How much breakfast is too much? I feel like I eat too much in the morning.

Chloe S.
You should just take 3 pancakes or 2 bread (with jam or Nutella) and a cup of coffee or tea (the flavor you like) and it's enough but if you feel still hungry then drink water, it's good…..
I hope that it will be helpful for you…..
I'm sorry if you live in a country where breakfast isn't like this!



Aditi N.
It's fine to eat a lot in morning, so that we will be energetic whole day but just try to avoid eating junk and greasy food in the morning
Surya A.
I think there is no predefined limit on this. Everyonehas different appetite If you feel like you are eating too much, make sure they are all healthy foods. Try to avoid eating too much sugary things in the morning like cookies and donuts.
Judy F.
There is no breakfast that is „too much“ for you. If you really feel like it is too much for you and your body tries to tell you it is too much then you should listen and start to get more protein in your breakfast to feel kinda fuel. BUT! If it could be your mind that is telling you that you are eating too much for breakfast, start to overthink and stop to compare yourself to others. You are unique and there is a reason that your metabolism is that way it is and all the other stuff, start to lift your voice and listen what your body is (trying) to tell you and start to fuel your body with the things you need!
Cheyenne U.
Too much breakfast is when you are starting to feel stuffed after eating. Starting out it may feel like your eating to much but that's just your body saying I'm good we could eat later and wanting to skip breakfast. But if your noticing drastic changes in your weight then maybe consider cutting down your portio
Clara N.
They say eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. So maybe if you feel you've eaten a lot for breakfast just try to eat less at lunch or dinner that day to balance it out?
Tracy O.
I like to stop eating once I'm no longer hungry. BUT THERE'S A CATCH! I plan what my snack should be if that isn't enough. It keeps me from grazing or eating unhealthy foods. I like to try to listen to my body's natural cues since it is designed to signal me for exactly what I need.
Sahin U.
Fueling your body is important and I get that you feel like you over eat. I try and have some carbs in the morning for fuel and some fruits and vegetable to give me that motivation that I am eating healthy. Also some protein like meat or eggs is important to start your day.
Billy J.
I feel like more than one or two plates are too much for breakfast, like on plate and a cup of tea or coffee is a perfect breakfast and gives you the amount of energy to start a successful day!<3
Diotil F.
I like to take digestive walks after I eat breakfast. If it makes me feel like I’m too full to do exercise, I ate too much breakfast.
Zil Y.
i feel like 1 source of protein (like an egg) and 1 source of grains (like oats) and some water should be enough generally. but it really all comes down to your body mass and age. if you’re comfortable eating the amount that you are, keep doing it! if you feel like you would still feel full if you ate less then you should consider that because it saves food too 🙂
Werner C.
I don't eat a lot in the mornings usually. I eat around 2 slices of bread and a cup of water. I also enjoy one cup of coffee with it. That's my breakfast
Valerij C.
If you feel like its too much for you, then it is too much. I try not to limit the amount of food I eat but I know when to stop eating to not get too full. I dont think that breakfast shold be super big, but two slices of of toast or scrambled eggs is usualy enough for me.
Emma N.
It's different for everyone! Start with a glass of water, then make a healthy meal and eat SLOWLY – really savor it. Listen to your body, it'll tell you what it needs!
Harold Z.
I don’t think you can eat too much breakfast. It’s always good to eat a great breakfast so you can start the day. But not al people can eat a big breakfast. Then you just need to start small and work up!
Eva N.
Today I had a bagel with cream cheese and cucumber and a green smoothie
I am very full but feel pretty good
That’s as big as my breakfast will get but I feel whatever fits for you works
It S Z.
I think that how much you eat in the morning changes a lot depending on who you are. But personally i eat a bowl of oats yoghurt and little bit of chia seeds and i always feel like it’s enough for me. But like I said it depends who you are so the best way to find what’s too much and what’s too little for YOU is to listen your body and testing and finding out what’s best for you.
Whib O.
I honestly don't know but I feel like it depends on how far your next meal is going to be and its different for everyone, so if lunch is going to be later that day you might want to eat something that will keep you energized until lunch.
Ladislav U.
It really depends. The important thing to remember is that if you want to have “normal” or “average” breakfast which for me is two eggs, bacon and a bread with butter and some fruit with glass of water, you have to make sure to eat enough in your dinner the day before.

If you eat enough the day before, you won’t be that hungry in the morning and also you’re much less likely to eat unhealthy throughout the whole day.

Also the breakfast should be something with enough fibre. It helps your Intestines move well and it helps with overall well-being. And you won’t be hungry almost immediately after breakfast, it will last longer though.

The eggs are great option in the morning, it’s fresh to make, it’s quick and they have special natural hormones that makes you feel full a bit longer, and I would also add anything that contains a rye. Rye bread, for example, is a great thing to eat. It has more fibre than wheat bread so also the same effect it will have. You won’t feel hunger.

I’d recommend fruit and freshly made breakfast (eggs,
Oat porridge etc.) you can also do a protein pancakes and others. Just make sure you have enough, proteins, sugars and good fats.

