What do you like to eat for breakfast that is healthy?

Luna Y.
I like to eat for my breakfast a toast with peanut butter or dark choccolate with slices of
banana on it, drink a cup of coffee and a glass of Orange juice😍😍
Imke S.
I usually eat some king of fruit, like a banana. If I'm not in a lot of hurry i eat oats with homemade yougurt and natural honey. Maybe couple of boiled eggs and some times I add to my menu olives and turkish kashar cheese.
Μαρια Σακελλαρη N.
in general, due to work and school, I don't have time for breakfast, so I eat whatever I can find. I just make sure it contains all the food categories. A good breakfast for example, when I have time to make it, is an omelette (I put one whole egg and two egg whites) with spinach and a slice of wholemeal bread with avocado or with tahini and honey if I want something sweeter
Chester U.
I like to eat yogurt and granola for a healthy breakfast. It is easy to prepare, and I can change the type of granola, add fruit, or change the flavor of the yogurt to make things more interesting. When I want flavored yogurt, I make sure to buy plain yogurt and then flavor it at home using extracts, jams, and homemade flavor syrups to avoid the chemicals and excess sugar in flavored yogurt. I also eat cashew yogurt to avoid my dairy intolerance.