Do you make time for a full, big breakfast or prepare a quick, small breakfast?

Matthew Perry
I prepare a full size healthy breakfast earlier and consume it in chunks. Usually, I consume it over a period of 3-4hrs, at a gap of 30-45mins.

Melina Campos
Currently my breakfast is water and prayer. However, most of the time I prepare a big breakfast. I know that if I either eat a full breakfast with good fats and proteins, I eat much more mindfully the remainder of the day and frequently consume food more appropriate to my goals.

Serenity Nelson
It really depends when I have to get up for work. I will not have a big full breakfast at 3am, since I'm not hungry then and rather sleep 30 minutes longer. But I do make time in the evenings to prepare something nice for like 7 am or so. When I have time in the mornings I take it to have a nice meal and be good to myself after I worked out.

Diane Bell
Quick and small. On Sundays, I make either a dozen boiled eggs or a dozen mini flourless quiches to grab and eat on weekday mornings. Weekends are for more leisurely breakfasts.

Lise Fleury
I typically try to meal prep for the week/morning on Sunday or the night before. Sometimes that doesnt happen. This morning I'm having a bagel with peanut butter and honey and a banana! One thing I've found helps for breakfast is just always keeping fruit you like on hand. But typically I'm more of a small breakfast kind of person, with a healthy snack a few hours later.

Burkhardt Bartelt
I make my breakfast overnight. So I hard boil a few eggs for the week. I will make overnight oats in containers, or fruit parfaits and refrigerate everything for the morning time !

Judy Martinez
On weekdays, I have a protein shake ready to take in the morning so I can save time. My shakes will vary from greens to fruit to everything in between! On weekends, I take some time to make a more filling breakfast.

Ella Turner
It depends on the day. Done days I make time for a healthy full breakfast. Other days I have a healthy, but quick grab and go.

Lola Roy
If I had the time I'd prefer to have a big breakfast with plenty of protein, but I opt for a small, carb based breakfast because I'm always running late

Maélie Gerard
If I have time for it I usually have fun doing it some music and preper somes recipes but if my morning is buzy which is like always its more then simple. See, I usually do alot by night so I attent to take every sec I can get of sleep in the morning , then I don't have enough time in the morning I just make it simple fruits nuts my coffee cheese sandwich if I am being fancy hhh and I'm ready to go

Leslie Stevens
I normally go with a breakfast of 2 eggs with a coffee and slice of whole grain bread. This way I am full until lunch and not extremely over fed so I don’t fall asleep. I think everything takes less than 8 mins including eating. This also gives me a little breather in the fast pace morning.

Teresa Ross
Definitely depends on the amount of time to have that day, try and prepare a big Bhaskar if you have the time and you could also prepare for it the day before.

Ifigênia Fernandes
I eat a short, quick breakfast or of necessity. Getting kids me and my wife out there for takes a lot of activity and I just don't have time to sit for a long time. Sometimes I eat standing up while we get everything we need together. Not optimal but I am sticking to eating the right food.

Veronica Meyer
Small and quick
Figure what you like salty or sweet
Stick to basic safe foods eg eggs, slice of cheese, slice of bread
Add some variation if necessary

Semra Morgenstern
It depends on my plans for the day. Mostly it is a light breakfast, but if it is breakfast with the family it is a large breakfast.

Kornelia Schall
It depends really. On weekdays or basically on busy days, I don't want to stress myself out with a big breakfast. So a quick breakfast is the choice. But I make time for big breakfasts too. Cooking is quite therapeutic for me sometimes. So I take time to cook and then take time to enjoy the food too. Maybe in front of a good view if possible. I do this kind of breakfast on weekends when I am more free. We all need that leasurely meal time sometimes so I give time for it. But on busy days, I don't stress it out, as long as I have a quick but decent breakfast, I am good.

Darren Fox
When I can, I definitely try to make time for a filling and healthy breakfast. However if I don't have much time, even some cereal and a piece of fruit like a banana or apple is better than nothing!

Zélia Mendes
Quick and small. Usually just a protein shake or cereal that is high in protein and low in sugar. Save the big full breakfast for the weekends

Bobby Barrett
It all depends on the day of the week, what commitments I have and what the kids test me with in the morning! No matter what I will always sit at the kitchen table with my youngest whether it be for 5, 10 or 20 minutes.

Clarence Crawford
It's normally busy in the morning so a quick small breakfast works for me. On a lazy Saturday a big breakfast is possible. Bananas are a great option for a quick nutritious breakfast that you can take with you.

Milena Bauch
I try to put together a quick breakfast
I try to vary it and often it is leftovers
I also think about it the night before

Claudia Sims
It depends on how much time I have. I keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge that are ready for when I need a quick healthy breakfast and have yogurt at work. If there is time, I scramble eggs with pre-cut onions and prewashed spinach.

Karla Petersen
On my days off I turn on the stove to make an omelette with whatever produce is left in my fridge. On busier mornings I have some microwave oatmeal and pop in a few frozen blueberries. On days that I've overslept and am running out the door I grab a frozen homemade breakfast burrito to take to work. 🙂

Marleen Schipper
I live in a residence hall and have a meal plan so I don't have to prepare my meals. However I usually eat at the same time as I study or check my emails or do work, which takes up about three hours of my day.

Elio Marie
Usually a vegetable, yogurt, and fruit smoothie of some sort. When time allows, eggs and a meat.

Frederikke Nielsen
i typically plan and prepare an easy breakfast ahead of time so I can just reheat and eat. eggs baked in silicone cups with veggies, leftovers… quick and convenient is key for tired and busy mornings! I may add into the rotation fruit with nut butter by pre-slicing apples and bananas.

Shane Stevens
During the week I prepare something simple. Whole grain toast with avocado, seeet peppers, eggs or cottage cheese with fruit. On the weekend I make more elaborate breakfast!

Paul Hoffman
I eat two scrambled eggs for breakfast and bring a fruit with me to work. I don’t have the time or patience for a big breakfast in the mornings, but I want to eat something healthy and substantial!

Zenta Kleinhans
I make a real breakfast every morning, always with protein, eggs or cheese, if bread it is whole grain, and tea. Always under 400 calories, including vitamins. It only takes a few minutes to make, but I always sit down to eat.

Gueir Rocha
Life happens. Somedays you'll have more time to have an elaborate breakfast for yourself. Other days it might be a little bit quick. I think it's just important to have something nutritious and take the time to eat it. If timing your food is difficult maybe trying to meal prep every few days so that you have a great balanced meal ready to go more often.

Travis Wood
I prepare my breakfast before I go to bed it gives me time to listen to music or slow down before bed and lets me think about what I want. I prefer the same breakfast every morning though because I like routine so once you get down to what you like it’s easy to do before bed and then when you wake up it’s quick to prepare and you’re more likely to wake up.

Catherine Shaw
I prepare a quick and small breakfast. I was never one for eating breakfast so I find that a small one is helping me on my path rather than trying to force myself to eat a big one. So I normally have fruit or porridge in the morning. But I do have a snack at 10:00 to keep my energy levels up.

Jeremy Gordon
I always eat a big bowl of oatmeal with soy milk, peanut butter, ground flax seeds and a small banana which sums up to about 1000 calories.

Erol Kegel
I would love to have time for a big full breakfast but I don't. I satisfice with a store-bought breakfast shake in a box. (Up'n Go by Sanitarium.) Its not a deal but its better than nothing. 🙂