Lily N.
I feel like I hardly
eat anything in the morning and if I do it’s nothing great. I always tell myself to eat great but I never feel hungry for that specific thing early in the morning so I fall on having toast and nothing else.
Noah C.
I try to eat enough to fuel me and keep me going atleast until lunch so I’m not easier way is adding some more protein like eggs or sausage as it makes u feel full without a heavier intake
Ronia Y.
No such thing excists as eating too much. Your body needs different amounts of food at different times. Some mornings you're hungrier and need more food. Some other mornings you need less. Eat as much as your body needs!
Dave F.
Just listen to what your body needs. Do not force yourself to eat more than you want to. Make sure to drink lots of fluids and have a fruit/vegetable with breakfast:)
Emile S.
If it's unbalanced we tend to feel it's too much, so if there are a lot of greacy things like hash browns and bacon. I like having a something fruity, with something on the heavy side, like whole wheat bread. In the end you're the one who knows what feels best for you. It's best to test yourself which combination fits best for you.
Alix O.
I think there's nothing such as too much, you'll know if you're full. Prepare a healthy breakfast and don't overthink about eating too much.
Alexander R.
I think it’s better to eat something rather than skip breakfast or end up overeating during the day because you skipped a meal
Sabine F.
I think you should eat to fill your stomach enough, so you won't be hungry at least for the next 3 hours. Everybody has a different body, so everybody can eat different amounts of food to be full.
Liv E.
I usually make a lot of food and then serve what will make me full. I keep the rest as leftovers for another day/later on. Eating until I’m full in the morning usually helps with my energy levels and keeps me from snacking throughout the day on stuff that isn’t the best for me, like candy or energy drinks.
Michael S.
Sometimes it's a good idea to eat until you're satisfied rather than full. Eating your food slowly can help you determine more easily if you're getting full. If you feel stuffed in the morning, you might want to put less food on your plate. If you feel just satisfied enough to start your day you're probably eating a good amount. If you're still hungry when you finish you probably need to eat more. You may also need to change the type of food if you notice you are feeling latharigic or tired later in the day.
Juergen Z.
Well, I honestly don't think there's a rule on how much you can eat for breakfast, I think if you eat too much It's because you're very hungry and need that food's energy for the day. So, don't stop eating until you feel satisfied 🙂
Madeline Z.
Several types of food in smaller portions can be more beneficial because it allows you to graze eat and get a more complete meal than a large portion of one thing.
Mohammad S.
Breakfast is too much when you eat food which make your tummy overloaded. Just an apple,a banana,an egg or some nuts is enough for the day which gives enough energy for whole day.
Francisco F.
With most of my meals, I try to eat until satisfied rather than to the point of fullness. So with breakfast, I try to eat something filling and nutritious like a packet of oatmeal topped with fruit along with some water. If you follow your hbu get cues and take your time eating, you can begin to realize when you might be eating too little or too much.
Maureen U.
I think it depends on how you feel after eating. If you eat a balanced breakfast of fiber, carbs, protein and other food groups and still feel good after that’s not too much. If you feel sick perhaps that is too much. I usually don’t eat a large breakfast because it makes me feel sick, but for you it may be different!
Halle N.
You need to eat enough to fulfill your day, but you don’t want to eat too much. I’d say the best thing you can do to find this grey zone is to try eating a little less than you usually do, especially if you feel you eat too much in the morning. To ensure you don’t get hungry throughout the day, have a snack to maintain your energy. Also, I suggest opting for high protein foods like eggs and chia seeds that will sustain your energy levels. Fruit is also a great option. Don’t go for heavy or highly sugared foods like waffles or donuts that will give you a spike in energy, then cause you to crash.
Jada N.
Too much breakfast is like a smoothie, cereal, and eggs and bacon. Maybe if you’re a body builder it’s not gonna be that much for you. But for a regular person than I feel like it’d be too much. You could have that and maybe more for lunch.
Ariel N.
it really depends on the person, for me i eat 2 eggs w avocado toast and it’s the perfect amount to get me through the day up until lunch… which is also helpful because now i don’t eat as much during lunch. it’s rly abt u and ur personal preference u could try experimenting w what feels good
Kathrin R.
Well, it depends on the person what is her/his daily job if you do something physical than you need more food, but if you work in an office you can have a lighter breakfest. If you feel like you always eat too much try to use a smaller plate. So éven if you pack it full, it will not be as much.
Leonarda Q.
eat an amount that gets rid of the grumbling in your tummy but not so much that you become sluggish with fullness. smaller meals and snacks throughout the day are the best way to go
Terry A.
Are you feeling groggy after eating? If so maybe just change up what you are eating. I’m new to this whole breakfast and water in the morning. So, I eat fruit, peanut butter toast and a breakfast smoothie (sometimes I’ll switch out the fruit for yogurt)… I love how I feel after…
Audra T.
Personally I focus on a good source of protein. I always drink coffee or tea so normally two scrambled eggs is plenty for me. Everyone is different I don’t think there’s a right and a wrong here. Just do what makes you feel the best. And it’s totally ok to eat a big breakfast once and a while.
P Ricles T.
Hello! I used to feel that I ate too much in the morning too. I could say to test it out and try to minimize your portion a bit tomorrow. And see how you feel afterwards. I have a tendency to eat more than I should and then I feel it on my stomach. I try to stop after a few mouthfouls and check how my stormatch feels. Do I still feel hungry? Then I go ahead and continue a bit more. If I feel ok and almost full, then I stop. I hope that helps you out find a good portion size for you.
Ginger F.
I reckon just eat until you are full, dont force yourself to eat any more or any less (unless you have a specific goal or diet you want to maintain)
Ivona F.
I think that it is important to have a big meal in the morning especially if you have a long day in school or at work. Your body has function for 8 hours with that one meal you had in the morning before you eat lunch.
Kai W.
When you feel like you need rest to recover from the breakfast, you have had to much. I feel like food is meant to give energy not take it away.
Chelsea Y.
I personally think there is no too much because even if your on your 6th bowl if it’s not filling you up go to something more filling for your breakfast.
Ruben Z.
Well honestly if u drink 1 cup of water before u eat a meal you’ll get full faster. I don’t really measure how much i eat i just do what feels right but after the water thing it usually makes me full after a small portion.
Luzineide Q.
I don't think there's such a thing. I think it depends on the quality of the food you are choosing for your breakfast. And to be able to say "this is enough, I'm satisfied".
Jason O.
For breakfast, you eat like a king. All the nutrients that you ate in the morning will be used throughout the day. It is considered too much if you feel like sleeping after 30min to an hour. However, a toast and a fruit will be enough for you to start your day well
Layla U.
A heavy breakfast is to much try eating a light breakfast that won’t fill you so you have some space left for lunch and dinner so eat something like scarambled eggs or oatmeal it is very light and save some time for the rest of the food for lunch and dinner also will save you from hunger.
Nanuta Q.
Personally me, a bowl of cereal is okey. Today i ate one boiled egg – 8 min, one slice of bread, 5 nuts and 1 tangerine. I would have drank tea too but im not feeling it today. Im so proud of you for reaching this goal 🙂
Kelsey I.
You always want a nice healthy breakfast in the morning. When you don’t eat breakfast it may be harder to focus and your mood may be different. Different people eat different amounts of food and may have a bigger appetite than others. Eating a healthy, good amount of food for breakfast can start your day of great.
Eliot O.
A good breakfast is one where you feel energized and ready for the day. Feeling full should not feel like a bad thing, because you will be prepared for whatever you do next. Food is fuel, and your body needs it! Have a nice breakfast every morning 💕
Lucas Y.
It depends. How many meals do you eat a day? How physical is your day going to be? I would suggest going by calories. On average people eat 2000-2500. But if you are burning a lot of calories you will need to eat more. I typically eat twice a day, so anywhere from 800-1000 is a decent meal size.

It guess it doesn’t matter how much you eat for breakfast as long as you balance it out with your other meals throughout the day

Mike J.
200g yoghurt, 50g müsli with pumpkin kernals, a handful of spinach on a half a slice of rye bread (or an egg), and coffee
Karen B.
I eat something quick and easy. I start the day out with fiber, like a whole cup of oats or granola. I follow it with a banana and coffee before I eat a lunch. Lunch relatively small, snack at 3, this completes my morning meals.
Johanna E.
It depends on your need and the activity you do during the day. It may seem too much, but it also may be whay your body needs to function during the day. The important question you have to ask yourself is whether or not you feel heavy and or sleepy afterwards, or satisfyed and energetic. I try not to eat too much as to feel sleppy and heavy, but enough to feel satisfyed until lunch. I meassure my portions with my fist, but it also depends on the day and the activities I planned for it. Don't feel pressured, and if it makes you feel insecure you can always ask your doctor.
Inge U.
3 toasts or a lot of food like 2 fruits and toast with avo on it would be to much because you still have the rest of the day to eat like you have 3 meals and 1-3 snack times a day so if you eat a lot at breakfast it feels weird
Jean E.
Too much is if your breakfast turns into a lunch! One main dish at a time and maybe a dessert of some sort should be just anough
Sara C.
Eat until you're 70% full. If you have trouble knowing when this is, eat slowly and note how you feel as you eat; you'll know when you're done. You can also use a smaller plate or bowl to make your food seem like more than it is, so your mind is kind of tricked into thinking there's more food than there is.
Frida Z.
Eat what your body asks you to eat, having a fulfilling breakfast is esencial for your body, you need the energy. Food is fuel. It’s okey if you eat too much food as long as it is balanced, try to eat fruit along with your breakfast.
Godofredo P.
Sometimes I feel like that too. For me, it was discovering foods that made me feel heavy and sluggish in the morning and what foods made me feel full but not slow. I’m a firm believer in listening to your body. Try experimenting and see what feels good.
Roxane G.
Eat slower, because it tames some time before you feel full. If you eat slow you will feel full when you're full. Otherwise you can eat as much as you want for 10 minutes without feeling a thing. And then get the full feeling after that time but you've eaten too much. Sorry for my weird sentences but try to eat more slowly.
Bounaime Z.
Well, it depends on the type of a person, personally i eat much but I don't get fat and i don't feel lazy
So you should eat what makes you full but not feeling heavy or lazy
Naja Z.
When you consume more calories than that you need. A good idea is to go to a nutritionist so they can give you a perfect plan based on your height, weight, and physical activity
Arju O.
I ate just the perfect amount of breakfast. Not too much, not too less. I really put effort before making the breakfast. I woke up and drank water, then spend some time journaling and stuffs. Then I prepared the delicious waffle breakfast for two days in a row. The first day my aunt prepared that. It was tasty and amazing.
Lilli Q.
More than a drink is too much for me. I usually drink a protein shake, and it keeps me full till lunch. Anything more than a shake is too much
Shailah X.
Personally, I would think it would be too much if I still eat even though I know I'm already full. It's nice to have a big breakfast because it would sustain you in your morning works. But it is also important to note that if you eat too much, it could make you feel sleepy or lazy.
Auks T.
Too much is when you feel tired after eating, you’re stomach is hurting. I feel like for breakfast you should eat balanced meal. I wouldn’t eat a lot of meat or bacon.
Nellie F.
You should eat slower so you can feel when you’re actually full. Because when you eat fast you feel stuffed after you’ve eaten. And you don’t realize that you might have been full before finishing your meal.
Chris Q.
As long as it is healthy and not making you sick a big breakfast is good because it keeps you going through the day and gives you more energy, but don't have a GIANT meal eat what you think is enough. Good luck 🤞😃
Janet O.
As with any meal, you'll know when you have too much breakfast when your body feels sluggish afterwards. Your stomach will feel extra full and the only thing you'll have energy for is to lie down. Breakfast is supposed to have the opposite effect. After breakfast, you should feel full but not too full, with enough energy to go through the first half of the day.
Alexandra P.
Listen to your body. My grandma once told me: “you should never get up from the table feeling completely full; always leave a little bit of space”. I found that it is the key to feeling light and energized. So when you body tells you it’s almost full and satisfied, get up and start your day.
Make sure to choose nutritious foods to start your day like eggs and don’t forget to include vegetables and/or fruit.
Jerry U.
I honestly never thought that too much breakfast was possible: it's the first meal of the day and it can keep you energized for a long time, plus you have got the whole day to get rid of excessive calories.
I think the problem might be not the quantity of what you eat at breakfast but the quality of the food: foods that don't make you feel full but have a lot of calories might be quite useless for your body!
Try to ask some nutrition ecpert about which food is better for breakfast.
Sara L.
I can definitely relate to this. But I’ve learned that as long as you eat healthy and you don’t overeat, like when your stomach hurts, you can eat as much as you desire.

