision. It will help make better decisions with your food as well. These foods will keep you having energy for longer. Reminding you breakfast is very important even though you may have time or may not but to implement grains in your daily breakfasts is very important so it may be nice to have energy bars or fruit bars NOT candy bars in your sight quick and easy to grab. Try to get the ones with less sugar and more vitamins if possible and don't forget to drink water. Sometimes it's nice to have tea or coffee but never make it a routine.
Amalia J.
Make a simple salad with boiled eggs, mashed potatoes, make toasted bread with natural peanut butter and bananas on top/ pastrami and tomatoes.
A smoothie with milk and any kinds of fruits.
Oatmeal pancakes with honey, yoghurt with fruits on top/plain yoghurt.
Scrambled eggs with veggies on the side.
Jacob Z.
Cook pasta, bake bacon pieces, cut veggies u like, cut a ball of mozzarella. Throw it all together and mix with green pesto.
Carolina Q.
Eggs are my go to. Scrambled is hard to mess up and even making an omelet doesn't take very long. They're easy to customize with different seasonings or toppings (I almost always add some frozen veggies since its a easy way to add colors to my diet). Or if you're really short on time in your mornings you can make boiled eggs in advance and always have some ready. Mixed nuts and fresh fruit are also good for nutritional variety or if you don't want to cook at all.
Akvis F.
I would make any type of salad. Or if I didn’t have vegetables in my fridge I’ll would make an yummy hot sandwich with double cheese on it. But probably I would make an oatmeal with berries or fruits on top of it.
Devyn G.
Instant oatmeal or parfaits are great breakfast items. Other lunch / dinner items are grilled cheeses or veggie quesadillas.
Christian E.
Vegetable tata.
Just cook your vegetables halfway and then whisk some eggs (2/3 per person) and add them with your veggies in an oiled pan. Cover and let cook until the frittata is solid enough to be turned.
You can also add protein into your frittata, both powder or meat or in any other form. When crispy sprinke some salt, pepper and spices, then serve hot!
Ken S.
Depending on what your cooking for I'd probably run to the store buy Some type of food that's already pre made and just cook that so like chicken or Chinese food ig