What do you do when you feel lazy but have to do something?

Katrine U.
I try to think of how rewarding it will be when it's completed. Whether it be washing, which is clean and fresh once washed, or paying a bill that will take a load off your mind.
Miichelle N.
I stay in bed for long time until i feel i can do it or until i dont feel lazy anymore but sometimes i try to do it that moment
نجاة الظاهري N.
I say to my self that the comfort that I will get after doing this thing is better than the one I could get now, everything should happened in it's time.
Lottie Z.
Well, first I feel like I want to cry because when it’s a task that involves multiple actions I just can’t be bothered sometimes. Then I scroll on social for 5mins for a dose of them temporary happy hormones and then I get up and say, “Right I’ll make a cup of tea and then come back and crack on”. I am not the best person to ask hence am on this platform to get better! Good luck sis x
Grace Z.
When i feel lazy is most likely that I'm on my phone scrolling through social media, so maybe try to turn off my phone take a deep breath JUMP out of of my bed to get some energy and plan out in my head the things that i need to do, and start doing them step by step and not rush.
Paulina O.
I try to think that the faster I get the work done, the sooner I'll be resting. Also, I sometimes try to simulate that I don't have to do it perfectly, just try to do it no matter what the result is. In this last escenario it's easier to finish the task because you feel less pressure.
Amy N.
I remind myself that “laziness” doesn’t exist, and I reflect on what’s really going on. Do I really want to do the thing but just CANT? Maybe I’m having some executive dysfunction or trouble with transitions. Do I know I SHOULD do the thing but just don’t want to? Maybe I am having trouble finding my motivation. Do I want to but my body won’t allow it? Maybe my body needs more rest! There’s always something deeper going on, you have to figure out what the barrier is before you can work with yourself! Give yourself grace until then
Kristine W.
Lying on my phone and scrolling my phone. Sometimes i think things that makes me happy and sad. But mosy, i feel sad and there is a negative aura
Quinota F.
As someone with ADHD I have difficulties with executive dysfunction, so it's not always "feeling lazy" that stops me. Sometimes, I can convince myself to do things by thinking through "if I don't do it now, and it needs doing, how am I going to feel knowing that I could've done it earlier?", sometimes I need to break things down into smaller steps as the task is easier to approach that way, sometimes, it's easier to face something if I've completed something small recently, so I'll do that.
Anika E.
I give myself a period of time like 5 mins up to 2 hours to rest. Usually I feel better after that break, and I get up to do the thing I have to do. Then, once I'm done I feel very proud of myself.
Norman O.
I have to find a good reason to do it, or a funny way to do it.
If I continue to refuse it, I try to do at least a small piece of work, 10 min or so…
Then my anxiety for completion does the rest 😁
Sepide G.
I will do the technique 5 min. I will just do the 5 min of that work and suddenly I will found that I finished that! Thats a amazing way!
Adeodato P.
First i hesitate. Most of the times I postpone my plans for some hours or days. And then rhere are days that i just push myself to do it
Marius Y.
I procrastinate for a really long time till I force myself into doing the piece of work that is due for me. I take a small clock, put it by my table and start studying, giving specific time for a specific task. Dividing a huge task into small tasks makes it easier for me to concentrate.
Chyanne P.
On days where I am feeling lazy but have something to do. I set a time to get out of bed and a time to start my task. I make sure I have enough time in between to do things that are good for me. Like reading and eating or watching tv. It depends on the kind of mood I’m in.
David X.
It has helped me personally to write out ALL the steps involved in completing the task. Break it down into the smallest pieces and start from there. I feel once you get the momentum going on a certain task it becomes really easy to get into the flow of finishing said task.
Nellie C.
I try my best to do that thing because I remind myself each time that, sitting around and being lazy will get me nowhere
Alicia O.
I mostly sit on my phone watching something or on my laptop or TV. But actually I just need to walk towards my desk and get further with school.
Sander C.
I'm trying to get the things done even if I'm not feeling like doing it, but sometimes I postpone my obligations. I'm doing my best not to feel like a failure at that time because I'm doing my best, and I'm trying hard to install new habits and get my life in order.
Kaia Q.
I notice in my body and mind that I can feel so overwhelmed that I can’t think about anything else BUT to do that thing after procrastinating for so long, that I just start and try not to stop. I focus on my biggest distractions to focus OUT of them. For example, I know having my phone and knowing I can talk to people can make me feel more happy (dopamine rushes), but then I remember I can get more than just a dopamine rush from doing something I NEED to do, I can get a true point of relaxation and happiness. It can then become addicting to want to work on yourself, to do something you need to do. Ultimately focusing on your goal for WHY you need to do that can push you up to start it. AND,,,remembering as key, that you will always be okay. Always, and to just do it rather than do nothing should be a better regret to take rather than a regret to do nothing.