Some days you’ll probably eat a lot and still feel hungry. And when that happens to me I normally don’t eat more at the time. And what tends to happen when I take a break, is that I notice that I’m actually very full.

If not I will take an early lunch❤️

Dale U.
If you feel you are full then stop eating. But sometimes I also feel I eat too much in the morning. Then I stop eating and decide to have some healthy snacks after few hours like an apple, a banana or some grapes.
Tammy T.
I think it depends on what time you eat it. For example if its between 4-6am then a small breakfast (toast, crumpets, a bowl of fruit/cereal) would be better, but from 7-9am its probably better for a larger breakfast like a full English breakfast. If its too much or little STOP WORRYING AND START YOUR DAY OFF WELL. Breakfast is IMPORTANT.
S Nio C.
I think a breakfast is too much is when you’re full but your brain still wants to keep eating. Or if you’re eating because you’re bored or want to be distracted.
Payolita N.
Hi! Liquids are esencial in the morning therefore juice and coffee are ideal in every size. Proteins give you strength but frying them isn’t necessary. Our beloved carbohydrates are the ones that we have to limit (but we need to eat them) a nice toast with avocado and boiled eggs would be ideal as a great breakfast! Also drinking before breakfast two glasses of water surely will fill our belly 🙂 have a great morning!
Isabella Z.
I’m not sure how to answer this because I stopped eating breakfast for a very long time. It was just recently when I downloaded Fabulous that I started eating in the mornings again. Breakfast isn’t something I consider worthy of a feast but you still need your fair share of ingredients. A main and a side. Anything more I would say might be pushing the limit. Depending what time of the morning it is. Brunch is a different story though.
Tony F.
The breakfast that is too much is the breakfast that makes you feel like you overate. Breakfast should be the largest meal of the day since breakfast is what powers you through the day. Consume your breakfast until you feel satisfied and are no longer hungry. Try to slow down while eating and savor the taste of the food.
Jana Y.
You can't really eat too much breakfast. Ofcourse, you shouldn't eat a whole chicken, but if you feel like eating too much, try eating slower and feel when you're full. Good luck!
Sophie N.
i don’t think there’s a thing as too much. unless you feel super full and like you’re about to throw up. everyone is different so everyone needs different portions to get enough energy. just keep that in mind next breakfast
Clarisse Y.
I think a breakfast should make you feel full and energized after. If you feel like falling over on the couch then maybe you’ve had a little more than you should have. Tomorrow, start with a small amount of food. Try one scrambled egg and a side of fruit and a liquid. If you’re still hungry after that, add a little more. But make sure to take time to decide if you need more food. Eating too quickly can result in feeling too full. Hope this helped! And you’re doing great! -xoxo
L Rke F.
How much ever makes you feel sufficiently full and energetic. It's a good idea to probably avoid sugary things in the morning
Frida Z.
Well you gotta keep in mind that breakfast is the most important meal of the day! But if you feel like you are eating too much then maybe you can eat smaller portions, but don’t starve yourself! Eat small portions that will keep you satisfied. Hope this helped 🙂
Andrea O.
I don’t feel you should eat to the point where you are tired or feel like falling back asleep afterwards. Breakfasts should be light. Cereal is enough. Granola and yogurt is good. Fruits and oatmeal is plenty. Or even oatmeal by itself is enough. Remember, everyone is different and their intake capacity might be smaller or bigger than the “norm”. So do what feels right for your body. If your feeling sluggish after breakfast, try to lighten it up in quantity and possibly what you’re consuming. If you’re feeling like it’s not enough, add LITTLE by little. Experiment with yourself and see what works for YOU. 😁
Wyatt O.
Not hungry first thing in the morning, Pushed for time I feel some stomach upset and acidity sometimes, but I'm Trying to lose weight so i eat breakfast for that.
Mara A.
As long as you get protein, Carbs, and some fruits/vegetables, only focus on feeling satisfied. As long as you feel like you ate enough, don’t worry about if it’s too much. You can exercise a little longer if you feel heavy after breakfast.
Adamfaraday N.
When you feel bloated, you know you have eaten too much. Sometimes I find leaving half of your breakfast on the counter and get it once you are done eating if you are still hungry.
Darvin C.
I usually go with two eggs into an omelette. Add som spinach and cheese. That will fill you up and give you the protein and energy till your next meal!
Paula Z.
You should eat breakfast until you are full, because breakfast is a very important meal. When you feel you are already full, stop eating so you dont feel like your stomach is about to blow. Hope this helps
Simrandeep X.
A breakfast is what you eat first in the day so eat healthy and good and if we talk about the quantity, one should eat while thinking of its own body and most important thing is do not eat heavy. Eat fruits and nuts and whatever else you like but light.
Thank you
Isabella C.
Too much is probably when u feel like kinda sick if u eat something else. This means u ate way more then u should have eaten!
Sam N.
I usually eat things like eggs and chicken. Occasionally, I will make a bowl. Something that I really enjoy are egg cups. They are so easy to make! You just put whisked eggs in a muffin tin with your favorite omelet toppings. They are able to be frozen and reheated. They are the perfect grab and go! Honestly, if you think you eat too much then I would recommend, cutting your portion sizes. Try a smaller plate. I eat everything on small plates now. They help to feel like you are eating a lot, when actually, your eating a little. It’s all in the view of the food filling the plate. Eat until you are satisfied, not full. If you are full, you ate too much. You can also snack after breakfast. It’s better to eat something protein dense and then you won’t get as hungry throughout the day. Hopefully this helps!
Kasper U.
That is different for every person. You have to pay attention to your sensations. Stop when you feel you just starting to feel full. Pay attention to yourself everyday and you will find the right amount. Ex: I weight 60kg, I eat 4 tablespoons of oats, and make a porridge(plant based milk), with some berries, nuts and honey. Or eat 2 eggs with 2 slices of gluten free bread. Hope this is useful.
Clarice Q.
Umm eat good nutritional food so it fills you up and you have energy for the day it depends on the person and when they feel ful
Cheyenne C.
Eat to a point where you feel satisfied. Not hungry but not overly stuffed. You want to eat enough so you won’t be hungry for a couple hours around lunch, but again you don’t want to eat so much you feel sick or bloated. You don’t want your stomach to feel too heavy or you know you’ve eaten to much. Try to find a happy medium between not hungry and not too full. That will depend on everyone’s body but for me personally it’s about 2 cups of food.
Lily O.
it depends on the morning, if you feel like you can eat more, then do it but if you feel like a lighter breakfast than have a lighter breakfast.
Logan W.
I think there is no absolute answer to this. Everybody needs different intakes, that need to take into account their energetic spends (mostly of their morning, if they have lunch to balance the afternoon). However, I think that you should eat whatever makes you feel good. Not “ok”, but good. There is a difference: you could eat the same boring oats everyday and maybe energetically it would be ok. But a great breakfast is the one that not only fuels your body, but your mind, and prepares you for the day ahead. Nourish yourself, don’t think of food in quantities, but like the fuel you need to work more or rest more, ou hydrate, for example. Hope that helps!
Sada W.
I just eat enough to keep me going until lunch not to much but not to little either just make sure it is fulfilling and healthy.
Alberte C.
For me there is no such thing as too much breakfast. I myself eat quite a lot during breakfast and I feel like that is also what I need for that day. Something that helps for me is eating until I don't feel hungry anymore. You don't have to feel stuffed, but a general level of content. I have often eaten, because I felt like I should eat more to be prepared for the rest of the day, which ended up making me feel nauseous. Now I try to begin my meal with water, so that I only eat because of hunger, not because of thirst and eat until I've had enough. I must admit that this is still difficult for me especially when other people around me eat more or less than me, but it is something I am actively trying to change.
Maria F.
Having a rich breakfast in the morning is no problem. You néd the energy after the night that the stomach has emptied completely. You get to burn the calories thought the day. Just don't eat so much that results in making you sleepy again.
Jeppe W.
As long as you feel full and satisfied then it’s not never too much! There is no limit, each of us are different. Eating a “big” breakfast is actually really good anyway because it is the first meal of the day after all, so we need the energy to get through the day. So eat as much as you feel comfortable! 🙂
Bertolino Q.
I’d say just eat until you feel full. Often the choice of breakfast in the morning can impact that. A sugary donut is much less filling than say, eggs on toast, so you’d be more likely to eat more of the donut.
Barbara G.
No breakfast is too much. Breakfast is meant to be the biggest meal of the day as it gives you energy throughout the day. But also make sure your breakfast is balanced and light. Try ending it with some fruit.
Yvonne P.
I'm 5'2. A filipino just to give context about my normal diet. If I eat 2 eggs, bacon, and rice, that'd be too much for me. I feel more groggy than energized.

an Egg omelette and a bowl of oatmeal would suffice for me.

