What do you usually eat for breakfast?

Fiete F.
If I wake up in time, I will make scrambled eggs with goat cheese and rosemary. I’ll have that with a handful of grapes and green tea. If I’m in a hurry I’ll have a packet of flavored tuna or some jerky. It’s not a lot of calories, but the protein keeps me full until I have time to get myself a more substantial meal.
Willard T.
One of my favorites is scrambling 1 egg 3 egg whites, about one cup of fruit(either grapefruit, apple, or grape), string cheese, a glass of water, and my vitamins
Katrina O.
Eggs are great! They're quick, cheap, and can be prepared in a variety of ways. For a more on the go breakfast, prepackaged oatmeal cups have a lot of protein and fiber and fit in a cup holder.
Nina G.
I have some form of oatmeal every morning. Whether it’s overnight oats or oatmeal in a smoothie or hot. I too it with frozen blueberries, raspberries, cinnamon, sliced almonds, and a little honey.
Regina C.
Usually, if I have time, I have fruit, a granola bar, and Tea. I don’t have much of an appetite in the morning so I try to eat food that is light. With these options, I can pace myself throughout the morning and eat each thing. If I wake up feeling hungry I’ll add yogurt to the mix.
Wanda C.
I don't usually eat breakfast, but when I do it can be eggs, bread with cream cheese or cereals with milk. Once in a while I will go for pancakes or cake.
Catherine X.
Porridge with a little bit of jam and a black coffee.

I am going to try and change this to a healthier breakfast of soaked chia seeds with fruit and nuts; full-fat Greek yoga with fruit and nuts; and the occasional fast day when I don’t have breakfast.