Edouard N.
I ask myself: am I distracted? Then I tell myself that I am distracted and should not be distracted, and then I get to work. That is what I have been doing lately. You could also combine that with asking yourself what the next small specific step you need to take is. Answer that question very clearly and be very specific. Then just do that small thing. Now repeat. At first these two are hard (which is good), but as you do them, they will slowly become habit. Also, do not simply rely on just self-discipline. Optimize your environment for success.
Andr P.
Set an alarm to relax myself for a couple of mins and try to get myself to do something before the alarm rings so that way I also relax a bit and don’t procrastinate and laze beyond the set alarm time. This was I get myself to do something even if I’m lazy
Brierlyn O.
I usually try to get stuff done even when I feel lazy. If it helps you can take a quick power nap or reward yourself with relaxing after you finish your task!
Joshua S.
I open what I need to do and then sit on my phone and scroll mindlessly. I will then sometimes check my task but I will be focused on my phone and not what I'm supposed to do.
Eman L.
I try to get my self together, maybe take a shower or doing a 40min plank. I don't always push myself though which is something that I'm trying to do less. because self care and listening to your body is awesome; until, it stops you from living.
Sudheer X.
First of all, break the task into small chunks. Use promodoro timer to work for 25 min and take a 5 min break. If the task can't be broken down then only think of the first 2 min of the task and perform that 2 min. For example, you want to go for a run, just do the first 2 min which is wearing the gear.
Sometimes, even taking a power nap along with some music can help you energise and you will no longer feel lethargic.
Carlota Q.
There are several options. You can change the environment around you to encourage activity more than inactivity. Incremental changes are efficient with this option, and you want to make the changes based on what makes you lazy. For example, if you struggle to get out of bed, you can sleep on the couch for a day. It may be uncomfortable, but it’s easier to get up. You can also eliminate distractions altogether or use them as an incentive. Try to get into the habit of questioning your laziness—if you externalize its source outside of you, it can be empowering—of what’s enabling it and what you have to do to stopgap that.
Raymond X.
I motivate myself with the result I will get after doing the thing. Sometimes it's hard and I just go to bed, but since I got this app and I have a goal I try to do the things that I need to do. Everyone needs a little motivation:)
Elise Z.
I start by doing a lot wrong. I sit with my mobile phone and write with people. Then I do social media in a bad way. In other words I wait till the very last minute to get things done. I excuse myself by saying that I'm okay and that is is okay. But then I punk myself in the head when I get to work because I have so little time to do it now. It is stupid. What I should do instead could be to make a plan. Be sure that it is a realistic time schedule, so I won't be stressed out, but still be able to do other things as well. And then try to take myself serious, so I don't justify the stupid habits. So I should get some fresh air and some food and water and then try my best to focus. Maybe write down why I have to do the task, to remind me how important it is. Also remind myself how important it is to do something in general.
Bertram E.
Music usually motivates me when I have to do a task that I do not feel like doing . You can also try thinking about something that makes you happy or something that you are looking forward to later on in the day or the week .
Cara E.
Making a reasonable Todo list really helps me. Just a few tasks that are very manageable, it helps get me started and feel accomplished as I check the items off my list. Usually I feel ready to accomplish more once I'm up and going. Starting is the hardest part
Janice T.
My go-to trick is to set a timer for 10-15 minutes. It gives me a boost to immediately put my phone away and enter a state of flow for those couple of moments.
Alan Z.
when I feel lazy, i stay on the couch and relax, or watch TikTok or tv. But if I have to do something i get up and try to have more relax later. i don't know if this makes sense, I'm so sorry, English is not my first language 🙁
have a nice day 🙂
Elizabeth N.
i give myself five minutes to laze. then pick the time i will move off the sofa, thats the set time and no matter what i make myself get off the sofa. the task normally follows coz i've done the small step first
Maryam N.
I go out and do it, I don't stop my workouts at all except for the weekends so I give my body time to fully rest and I do extra work
Nour U.
It depends on what the thing is and how lazy I'm feeling. I have a tendency to abandon tasks for "when I feel better" or when there's almost no time left.
Sienna W.
Look for any type of motivation. Personally, I like to look at Nicki Mohan talking about success and hard work because she inspires me so much but also think about your dreams and how you are one step closer to them if you complete a task.
Sebastiano X.