Addison W.
I would say , that you should listen to your body. If it's starving then you can eat a bit and if not that hungry then keep it light. It also depends on if you eat before you go to bed. Because if you do then you wouldn't be that hungry in the morning. But again, it just really depends , from person to person.
Olivia T.
I would say to much breakfast is when you don't feel the need to eat lunch. A way to recognize if you are eating is, ask yourself "did I at least have a fruit or vegetable, grain, or any type of protein!"
I use that a lot and I will normally eat some yogurt, mixed with fruit (pineapple and banana are my favorite), cashews or any soft nuts, and a nice glass of water!
Lee S.
Sento di mangiare troppo e aver bisogno di fermarmi prima di riprendere le attività di preparazione della giornata o rischio di vomitare
Jemima N.
I don’t think there is a set amount everyone will eat in the morning we all have different body types so take the time to find out the right amount that YOUR body needs also try to keep it healthy and balanced!! <33
Vinay X.
Well , try eating less and to a point where you feel slightly Hungry. For me , my brain functions optimal when my stomach is little hungry.. it's not real hunger! Just enough to keep me from feeling sleepy or Lazy. My mind is fresh in the morning and slight hunger kickstarts it as it tries to use all its resources. Or you should do 30 min intense workouts to regulate/understand your body 🙂
Jitendra N.
Ideally 600 calories is optimal for a person depending on your bodys energy requirement and metabolism. Try to balance it with other meals if you over ate. Don't fret over it very much
Mildred J.
It's too much when you're not hungry anymore. Some people need more food than the others but as long as you eat enough to not be hungry, it doesn't matter how much you're eating
Jasiyah E.
If you didn’t drink 2 cups of water and a cup of tea before breakfast most likely you will eat too much. Be sure to hydrate on an empty belly first thing in the morning to allow the breakfast to truly feel fulfilling.
Rithurag G.
Any breakfast in the 100- to 150-calorie range will be too little and you'll run the risk of letting your hunger build and overeating throughout the latter half of the day,You will need 300-400 calories at breakfast
Maya J.
I don't usually eat a lot for breakfast but you definitely want protein if some sort, even if it's just a glass of milk, and some carbs.
Proc Pio C.
I have this problem to sometimes but if you go to work or school in the morning it burns off fast. So in the morning I usually go with some carbs and fruit. Not to many carbs because that would make u feel to full. The fruit is very refreshing in the morning I feel like. But in the end eat how much you feel you need, we need to fuel our body enough to get through the morning:)
Nakito N.
Breakfast is definitely an important meal of the day, so it’s better to eat too much than have no breakfast at all! However, if you’re concerned you’re eating too much for breakfast, I recommend that you only eat once in the morning; don’t spread it out, or have little snacks at different times (it adds up). Have one good meal in the morning,
G T.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Whatever makes you satisfied in the morning is the perfect amount. Whether it is just a smoothie or 3 pancakes with fruit on the side. It varies with each person.
Chloe J.
I try to eat as much as I need to feel full but without being too full since I then get tired. But I guess it depends on why you feel it is too much?
Sofia W.
Sometimes what's too much for me maybe it's too little for you, so start eating something you know you can eat, and if you don't feel satisfied or believe it's not enough go aheadto eat a bit more.
Ukiyo R.
I don't think it really matters how much you eat. It all depends on what you eat, and if it's affecting you. If your eating something that might not be as healthy, it can affect you badly, and therefore you would probably have to cut how much you eat and what your eating. But I believe it's healthy to eat a lot, as long as it's monitored.
Caroline P.
I eat a BIG breakfast! I'm always hungry in the morning and I feel like I'll burn it off during the day. I exercise most mornings, too.
Eat like a king at breakfast, like a prince at lunch and a pauper at night!😘
In S Z.
We are all different. You should eat until you’re full and satisfied. Some of us need maybe a bowl of cereal while others may need two. Eat until you’re full; it’s breakfast, you need the energy for the rest of the morning.
Lavinia U.
In my opinion eat until you are full but n it completely stuffed so that ur stomach hurts
make sure what ur eating is filling so even if you eat less it will last you longer and you won’t be hungry later in the morning before lunch
Willow U.
It depends on your recommended calorie intake for the day and wether you want to lose weight or gain weight or maintain weight. In my opinion, you can’t eat too much breakfast 🙂
Sarah F.
A big breakfast is better then a small one. It will fill you up and energize you for the day. Make sure it is a healthy breakfast though and nothing to sugary as that will only give you a burst if energy for a little while before you become tired again. Also try to switch it up every morning, maybe one morning have fruit and the other other have toast or cereal .
Joc Lia C.
I have one same size bowl for every meal. Your stomach can stretch and also become smaller again. My stomach is now used to the size of that bowl. If I eat more than that I don’t feel so good.
I would say roughly the cubic space of your loosely clenched fist.
Caiden F.
If you eat till the point that you’re bloated! If this happens to me I end up becoming sluggish throughout my day instead of brimming with energy and getting my work done
Bertram X.
Well I think having food in variety is way better than having to much quantity meaning eating types of things in small quantity is better than eating the same thing up to one's fill
Noham O.
A good way to prevent overeating is to eat slow . This way your body has time to send signals that indicate that you’re full. If you don’t want to be in a caloric surplus, determine you’re maintenance calories and divide that by however many meals you are going to have throughout the day. This will allot a set amount of calories for your breakfast so you won’t overeat!
Rosana N.
Depends on how much you need to feel satisfied. I usually eat one slice of bread, two eggs and a cup of coffee and milk. Try getting a nutritionist recommendation if possible.
Jules N.
Definitely a good breakfast with everything you need for a good day is enough. Being too full from breakfast is okay but definitely being fueled is more important
Diana N.
It is good to nurture your body . You will most definitely know when you had enough. Make sure that you listen to your bodies cravings . If you feel like having some pancakes then go for it but don’t make it an everyday thing . All people are different you might feel more hungry in the mornings than evenings or the opposite , so listen to your body . Scientists have shown that you only realise that you are full 15 minutes after your meal . But to answer your question 100-150 calories . If you are just starting to create a habit by eating breakfast in the morning then take a small hand full of nuts or grab a fruit just make sure you have something in your system to keep going . Reminder : LISTEN TO YOUR BODY NOT SOMEONE ELSES
Sebastian W.
I feel like you eat too much when you feel full, bloated, or tired after. A nice quantity of food should make you feel satisfied and not hungry anymore, but not “full”. It should make you feel energized and activated for the day! If you feel tired after, it probably means that your body is having to use a lot of energy to digest, so it asks you to sit or rest.
If you eat slowly, mindfully and paying attention to your body it will tell you when you’ve had enough! Also, instead of having a big portion from the start, which will make you feel like you have to finish the whole plate, maybe you could have a slightly smaller portion to start, and if you still feel hungry you can have a little more! In reality, it all depends on your type of metabolism, how active you are, the kind of food you eat…Always listen to your body, try different things and observe it, nourish it, and you should be alright! 🙂
Kamalii N.
Don’t eat breakfast as quantity take it as a happy and healthy food. Then you don’t have to worry about quantity. If we take healthy food in morning , then you’ll feel motivated to do that throughout the day.
Lea W.
I always eat until I'm satisfied, over trial and error I've found the right amount for me and I don't even think about it anymore in the mornings because it's just routine. If you like eating more in the morning than do it, if you're concerned about calories then just eat a lighter lunch but always listen to your hunger cues
Amber C.
If you feel like you overeated after breakfast, that means that your body was not ready for such a big portion. Try to take one portion of meal on the plate without adding something to it after you've finished. Then wait for 5 min and you'll know if your body needed more or if it was just right amount of food. Also you can try to eat high-fat products, such as avocado or nuts to fullfil your stomach.
Rene E.
Well, have a balanced breakfast to help you get, and have enough energy through the day, but don’t eat to much, try limiting your breakfast, and cut down on some unnecessary foods. Just make sure you don’t over-eat, simple really!
Madalene F.
It depends, if you are trying to lose weight or gain it the breakfast quantity will change and it also depends what you are eating.
Tristan U.
I do feel like I eat too much in the morning. In more ways than one I think it is a practice in procrastination; I can handle eating food, it’s familiar and comforting. The work that awaits after that last bite is, on the other hand, daunting. So I continue to snack and watch TV instead of doing what I need and deep down really want to.
Kristen N.
I personally would say definitely have breakfast, meaning have a sandwich with two eggs and a smoothie should be enough. It is for me at least. It depends on whether you prefer a savoury or sweet breakfast of course. I recommend have the breakfast and create a meal routine so that you eat every 4h. By doing that you do not have to eat a lot for breakfast because your next meal is coming up soon and you will not be starving. If 4h is too much time in between meals in the beginning, make it 3h.
Reduce your breakfast portion, eat 4h later again, then 4h later again etc. It may help you reduce your portion sizes easier in the morning😊
Mila E.
I think that a breakfast is too much when you include more than 3 elements. I usually go for a protein element, with something to drink and some fruit or vegetables, if I eat more than that I feel like its too much.
Leslie F.
I think there is neven to much of an healthy breakfast. If you eat 2 muffins in the morning then yeah, but 2 slices of bread or flakes or oats is perfect
Leonard P.
Personally, I don't think breakfast can ever be too much. Breakfast is a very important meal and you should eat well in the morning. I eat so much quantity of food till I am full so I can function well all through the day.
Just eat till your are satisfied to function well all through the day😉
Paula W.
Too much breakfast would be when you eat so much you can't continue with the rest of your day, so you decide to lay down again for a few more minutes
Milan Y.
I guess a long breakfast would be something similar to a hotel breakfast… I wouldn't know as I usually don't eat big portions in the morning
Selena N.
It truly depends on what your goal is. Everything in moderation is always key. I find it best to try to listen to my body and to feel for when I actually feel full and not let any emotions dictate if I still feel like eating or not. Meal prepping ahead of time when in a good head space and then sticking to it would help. Researching foods that are healthy but that will fill you. Not holding yourself to what what seems “normal” but doesn’t feel right. If you feel good then keep up what you’re doing. If not, experiment and you'll get there soon!
Pius N.
I try to keep my breakfast simple, a little eggs, a little protein with peanut butter and toast then add a fruit.