Bruce T.
I usually have 2 fried eggs with 2 muti grain toast, a bit of ketchup or aioli for taste and a cup of hot milk with coffee in it.
Emma G.
Protein powder, low fat milk and coffee (blended) an egg white omelette or fresh fruit with yogurt or cottage cheese. A little fat in the milk or butter with an omelette metabolizes slower than protein and keeps me from getting hungry before lunch.
Dustin X.
I eat greek yogurt blend with mixed nuts a banana some cheese and oatmeal also 2 scramble eggs i do all of those over night except for the eggs
Tristan O.
If I’m in a rush or feel lazy, I make myself a breakfast smoothie. It usually consists of a banana, mixed fruit, Greek yogurt, oats, peanuts, and fruit juice. I recently started adding vegetables to it such as carrots and broccoli. Before you get disgusted, here’s the reason why. Carrots is a nice flavor that complements with the fruit. Broccoli, you hardly notice it’s flavor. When you blend it, the only noticeable thing is that it adds a pulp-like texture to the smoothie similar to orange juice pulp.
If I have the time and want to make an elaborate breakfast, there’s omelettes, pancakes, egg-in-a-basket, etc.
Mille W.
I make baked eggs at the start of the week so I take two of those and a banana. Sometimes a pot of Greek yogurt on the bus at 7am with a travel mug of bone broth or warm water and lemon. Then when I get to work at 8am I have buckwheat flakes and fresh raspberries in a travel bowl with organic milk I keep in a jar with cool sticks in to keep cold or porridge with chia, pumpkin seeds, apricots, cacao and hemp protein.
Antje J.
Normally, if I'm working early I'll just grab a breakfast bar and eat it on the way. If I'm not working early, I have a bowl of cereal with oat milk. But to make sure I get a good breakfast I've been waking up early and having porridge with fresh fruit.
Wencke X.
Fruit or toast. Not enough and maybe not the greatest and most filling, but I usually eat on the way to school or I don't eat at all so I think something is better than nothing
Niko Z.
Has been just coffee. Maybe eggs. Lately have been trying to more inclusive of fruits, yogurt, nuts etc. things I don’t usually incorporate into my lunch and dinner.
Julia F.
I try to eat cereal in addition to anything. Like pancakes eggs n sausages, bake n pumpkin. I really try to eat eggs mostly because it helps me to gain weight and muscle, since im a dancer and when i dance i lose weight easily, so i need to eat to maintain.
Jerry X.
I only started eating breakfast for the last year before it seemed like I never had time to fix me something. And when I was in school every time I ate breakfast it made me groggy and all I wanted to do was go back to bed and sleep, instead of go to work or school. But generally try to eat a high protein breakfast like scrambled eggs with avocado & tomatoes w a little bit of cheese, or pepperoni & cheese on trisket cracker, or a nutribullet smoothie with blackberries, strawberries, avacodo, walnuts in milk or almond or cashew milk. I that way I have the energy I need without the major let down because of sugar and I'm not all groggy from to many carbs.
Gerald T.
These days i usually eat 2 slices of brown bread with peanut butter or any gravy. Or i sometimes eat oatmeal and on weekends i eat parathe.
Fabien Q.
Normally I go for a quick bite like Joghurt, some fruits and cereals, although at the moment I refrain from carbohydrates which helps me a lot with melting my belly fat.
Flaviana C.
I recently got a blender so I have been making a smoothie bowl every morning with oats, two scoops of chocolate whey powder, a banana, frozen berries and water and almond milk. This keeps me going for a good few hours and it tastes delicious! Try it:-)
Aaron J.
Oatmeal with banana is my go to, but I'm trying to mix that up by preparing overnight oats with seeds and other goodies or hummus/avocado toast. My goal is to add more varied, healthy options to my rotation over time!
Timothe O.
Normally nothing- which is bad, I know. So I try to eat something easy and quick, like Joghurt with fruits, some eggs, nuts. All else I will find too difficult to stick to.
Troy O.
My boyfriend often makes us eggs with hashbrowns and some kind of protein (bacon, ham, sausage, etc). I'm a lucky woman 🙂 when he isn't around, I usually have cereal or overnight oats w/ protein powder added (delicious! You should try them) for a quicker breakfast.
Arnim Z.
Egg on top of a vasa and half avocado spread. Sometimes one banana and peanut butter. Othertimes just some blueberries and outmeal. Nothing fancy, but enough to kickstart the day.
Micheal S.
Previously I used to eat Paratha and Pickle but now I have started including pulses in my diet in the form of chila, sprouts, Poha, Upma, Handva
Johann F.
Eggs and whole grain bread is my most often used breakfast meal. Its quick to cook, and gives energy and strength for whole day.
Nathan T.
I usually have eggs every morning for my breakfast , I like to mix them with veggies like onion and green peppers , sometimes I mix 1/4 cup of chreeded cheese , and some other days I use 1tbls of Olive oil , that way I can have healthy fat , protein , and fiber .
Alan F.
I like to eat microwavable whole grain oatmeal. For starters, it only takes 90 seconds in the microwave and it's pretty cheap!
Before cooking, I add a little milk to the water because I believe it gives the oats a better texture. I also add a spoonful of brown sugar to taste. (I don't know why some instructions say to add salt, I certainly don't do that and it tastes perfectly fine.)
Sometimes I eat it plain, sometimes I slice a banana into the bowl, or I crack open a can of mixed fruit and spoon in a serving.
Victoria S.
Nuts and fruit. Usually almonds but sometimes cashews or some other nut. Fruit can be fresh or frozen. Today I had a mango but I usually try to eat local – berries, melons, peaches in the summer. Apples through the fall and winter. Sometimes I indulge in something tropical. If I'm having a smoothie I usually add a spoonful of yogurt and toss in some chia, flax, and/or hemp seeds.
Brett Q.
Weekdays I normally have toast with either peanut butter or marmite. And a banana. On the weekend I will sausage beans and toast or french toast
Diana E.
I eat 2 eggs scrambled, one turkey & apple sausage and a healthy serving of fruits (banana, strawberries, blueberries and pineapple).
Rita A.
Recently I started eating scrambled eggs with toast or a bagel on days when I have time. I also like instant oatmeal with fruit and nuts on days when I don’t have as much time.
Silke C.
I always start with whole grain bread with rucola, cheese, tomato and pepper. Next to that I have yoghurt and muesli without added sugar. I normally have tee with my breakfast, no coffee.
Magda C.
I usually eat two pieces of toast with Nutella and fruit on the side ir youghurt with fruit and some kind of cereal ir cookies.
M Lina T.
Sometimes Flower bread with vegetable or egg and tea, sometimes banana and bread toast and tea, sometimes noodles and tea
Loris C.
Wither have a bowl of oatmeal with walnuts, chai seeds,flax seeds, almonds, pepitas, craisins and brown sugar or 2 fried eggs with a sausage patty and cheese
Dana U.
My stomach never feels well to eat right in the morning so I have my breakfast once I get to work each morning. I had Choboni yogurt cups but recently switched to Greek Yogurt with Fresh fruit and granola. Then typically two hours later I'll have two boiled eggs.
Freja P.
An egg any which way, wholewheat toast and half a glass of turmeric milk. Some days I have a bowlful of seasonal fruits.
Todd Q.
Blueberry oatmeal or Kashi cereal with almond milk. Breakfast is about my one fixed habit. I usually eat it once at work.
Rosa U.
Usually if I don't have much time I'll have some toast with jam and nut butter, or some yoghurt with fruit and cereal. If I have more time, sometimes I will have an egg or some baked beans
Marshall U.
Nothing or whatever leftovers are in my fridge. Once a week or so I buy something like a pastry or egg sandwich on my way to work
Valdecira E.
Usually a protein bar, but I have been trying to get up early enough to make eggs with some kind of veggies, or a egg bacon cheese burrito.
Jonas C.
It depends on how I’m feeling, but breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If you eat a good, healthy, proportional breakfast, you will feel energized for the rest of the day.