I am still trying to deal with this, but there are a few things that have worked for me.

One way was to break down the work into small parts and assign a time to each of it. After doing each small part, I kept a small reward for myself, eg: listen to a fav song. This became an incentive for me to keep doing the work till it was all done.

Second way was to tell myself that the sooner I get done with the work, the sooner I'll be able to relax and chill without any stress.

Third way, the most important one for me actually, was to think how good I'll feel when I'll be done with my work and defeat my laziness.
This has been one of the most effective ways till now, because I don't want to feel bad for not doing my work because of laziness and instead want to feel that accomplished-feeling after getting the work done. So it has given me that extra push to get out of my lazy-space and get the work done.

Just a tip: Please be kind to yourself while trying to bring this change. Maybe not every time will you be able to get out of your laziness and do the work, and in those times, please be kind to yourself. Don't be too harsh for failing, because you're trying and that itself is work!

Leaving one of my favourite lines with you,
"Two steps forward,
One Step Backwards,
Is still one step forward"
– BB99

Presley C.
Knowing things that need to be done and the difference it will make for down the road whether it’s major or not is a step to success and you mental well-being.The more you push yourself and make a routine the less brain power you use, The less you will procrastinate cause you will already be ready for what’s next.even if you have to smart small. You have to stick to it. In your routine you have to make time for yourself.so your body and mind will know when it’s time to move and when it’s time to rest.
Thiyara Q.
Generally I'll roll off my bed onto my carpet (just to get myself off of the bed) and drink some water. The thing that really helps though is playing music that's hyped up and positive to get me in a good mindset even when I'm tired! Usually I'll spend the time washing my face and brushing my teeth going over my schedule for the day to see if there's a place to sneak in a nap, if there is that Usually helps motivate me a little too!
If I'm feeling lazy during the day I'll put on a study with me video from YouTube or one of the pomodoro videos and work according to that:)
Blesson T.
I generally procrastinate when I’m being lazy and have something important to do. While I’m procrastinating I tell myself that if I don’t get that critical task done as soon as possible, it will never be completed. I’ll end up stressing about it until I finally give in and do it.
Azar C.
I set a time for doing it. Short time. And do something which is easy to do first. Then I get warm to do the rest. I make a to do list and love to check it done. I reward myself with a coffee or something. I check also why I am lazy. Is there a problem there, is something complicated for me? Then I ask a friend for help or ask to do together.
Carla J.
When I'm lazy and I have to do something I put on some of my favorite music. Music that makes me WANT to get up maybe dance a little.
Farah N.
I usually go through two steps here.

1. I imagine the feeling that I am sure to feel after having completed said task.

2. One thing that my father taught me was the hardest part of any project is actually getting started. So I just act impulsively and jump right on what ever the task may be.

Usually after I get started on a task, I can then start to get a better understanding of what it will take to finish the task, and will also be able to get a better sense of how long it's going to take me and how good I am going to feel after completing a less-than desirable task.

Marylyn N.
I do my best to always keep my goals in mind as this motivates me. I also focus on how happy I will feel after achieving my goals which I work so hard to sustain.
Sylvia Z.
When I put things off especially when it’s something major it can set off my anxiety so I spend more time worrying about it than actually doing anything about it
Bobby Q.
To me it depends how important the task is. If it’s something I absolutely have to do right at that moment I push myself through and rest after. If it’s not that important I allow myself some time to rest before I do it
Magi N.
I remind myself that if I don’t do it now I will have to do it later and maybe then I will have to do more stuff and won’t have time for myself. So you should always first get your work done and then you can rest, go out with friends or just for a walk or enjoy some family time…
This really helped me to get more motivated and do my work on time. That way I will have more fun time later when I am done with the work !
Alex E.
This might sound funny but I drink a bottle or a glass of water and then I put headphones in and I turn music on nine times out of 10 that gets me going
An N.
Normally I will procrastinate to do it, if I have to be honest. If it is something serious that really has to be done quickly then I will do it immediatly. Otherwise I will put some music on to put me in a productive mood and then I finish everything I have to.
Ang Le C.
I tried to think that if I postponed it, it will be more difficult or complicated to do it later. Sometimes, I put in my mind that if I do it in the moment, then I don’t have to do the thing…
Caitlin Z.
Try to refresh and reset myself by having a glass of water and walking towards what I have to do. If it's school related, i sit at my desk and put my phone on my bed so it's not a distraction.
Emma B.
I try to push myself. Usually it's not due to physical exhaustion, but lack of motivation. I motivate myself trough videos, podcasts and this app.
Stunning Z.
It depends. Sometimes “feel lazy” actually means you are exhausted and overwhelmed. That should not be ignored, and you need to rest. Sometimes things can wait, sometimes they can’t. Pushing through exhaustion is not the answer. Procrastinating isn’t either. You need to make a plan to do it in a timely fashion but still honouring your needs.