Don't go heavy with the food unless you are making it a meal after breakfast time and right before lunch. If you are doing it early in the morning try splitting your big meal into two.

Also what I try to do is make my meals fit a smaller plate so I don't over eat. Makes it easier to know my max in the morning.

Elizabeth O.
If you drink your water first thing when you wake up, and pace yourself with your chewing, your body will tell you when you’ve had Enough
Piotr G.
One bowl of healthy cereal in the morning is enough. Nothing more,nothing less. Don’t overfeed yourself. You want to be light and energetic in the mornings, not extremely full and sluggish. Eat to nourish and replenish, not to cure boredom or until you can no longer fit anymore food in your system.
Erasmo S.
I think it’s good to have half the plate filled with fruits and vegetables and have a portion of protein and carbs! Keeps you full for longer.
Emory F.
I know I won’t always want as much as I think I do, so I always start small. Also, listen to your body and stop eating when you’re full, even if that means leaving food on your plate
Ruby O.
Breakfast should fill you up and make you ready for the day so each as much as your body needs all body’s are different and require different amounts of food just do what feels right
Malou E.
I think it depends on the current habit of eating. If you usually don’t eat breakfast, then every amount will feel like it’s too much. Generally I would say eat, until you’re not fully interested in eating, you know, when you look at food and don’t feel the urge to eat it. Then stop. And save what is left for later. And the right amount? I think your body knows best and you need to trust it :—)
Allyson A.
I feel like you should eat until you are satisfied! Limiting yourself to something one person says may not appeal to your appetite like it appeals to theirs!
Chiara N.
Eating a good amount for breakfast means you are less likely to snack during the day so as long as it's healthy, I don't think it can be too much!
Galilea N.
There is no such thing as “too much” we all eat different according to what our bodies need I say eat until you feel satisfied not stuffed, food is fuel so it’s very necessary
Casey X.
I find that sometimes your brain takes a couple minutes to get in sync with your stomach – this results in eating food when your stomach is actually full.
I’d combat this with using smaller plates or bowls as they trick your brain into thinking you’ve ate a lot but you’ve eaten just enough. You could also use this rule of thumb: after eating halfway, pause for a few minutes and when you can finally determine if you feel full or are still hungry, you can decide what to do with the rest of your breakfast.
Freja B.
Wise men once said: eat until you're not completely satiated.
Seek for the golden ratio, for every action you want to take.
Ruud X.
It depends on how many times you eat. If you eat every 3 hours than food as big as your fist would be fine.

If you eat 3 times a day and your very active, you should eat more. 2500 calories for men and 2200 for women. Big dinner and big breakfast

Caroline E.
I think you have to know your your daily caloric intake . nutrition experts estimate that average daily consumption at each meal should be broken down as follows: 300 to 400 calories for breakfast, and 500 to 700 calories each for lunch and dinner. Snacks shouldn’t exceed 200 calories.
R Mi Z.
Too much breakfast is when it stops giving you energy and being enjoyable. You have to be able to make it decently quick and have it be energizing.
Teresa T.
I have about a ‘normal bowl’ sized amount of cereal. I also add some bananas in it as well to make it healthier. Then I normally have a cup of tea and that’s it! Something that is decent sized and will energise me for starting my day.
Javier Q.
I think creamy food like bread-with-jam, sticky rice would make you filled even if you eat only one plate. Some pastery food, greasy food can make you stuffed throughout the day. I once ate one bowl of coconut sticky rice, and I was not hungry till 1 p.m. So you should try something like veggies, cereal, tea or coffee. Some nuts and fruits would do some good. From my point of view, eating two bananas and a handful of some nuts could be the best breakfast for everyone. 😊
Manoj X.
Hi, you can eat 75% of your meal in morning breakfast. This will not fill your stomach completely and the required energy will also be fulfilled. Eat the rest of the meal in lunch. So that there will be no laziness in the afternoon. And you will feel more energetic.
Gabriel O.
My guess is that it depends on your weight gain or weight loss goals. If you don’t have any, I wouldn’t worry about it too much, breakfast is supposed to get you the energy to jumpstart your day anyways!
Brennan U.
It becomes too much when I’m so full that I’m uncomfortable and it interferes with my other work so much that I cannot concentrate. Also, sleeping or lying down doesn’t ease the discomfort. I need to practice more mindfulness while eating and manage emotional eating. Work with meal planning in such away that I’m not left without food for so many hours that I eat mindlessly or munch on the first thing I get my hands. I want to concentrate on eating cleaner that contributes to my well being ❤️
Kenzo O.
Well this is my personal opinion. Lots of people in our today’s society over eat, it’s normal and most people have adapted to that. Eat what you think is best for your body. Most the time when someone eats they tend to over eat, because we have learned to ignore our bodies signals( like when we feel full, especially to the point we feel sick). You should eat to the point that makes you feel full without over doing it. You have to find that sweet spot. Listen to what your body is saying and give it its NEEDS. Food is fuel and you need to fuel it the proper amount to make it function right. Over doing it can make you feel sick or not function properly, but under doing it can make you and your body loose energy faster (because it didn’t get the proper amount of fuel). So you have to find that sweet spot that fits YOUR needs and YOUR body. Everyone has different eating habits so you just have to find the best way to fuel YOUR body. If you wake up in the morning and you don’t feel hungry don’t force yourself to eat, or if you wake up one morning where you are more hungry then normal, have a bigger breakfast . Listen to what your body needs and do it in a way that pleases you. If you feel like you over do it try finding the right amount of food you need to fuel your body. Find that sweet spot.💕
Olivia P.
For the last couple days, I’ve been limiting myself to 3-4 eggs to start my day off. So far, it’s doing well. I don’t start getting hungry till around 11:30, then decide to eat lunch around 12-12:30. Eggs are awesome! Hopefully I don’t grow tired of them!
Amber N.
Having a big breakfast is great! It will give you energy but make sure that you are still eating healthy, not a big unhealthy
Elizabeth J.
Demands on want you eat. You needs to keep account of calories, vitamin, mineral and stimulants. Two Eggs, boiled or fried. A cup of tea, coffee or similar beverage. Bread, plain or toasted. This is the best breakfast. If you are a vegan/vegetarian then, red bean, peas, cereal with some toppings (strawberry, almond, dates and/or cashew nuts) and if in hurry for work then 2 to 3 slices of sandwich with lettuce, tamato and cucumber or peanut butter/jam sandwich plain or toasted.
Teya Y.
I don’t think there is too much eating in the morning. It’s all based on what your body needs. So if you eat an apple and your still hungry, eat something else. Your body needs all the fuel it can get to get through the day.
Kristin Q.
Depending on what you have planned for the rest of the day I would say a good breakfast somewhere between 300 and 500 cal. If you feel like you eat too much, maybe eat less carbs. They can make you feel bloated afterwards
Rosita E.
Eat 80% full is okay! If you feel you eat too much this time, try lower the amount of your breakfast next time, and you will find the suitable amount of breakfast for yourself.
Vicki E.
I think breakfast is too much when I drink multiple drinks in the morning. I’ll have water the morning, it’s the first thing I do when I wake up. Then I’ll have a some juice. Then I’ll have a bowl of cereal with milk. And I think having all of these liquids make breakfast way too much. However though, I am trying to be more hydrated throughout my day and too not over eat I’ll drink more water after a meal. But I think being extra cautious of the types of liquids I drink will help me balance the kinds of food I’m eating to not feel like I am over eating. I also want to have more protein in my morning routine because I don’t eat eggs I have to find protein some other way. So I’m also trying to figure out that routine as I build better eating habits.
Rachel Y.
Eat your protein first if possible and then your carbs. Protein will make you feel filling and it may help you eat bit less for breakfast
Kai Z.
depends on a lot of factors honestly. what do you eat a lot of? nuts, fruits or heavy dishes or desserts? try going for a sandwich or just an omelette with bread, some juice, 2-3 fruits and a few nuts if ud like
Astrid Z.
It depends on what you have on your plate, good consistency between vegetables, carbs and protein. If you do any sports you want lots of calories but if you don’t try 2,000 a day at least. I like to have two pieces of buttered toast and cucumber slices with cucumber water and it easily fills me up until around 11:00.
Steffi N.
If you are hungry go for it!! A big breakfast will set you up for the day and probably mean you are having less later and less snacks. There is an old phrase breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper! In general I think listen to your body – eat slow so you recognise when you are full!
Freja W.
I feel like if you eat too much during your morning it could derail your day, I know I love to eat more lite meals so my stomach doesn’t hurt in the morning or later so that’s why I think you should eat lite in breakfast so cereal,oatmeal,smoothies
Marilice Z.
If your eat healthly breakfast, you can eat much of these, coz it's vitamins in there. If your eat sweets or things with too much sugar, eat in moderation.
Irene N.
For me I like to eat a smaller amount in the morning because then I can eat more for lunch and supper. So to answer the question I would say (and this also depends on your body weight and if you are a man or woman) That no more than two pieces of toast with toppings on it. For me it is just one.
Gaia P.
I used to have a lot of milk and cereals, and I felt like they were heavy, but it was the only thing that satisfied me for a few hours. Now that school is over I eat banana and peanut butter, but I don’t know if it will be satisfying for a lot of time; for now, that I have to study for my final exams, it is.
Zanna C.
Just before your brain signals you have eaten “enough”, that is when it is enough. I know this, but sometimes forget.

