Do you prefer sweet (pastry, fruits, honey, grains, etc.) or savory (eggs, bacon, salmon, avocado toast, etc.) breakfasts?

Radmila X.
I am more for savoury in the morning but like grains,honey and fruit too. Eggs, bacon and avocado is usually my go to but omelettes will be my everyday I reckon.
Afonsina Q.
Most often I prefer savory breakfasts or a mix of both. Occasionally I enjoy a sweet breakfast on the weekends (French toast, hello!)
Clara W.
I really like the two of them but I think I prefer savory because it keeps me less hungrier during the morning besides y love hush browns and eggs together . Also I always like to put some fruit in my breakfast so it a can be a little bit more healthy
Eram S.
So lemme be honest- I'm not the kind of person who'd go no sugar at all. I'd rather eat what I want and workout enough…so I think you've guessed it- I prefer sweets(pastry, fruits, honey, grains, etc).🙂
Sharlene I.
I like a savory breakfast personally. If i eat something sweet in the morning i know i wont eat anything healthy for lunch or dinner. Plus when i eat something sweet even if it is healthy i dont feel as full and will get hungrier faster throughout the day.
Romina Z.
It depends on your taste, of course. But as an advice, you should know that eating artificial sweets can make you hungry during the day. I think a mix of natural carbohydrates like honey and savory like boiled eggs or bacon can be a good choice for being healthy and
Lydia V.
savoury breakfasts definitely make me feel less gross in the morning. if it’s a big breakfast, one sweet breakfast food, and that’s enough
Mats H.
I usually have oatmeal with scoop of protein powder and peanut butter. Then I have a glass of milk with it and a banana or apple
Lily P.
It mainly depends upon what I'm in the mood for, sometimes I would rather enjoy a nice savory breakfast of eggs and bacon than something sweet. Other times I would crave for something sweet whether that's a fruit I enjoy or a hearty cereal.