When fasting, how do you answer the “eat a great breakfast” habit? I don’t want to not get my golden triangle and I am intentionally not eating food for the entire day.

Miranda O.
If you are not eating in the entire day, including morning, then there isn't really a way to still eat a great breakfast. But fasting is temporary, so maybe for the time you can replace the breakfast with something else that still feels like a good morning habit? Maybe even something related to the fast like spending some time in gratitude or something healthy like drinking water or doing breathing exercises. Something that is mental nourishment in the place of food based nourishment, so you still feel like you can cross the habit off!

Fanatical G.
Not really sure if I understand the question, but I'll try…

Well, for my opinion '' eat a great breakfast '' just means to eats something with lot of protein such as müsli with yoghurt or an egg. Great doesn't have to mean big but just rich, yanno?😅

I hope I helped 😀

Sueli Z.
Try substituting the habit with something else, change the habit for something else you do in the morning, and add it back on when you have finished fasting

Aroua S.
That is a good question. When I do fasting, I wake up at 4 am to have a great breakfast, and then try to stay without food for 16h.

Mireille T.
Hello, hope u r doing well 🙂 I think that you can press that you did the challenge, even though u r fasting. However, when it's time for you to eat at the end of the day, make sure you eat a healthy, full of energy meal. You can chose to eat something that is healthy, and will fuel you with all what your body need, to be able to continue your fasting the next day.

Tania N.
When I’m fasting I try to feed my mind with a good meditation and positive thoughts with a large cup of tea (with no sugar) for a breakfast. If it is difficult to do it, I write down what I’m feeling 🙂

Rico N.
We have to remember that having everything checked off every day is not the goal. There will be times you specifically won’t meet your normal goals as you are meeting another goal and though the goals do ultimately synergize, they aren’t always compatible. Depending on how you have set your golden triangle or what the specific content is, you might not always meet your golden triangle. That doesn’t mean you still haven’t had a super successful day. If fasting is your priority then you aren’t expected to eat a great breakfast, even if it misses a day on the triangle. It’s reflective of life. Choosing the best option even skipping other good ones because we’ve decided to do something different but still good for that day. Then when we complete that thing, fasting, you go back to eating a good breakfast. Hope that makes sense and good luck.

Jordan P.
There are times where I don't eat or because of work I sometimes eat whatever I find in the machine. Although I do love fruits and vegetables and anything really I need to organize myself

Milton P.
By "eat a great breakfast" you don't have to make yourself a sandwich or something like that. It could be a fruit like an apple or banana.

Emma Q.
When people say "eat a great breakfast" they mean exactly that, but not how you think. Break-fast, the first meal of your day, breaking your fast from the previous night. So your breakfast can be whenever, just as long as it's the first meal of your day! Your breakfast is the first thing your body absorbs in the day, and what your having will make a big difference, so you should still make sure to follow the usual health rules (like protein). Hope this helps 🙂

Karen T.
I would answer that question when you do break your fast – or if you know that you will be eating later, go ahead and mark done in the morning so you don't miss your golden triangle.