I found that making sure I drink extra water when I awaken, stops me from being able to go overboard. I like that I have been refocused on drinking water because it does so much to combat overeating. I knew this before, but only by starting to consistently practice it, has it made a difference.

I always eat breakfast. I haven’t skipped it on purpose since I was probably a pre-teen and I understood there was science that backed up how eating breakfast fires up metabolism first thing, and changes the way you experience moods and mental states all day.

With my two teenagers, I saw each of them go through attempts to reduce daily food consumption by not eating breakfast. There must be misinformation out there still that tries to espouse this idea.

I simply make sure that eating breakfast is truly emphasized in our family. I am a single mom and I do not take time for sit down meals because that takes too much energy and I have to save the energy I do have for essentials in parenting. THAT IS OKAY. DO NOT JUDGE YOURSELF ABOUT ANYTHING LIKE THAT!

Instead, we are on the go A LOT. I am talking multiple hours in a vehicle every day. So, yes, I try to get the two teens I have now to eat breakfast before we leave, myself included, but I also make sure that:
1. I have quick and easy and whole types of foods at home, and,
2. That I have back up food to have with us, and I mean, all three of us. So, that means I. The car, something emergency in my purse, something with their bag for their activities, etc.

Think ahead. Buy good food with more water content in it, too. And bars. Being that along. AND, make sure water is available everywhere, all day.

If you have a system, then you are good.

I also just verbally prompt the two of them to tell me if they ate and if so, what?

They don’t mind because I remind them it’s really important to eat breakfast for health because they need energy and stamina. If they don’t say, they would get a headache, or it even turns into diabetes eventually, because of your body not responding properly. Their Nana has diabetes. They don’t want it!

If you consistently push children and others around you with that message, they catch you back if you don’t follow your own rules!

If you don’t have someone else, that’s okay. I’d say create prompts to eat and drink water so you are set up to easily do that. I e also done that in life.

Aryan Z.
I you feel you eat too much ,take breakfast in two laps and make a gap of 2-3 hours between them. Breakfast is starting of our day eat something healthy and energetic to. remain active whole day
Phoebe F.
eating slightly less than you would for dinner is probably best I tend to feel slow if i eat a bunch so i usually enjoy a small bowl of yogurt and some healthy trail mix
or just a smaller serving of leftovers. Ill eat right until i feel full then stop.
Reimund Q.
No breakfast is “too much.” Whatever you need to satisfy your hunger is what you should eat. Now don’t go stuffing your face until you can’t eat anymore, but as long as you still feel hungry, you should be eating. Some days, you will wake up more hungry than most, but as you learn what your body needs to get through the day, you be able to better anticipate what you will need to eat when you wake up.
Samantha P.
Eating breakfast was something I wouldn't do because I end up eating a lot of food.
Like 6 eggs .
That's why I stopped eating breakfast.
But this three challenge changed my perspective. I can choose how much I eat.
The feeling of getting isn't something we always get because breakfast contain a portion of light food that's why we won't feel full.
Lasc Via Q.
I have been eating light breakfast for last 4 days. It honestly feels different. I am no longer groggy in the morning but I have noticed that I get hungrier faster these days. Also i have noticed a small increase in my appetite which i am happy about 😊
Dave Z.
I think too much is when I am too full. I just need something to kickstart my day. Something that stills the hunger, because too much will make me nauseated.
Bernardete P.
Eat enough to satisfy your hunger not to fill your belly. If you feel full, it's already too much. You can always have a snack or two between meals. In fact, nutritionists recommend feeding your stomach little by little during the day and not "starve" it. They call it the biggest consumer of calories. If you don't feed it for a long time, your stomach will understand you don't have any food and it will start depositing, for later, when you will probably need energy. Our bodies are amazing and if we learn how to listen to them and how to work with them and not against them, we will really get to be fabulous! Besides, we do think, act and feel better with our bellies half full.
I know we are driven by the fear that we'll feel hungry again too soon. But that is just a thought that will not help, probably derived from the desire to be perfect and do everything by the book. What is perfection anyway? Adjust the lessons to your needs. The important thing is to keep going and not give up, and in time you'll get to that perfect combination of "everything", that perfect recepy, the goal of a "fabulous" person, but again, adjusted to yourself. Remember that everybody is not the same. 🙂
Lillian E.
It depends on the person but you’re only supposed to eat between 1800-2200 calories daily I believe which is only about your clenched fists’ size so like 500 calories for breakfast I guess. Depending on the person and how many meals they have (2 or 3) it differs
Brooke C.
eat as much as you are comfortable eating… there is no “too” much breakfast. Everyone has their own wants and needs, so don’t worry whether or not you eat more than another person. Just worry if you think it’s affecting your health, but if you enjoy yourself and are comfortable with the amount your eating, don’t change anything. Change should happen when you want it to happen. NO BREAKFAST IS TOO MUCH!!!!
Adam E.
I like to eat a big breakfast in the morning to give me lots of energy, I'd only say it's too much if I'm getting to the point where I can't eat anymore
Bartolomeu C.
A good breakfast should give you energy for the morning and incorporate some carbs and some protein. If you feel sluggish or bloated after the meal, that breakfast was probably too much. I like to keep my breakfast light, so I’m motivated to move and feel like I can quickly. I usually have a snack mid-morning.
Madelyn Y.
I guess that depends. They do say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. If it’s starting your day off well, I’d say keep with it. More power to you. If weight or sugar intake is a concern for you, then I’d reconsider and maybe take a look at alternatives
Eliza C.
I eat eggs for breakfast – one egg doesn’t carry me until lunch and I feel stuffed after 3 eggs so I eat 2 — I like breakfast to carry me through the morning and into the afternoon without needing snacks — “too much” means either I’ve eaten the wrong thing — like oatmeal or pancakes — that’s easy to overeat or I’ve stuffed myself with the equivalent of two meals of good food when 1/2 the amount would have been better for me
Claudia Z.
I think 'too much' is relative. It depends on what you think and feel. I suggest you take a look at how you feel after breakfast. If you feel like you can eat more, or even hungry, you might not eat enough. If you feel stuffed, you might've had too much. It teally depends on how you feel after having breakfast.
Shikha W.
If after having your breakfast, you feel too heavy or like you can't move, then it's too much. If you feel sleepy, that's also a sign.
Silje N.
For breakfast you should eat an amount which makes you feel full enough, not too full. Just make sure you don't feel hungry. It takes our brain about 15 min to let us know that we are full, so maybe try eating more slowly.
Maria N.
There's a saying that goes: " eat breakfast like a king, have lunch like a prince and have dinner like a pauper".
Obviously this varies according to your individual needs, but starting your day with a big breakfast is a great way to begin your day (including giving you an energy boost). It also helps with weight loss – if that's your goal at all – as you end your day with a light meal, as you ate throughout the day and this helps regulate your metabolism.
Sarah N.
Breakfast is an important meal of the day, so I don’t think it matters how much you eat, whats important is that you eat!
Laura W.
I believe that it's only too much if your body starts to feel heavy and you start feeling kind of nauseous. Everyone has different appetites and some feel they can get more energy if they eat more.

