What if you feel like you don’t want breakfast, can you skip breakfast?

Silje P.
It wouldn’t be best to not have breakfast. Breakfast is a keystone habit and a healthy one can give energy and quench hunger for hours. It is a great part of a good morning routine.

Tea Z.
No, i can't skip breakfast. Its worse when you skip the breakfast than when you dont eat the whole day, 'cause the breakfast gives you energy that you need for all the activities you have to do during the day.

Lya O.
No. But a great substitution is a quick smoothie. Use protein milk, fruits, an egg & chia seeds. It leaves me feeling full all morning & avoiding the not so healthy fast morning bites.

Ignasia U.
I would ask myself, what is it that cause me to not want to eat breakfast. I'd affirm myself that breakfast is a good thing, and it doesn't always have to be complicated. If I'm extra tired or lazy, then it's okay I'd I want to sit down on the floor and eat right in front of my fridge. It's fine, and breakfast can be fun too. Doesn't the pudding in the fridge taste good? Don't you want to try it? Then slowly, I'd grow to be curious and want to do it.

Caroline G.
If you don't want any breakfast at all just take a glass of oatmilt or maybe a proteinshake. This way you get something in you and you start getting used to having something in the morning.

Peeyush W.
I think even if you sometimes feel like you want to skip breakfast, you should atleast go for very light healthy snack, even a small bite is enough. The reason for this is, as per my personal observation, breakfast gives you the necessary energy to effectively jump start your day. Believe it or not, on the surface it might seem like a normal mundane task, but it can positively impact your life in long run. The thing that's on work here is the compound effect. When everyday you perfrom these small feats like having a breakfast, then they gradually add up over the time, and eventually you will find yourself healthy, happy and full of energy all the time. Aren't we all here for that anyways? Keep going strong my friend, I'll see you at the top 😉

Cherrie E.
I think we should still have one, even a light breakfast. I am starting with very light breakfast like a peanut butter and one slice of wheat bread, then water. I find warm water more refreshing and energizing. 🤗❤️

Melinda S.
In a sense of creating a routine, no.

In a sense of nutrition, no.

I think we should make time for breakfast even if we don’t feel like we’re hungry. It doesn’t have to be something big and filling, it could be something small and light such as a glass of orange juice and a handful of trail mix or a boil egg and a glass of milk.

As for creating a routine, the mornings in which you do feel hungry, you’ll be sure to make time for it because it’s been part of your morning routine all along.

Frank A.
I think you can. My first breakfast is a cup of milk coffee. After that I'm usually not hungry for about two to three hours. Then I eat breakfast (bread or muesli) when I notice that I'm hungry later in the morning.

Eul Gio S.
I can skip breakfasts if I’m not hungry. But then when I’m at school I do get hungry and now that I’ve downloaded this app I’ve been eating more too in regular so I’m very happy. I am starting to accept myself which I am happy about.

Rebecca Y.
I sometimes feel like this too, and I normally find that if I don't feel like breakfast as soon as I get up having a drink of water and a cup of tea and rehydrating myself will normally make me feel like I do want it. If I am really feeling like I don't want breakfast I remind myself that I will feel better if I do, and how terrible I feel the rest of the day if I skip it, even a bit of cereal or a piece of toast is better than nothing 🙂

Melanie Q.
I can't skip breakfast, I always feel the need to eat in the morning, even if it's not right after I wake up.
Drinking some water helps to get me hungry in the morning.

Vitus Q.
In my opinion breakfast is very important and I have it every time I can however if I really didn't feel like having breakfast I will try to eat something but if my body refuses then I would obviously eat later but u would try to eat soon so I don't become very hungry

Jonas C.
It depends. If I'm going to stay home and have something available as soon as I feel like it, yes. Maybe just drink some coffee or a juice. If I need to get out, I'll eat anyway to avoid eating and spending more money.

Selanie N.
I choose not to skip that meal. I will only eat more in the afternoon if I skip breakfast after not eating for 12 or more hours.