Love u you're doing great <3

Johan F.
Eat until you're no longer hungry. Then remember how much that was on the next morning. If you still feel like you're eating too much, try cutting it down just a little bit. Check out some recipes for an idea of portion sizes
Leokadia I.
It is okay until you start to fell full, the moment when you start to feel that the hunger is no longer there, you can stop
Editha U.
I'm the exact opposite, I eat too little. I think only a specialist can tell you, based on what you eat for the rest of the day, and what your body needs.
Valentina T.
Too much breakfast is too much when your belly is so full that you can’t eat anything else even if you still want. Too much is being disgusted by food. The right amount of breakfast is necessary to feel fuelled and not tired after having eaten.
Graciele I.
I think it depends on your goals. I usually have a smoothie before my morning exercise and then cereal or fruit a bit after I’ve finished working out. Does your breakfast leave you feeling sluggish and tired? If so you may be eating too much. Try eating half and saving the rest to eat in an hour or two
Mardi T.
I’m not sure but I keep it small. Although I snack fruit nuts n veggies all day, even my lunches barely exist unless it’s a salad.
Beatrice Y.
Every person needs a different amount of food. If you have worries about it, you could always try reducing it to see if it had any effects. If you are not facing any mental or physical problems from your current breakfast then don’t worry about it too much.
Molly Z.
There is no rule.
If you feel like your breakfast is enough, than is enough.
Listen to your body. Be sure your breakfast is a healthy one, and everything will be okay.
If you feel too full or bloated just reduce it a little tomorrow and see how that works for you.
Marcie P.
I don't have a big breakfast during the week. Mainly because I don't have a large appetite early in the morning. On the weekends my breakfast is more like brunch since I get up a little later. Overall I don't think this is a bag thing because I end up "breaking my fast" at a later time. I don't do IF properly but I do delay eating anything in the morning (except for my coffee and oat milk lol)
Freja Z.
Its not too much breakfast until you feel full. Once you feel full you should probably chill. But being full is different for everyone so find whats right for you.
Leyla E.
Too much fat or way too many carbohydrates are a no-no. I feel like you need to become more intuitive and just listen to your body when it tells you to stop.
David C.
I think that 15 minutes is a nice amount of time for the breakfast. In that 15 minutes I always try to eat one or two eggs or the same amount of other salty food, then a fruit and a cup of espresso or caffellatte. It is too much when it doesn’t help you to start: after breakfast you should have the energy and the satisfaction to start a day
Katherine P.
Žádná snídaně není dost velká pro toho, kdo je stále hladový. Pro sytého, je každá (i ta malá) snídaně jak zdolání hory. Jako všechno, i tato maličkost podléhá individuálním potřebám, neexistuje na to jednotná a správná odpověď. Každopádně. Není radno se ráno a ani v jinou část dne přejídat, avšak dobrá snídaně, se správně zvoleným množstvím jídla, často přispívá k dobrému dni.
Mikkel A.
It depends on how many calories your body can consume. If you feel like you are eating too much, but haven’t gotten to your goal, then stop eating. If you feel that you haven’t eaten enough but you are full, stop eating, listen to your body and what it’s trying to tell you. 🙂
Veronica T.
I think enough breakfast includes staples for your morning, today I had a scrambled egg omelette, in that I wanted it to be an omelette but it just wasn’t working out so it got scrambled, toast and an avocado with some iced coffee. It’s balanced. I think that the key. Some grain, some protein, so fruit or veg and some dairy. It’s all about the balance. I think it’s important to also try to cook a balanced amount, not too much or too little, a serving of each at least, you want to be filled but not full and you should not feel obligated to eat seconds. Often times I skip eating breakfast and it’s leaves me feeling hungry later in the evening I think because I’ll have breakfast late and then skip brunch and then eat dinner, but that never leaves me full when I go to bed, and then I long for cravings of junk food to try and satisfy my hunger which is t a good habit. With only two meals, it does not feel me for a whole day, that’s why 3 is the balance with maybe a couple healthy snacks in between. When your eating habits are balanced then you don’t have to worry about eating too much or too little 🙂
Kasimir Y.
Too much breakfast would probably be like two dishes of things like an egg and toast is good but then adding yogurt would be too much
Catherine X.
When you start feeling bloated, it's better to stop eating. In that case, you've had too much breakfast, or too much food in general. Try out different portion sizes to see what works for you, so you don't end up feeling bloated or hungry.
Avani A.
It depends. If the 'too much' you are eating is unhealthy,then it may cause problems. Whereas if its mostly healthy, you most probably don't have to worry:)
Ose B.
I think that more than 2 medium bowls of cereal is too much or that 2 eggs 3 sausage and 4 bacon is too much. But it can vary depending on my mood.
Ozlhaz N.
I don’t agree I don’t each much in the morning because I don’t have an appetite generally I force myself so I can start my day full strength!
R Z.
First of all, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! So never skip it.

How much should you eat?
Well, it depends on your day. On a work day you should eat minimalistic healthy breakfast which will satisfy your hunger. Thats it, don't eat if you don't feel hungry anymore!

On a off day you can eat as you want! It's like thanking yourself for eating healthy all week!

Eliseu I.
It really depends on you. If you are hungry eat more. If you aren't really hungry a snack should do it. I always eat a medium bowl full of yogurt or a trencher full of diffrent kinds of fruits and sandwiches. Just eat ehat feels good 🙂
Jeppe C.
A long breakfast is confusing with a lunch so you would feel guilty eating lunch or just skipping it if you had a long breakfast. It will trick you in wanting to skip other meals too as you assume you had your daily dose of food. It also will make your body work more in digestion which may impact on your morning energy
Steph X.
Totally depends on you and your lifestyle. If you’re quite active then it’s good to have a big breakfast, or at least a more fulfilling one. You don’t have to have a ‘big’ breakfast to feel full. Choosing the right foods can play a huge part – picking things with good fats, like avocado for example, and getting good proteins from things like fish and eggs, can really set you up for the day. Some days I just have cereal and toast, others I have a full English. It’s all about moderation, and keeping an eye on the calories you consume compared to how active you are.
Weirdo C.
I feel like if it makes you feel sluggish and it makes you feel tried, then it is too much. Big breakfasts like pancakes and waffles can have a negative affect for the rest of the day. Something simple like eggs and toast can go a long way.
August P.
I suppose it depends on your goals, if you're looking to lose weight you might want to have a little bit less, if you're looking to gain weight maybe a little bit more, but for me I just try and do portion sizes to last me until lunch and keep me relatively full for a couple of hours.
Martha Y.
Most mornings my breakfast is a Huel shake (order online, subscription), mix in different things for flavor variation, how much caffeine I need, if I have the time to also make tea, do I have any ripe bananas now. It usually covers me pretty well until lunch.
Rita O.
The essentials are : a piece of fruit, bread, or cereals, etc, And yogurt, milk or tea. The biggest meal of the day, should be lunch, so, you don’t wannabe eat that muchões food. But steel depends on the hour. If you’re eating at 6:00 am, you should eat more than if you wake up at 10:00 am…
Renae F.
Try eating until you feel content. Not full but not hungry. If you're worried about getting hungry before lunch, prepare a small snack like nuts, fruit, or even a granola bar to help get you through. Portion out snacks the night before if you go into work so you can just grab and go.
Brian O.
This depends honestly on what your eating, for me just two slices of bread and an egg on top is enough for me to feel satiated. I think it is important to be mindful of what your eating, but also it’s just as important to feel full in the morning. Otherwise your just going to be hungry after a short while which defeats the purpose of breakfast. So eat healthy but eat enough to feel full but not bloated!
Elise E.
Well, I can't say how much is too much, because everyone's body is different. Some days I eat more and othes I eat less, it'll depend on how hungry I am. Just make sure you you eat enough to make you satisfied. 🙂
Isabelle C.
A heavy breakfast is more satisfying and make you energetic, keeps you full until lunch. I think eating too much for breakfast is better than eating too less.
Reza F.
I think you should not worry too much about the volume of breakfast, it is usually better to eat a lot of breakfast than to eat less.
Marius E.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so you shouldn’t be hungry after that. That’s why the amount of it can be different in different days
Erica O.
I just try to stay under 500 calories. I’ve noticed anything more then that makes me feel a little bit bloated and sluggish. It seemed ridiculous for a bit to me because I LOVE breakfast but drinking water and tea as well has made me realize that I really actually don’t even need to eat that much lol.
Shannon J.
There can never be to much of a breakfast. Eating a big breakfast is okay because your body is getting enough fuel and you’ll have energy. If you feel like your eating to much in the morning, switch up your breakfast choices!
Louanne P.
For me enough but not too much is when I stop eating with a feeling that I could still have a small treat like a candy or praline. This is when I drink more water. After around 20 minutes this urge to have one more sweet passes away.
Sam X.
Try to have one cups of fruit, any type of fruit, and have something with protein too, something like bacon (healthy kind), eggs, or a protein bar. Have grains in the form of cereal and try not to get the REALLY sugary kind. Have dairy as well, as in a glass of milk, and then lastly if you can, have a vegetable. You can add a vegetable by adding spinach (which doesn’t add much flavor) to a smoothie you make.
Stephanie P.
I don’t think you can exactly have too much for breakfast. This is because it’s the meal that energises you for the day and will keep you full for the first part of your day. As long as you have a good breakfast (fruits, breads, pastry’s, yoghurt, cereal, oats etc.) you have no reason to think back on how much you had. As long as it keeps you full and satisfied till lunch and it makes you happy that’s all that you need to worry about.
Austra N.
Mhhh.. I think as long you feel full and don’t overdo its fine. But big factor in this, is the weight and gender, and how much calories you can consume for a day.
Josephine Q.
Honestly it's up to you and what you think is best for you. Personally, i've been eating less because I'm on a diet. But I think eating breakfast sufficiently is the way to go👍
Ida W.
I think that a big breakfast can give you more energy for the day & as someone who is trying to gain weight I like to get most of my calories in in the morning! i do like to eat cold breakfasts though not a fan of big greasy breakfasts, but i think a bigger breakfast starts you off for the day
Ulrich U.
In that case it's anyone and their own body. To know how much do you need to eat you should just need to try and see what's right for you and what's wrong. Try to eat slowly and make breaks during the breakfast. In those breaks drink water, it will help you notice if you are still hungry or if you ate enough.
Melika R.
It's alright darling cause breakfast is one of the most importantpart things of theday;but I guess a bowl of it is the usual way.
Becca L.
I tend to eat way to much food in the morning for some reason but I just don’t understand why I do it but it have put a lot on my body as well as low energy I want to change and not be so very hungry all the time but to be full throughout the day
Rykyrnan U.
This is where Journaling is super important. Eat, then note how you feel 3-4 hours later. Energetic? You ate enough. Starving? Time to make different choices.
Kermit G.
I’m not sure, it depends for everyone but as long as you feel good, energized, and a bit full after, I say that’s a healthy amount. Maybe try juicing or smoothies accompanied with a bagel or toast and eggs. These types of drinks can make you feel a bit full faster so if you feel like you’re overeating then maybe it could help prevent binging.
Rachel E.
I think eating a lot in the morning and eating less lunch is better because whatever you eat in the morning will be burnt guaranteed. But if you eat too much at lunch it’s not guaranteed that you will burn it. Eating a lot at dinner is good as well. Because you are going to burn that in your sleep anyway!
Lily T.
Usually I don’t eat to much, just a bowl of cereals or an apple is enough for me, if you feel that you eat too much I think you should start by reducing bit by bit until you find a good balance between eating enough and not feeling very full after eating.
Alyssa W.
It depends on how much energy I need that day! Big day = big breakfast, but also – lazy days are good breakfast days.. honestly, I am the wrong person to ask questions about breakfast to – I would eat it for every meal if I could!

No such thing as too much breakfast for me.

Veronica A.
I'd say most days in the morning, I don't rlly eat way too much food. Its only like a small portion of food, sometimes it will be medium. So really it just depends.
Karoline O.
I feel like the only way to know is to eat slow or in 5 minute intervals. Your stomach takes about 20 minutes to register the fact you've eaten and stop poking your brain.
Bruce F.
Bro honestly i’d rather eat too much than too little, EATING A LOT IN THE MORNING MEANS THAT UR BODY CAN STAY ENERGISED FOR LONGER but i’m fr tryna be like u 🙂
Teodora T.
Too much breakfast may be when you feel it's too much or when it looks too much on the plate. But also, they say "have breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a homeless".
Josane Q.
It's an important meal to start out the day. I like to start with some fruit in my protein yougurt like strawberries, blueberries and raspberries with some granola and a little drizzle of chocolate sauce.
Then I have 2 boiled eggs on toast, to feel fuller and more set for the day. I find this makes me snack less and the little chocolate sauce is my naughtiness for the day.
C Lestin Q.
Don't eat until you are feeling that you are full. Just eat until you are not feeling hungry anymore. And eat light things like yogurt with cornflakes and fruits.
Alex C.
breakfast is the most important meal of the day, therefore, having enough breakfast would really kick start that productive day you're about to have. to be a productive person althroughout the day, we need energy.
Alice S.
I never feel like I eat too much for breakfast because I follow a diet made by a nutritionist. So I always feel full at the right point.
Varo Z.
In my opinion breakfast is never to much you eat until you feel ok you don't eat eat until your full because if you eat way to much you are gona be sick a good every day breakfast is a bal of cereal of some toast
Elsa Z.
I do not think that eating a lot for breakfast is bad, this should be the greatest meal of the day. To start a day of work or relax having your body fead and ready to start.
Jessy F.
In my opinion there’s no such thing as too much breakfast. Eat until you feel full! If you feel bloated and bogged down by what you eat then maybe rearrange your diet. It also depends on when you eat your meals, if you have a big breakfast at 8am but don’t have lunch until 2pm then you’ve definitely nourished yourself for the six hours you don’t get to eat. I’m personally a slow eater so I’ll have breakfast and eat it over an extended period of time. I prefer like five small meals over three big ones daily. It all depends on your needs and lifestyle!
Ritthy W.
It is important to eat enough in the morning, otherwise u get hungry faster by mid day. I monitor my quantities by monitoring my calories. Since breakfast is my main meal, it can take up to half my daily calories count but not more. Breakfast is supposed to fuel you for an active morning so make sure you don't eat until you feel heavy. Monitor your quantities and calories and stick to what suits you best.
Alice Z.
In my opinion, if you aren’t full, then you probably haven’t eaten enough. But, don’t eat so much that you don’t feel well. For me, a few pancakes and syrup is enough, but I don’t eat a lot. Eat what you feel is enough, if that helps.
Eden Y.
I don’t feel like I eat to much. I feel like I don’t eat enough because I am hungry by 3rd hour, but I always bring a snack and and good until lunch.
Dion Sia A.
There is no given portion that one should be sure of. Everyone has it differently. food is meant to give you energy and so it is important to eat enough. Don't look at how much others eat and most importantly don't compare yourself to them. Eat so that you feel good, neither hungry nor overeating. You can do it buddy
Ewen T.
There is no too much breakfast. You need to eat the amount of food you feel you should be eating. Of course you should be careful with what you eat, not eating too much of unhealthy food, but it’s up to you to decide what to eat and how much to eat of it.
Luciane A.
Try to eat slow and check in during the meal to see if you are full. When you are, do not eat more and save the food for later. If this is hard you can start by following a recipe for one person. Eat the prescribed amount and after breakfast see how you feel. By practicing, noticing and adjusting you will find the right amount.
Samuel U.
Thats just your stomach it wausnt with food a very long time thats because it was small but since you ate breakfast your tummy is big but still look at yourself and ask a question do i really eat that much then at lunch your gonna look do i eat to much then im not gonna eat to much
Fleur R.
I don’t think there is such thing as too much breakfast. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it gives you energy. If you are a lot of breakfast, try eating a little less lunch or dinner. But please eat enough.
Zemira O.
Me personally I don't eat breakfast I don't eat anything in the morning but I would say more than two plates/bowls of breakfast is too much
Ana S F.
The only time you have eaten too much is when you become uncomfortable from eating too much and may prevent productivity. Eat as much as you need to feel satisfied and comfortable
Meg N.
If you feel like you’re eating too much, I would recommend downloading a calorie tracker. It’s a good way to keep yourself accountable when you’re unsure of how much is too much.
Rebecca T.
I think as long as you’re eating what feels right for your body then there’s no need to worry. If you feel full, then I would stop eating to avoid feeling overly full.