What do you do if you never have time to eat breakfast?

Holly U.
If you don't have a lot of time to eat breakfast, integrate it into your other daily habits. Eating a good breakfast in the morning is important for energy and a happy mood throughout the day. If you don't have time to sit down and make a whole breakfast, think about something the night before, or take a fruit or two to eat on your way to work or school.
Alfredo I.
II try to cut time for any other morning activity -for example, less chitchat in social networks- because breakfast should be a priority, such as taking a bath or dressing up to impress!
Gabriel Q.
If there is no time for breakfast I usually try to have something ready the night before or I buy something on my way to go.
Marta T.
If I don’t have time to eat breakfast I try to keep instant oatmeal on hand as well as fruit. That way I can quickly make something or take it to go easily.
Evelyn F.
Try breakfast on the go foods and drinks. You can get liquid cereal breakfasts fortified with vitamins and proteins at not too costly prices. Also maybe cereal bars, fruit etc to munch whilst travelling. Any handy foods would do, even just biscuits would give u some fuel to start your engine and get energised.
Peyton N.
Overnight oats is a suggestion to investigate.
You can enjoy the fun of creating your favorite combinations of fruits, nuts & seeds, spices (I adore cinnamon and vanilla) It will greet you in the morning and bring a smile to your heart.
Josefine Y.
Honestly what I do is, I get myself easy breakfast smoothies to drink. They’re easy to take on the go and very Delicious! If you don’t like smoothies, I would try prepping ahead or the night before with easy breakfast like a pop tart, hot pocket (breakfast kinds), an apple, banana, etc. anything you can take on the go 🙂
Ilda Q.
I am lucky in the sense that my job is flexible so I can generally make time for breakfast however if I have an early meeting breakfast can be a challenge. I will pack my breakfast the night before and it will generally be a cup of Cheerios, a banana and a couple hardboiled eggs. My coffee maker is set to go off every day at 6, so I always have that ready to go.
Tony Z.
I almost always eat a good breakfast (oats and fruit), if I dont have time for that, I'll grab a granola or fruit bar or eat some cheerios
Andre P.
I pack up some fruit and almonds if I can. Otherwise try to grab some on the way to work. But depends on the reason why I don't have time. I try to get stuff prepared the night before, like lunchboxes and other bits to claw some time back.
Pearl X.
Make breakfast the night before, I like hard or soft boiled eggs with fruit or veggies, and bring it with you. No matter how busy you are you should still have time to eat a hard boiled egg and some carrot, celery, or cucumber sticks or a banana.
Frederik Y.
Prepare something simple and delicious the night before; Have some simple staples ready to throw together and eat at work first thing when I get to the office
Ella O.
If the problem is having time to make a good breakfast I would suggest trying overnight oats or some other meal you can pre-prep like making breakfast burritos and freezing them. If the problem is truly having enough time to consume the breakfast I would recommend trying to make smoothies that you can drink on the go. Alternatively, if possible, you could simply wake up a bit earlier and section out some time to just relax and enjoy your meal.
Claude B.
Prepare the breakfast the night before and eat it between movements. Like cut up the apple the night before or put some nuts in your purse the night before
Gon Alo B.
Hard boil some eggs once a week. Keep them in the fridge and grab one in the morning. Quick and easy way to have breakfast.
Kenneth S.
I usually grab a protein bar or a fruit (a banana is good) and head off. You always need to eat breakfast, even if you don’t have much time. If you can’t eat while your walking to school or work, try eating at your workplace and if you can’t do that, try waking up a bit earlier so you can eat your breakfast.

Hope this helps,

Rosemarie Z.
Have a yoghurt and handful of raisin bran at work! Or some breakfast bars on the commute, or you can make a nice breakfast salad the night before or even scrambled eggs in the microwave with some smoked salmon is a less than 5 minute breakfast.
Filinto P.
If I’m in a big hurry, I just leave home with 2 boiled eggs 🥚 🥚 with me. I eat them during a way to work, or at the moment I’ve arrived to my work place.

The best if I additionally have a fruit or a sandwich, or some nuts.

Hope, it will help you

Joris T.
I’ll make breakfast the night before and put it front and center in the fridge if I know I’ll be short on time or if I want to sleep in. If it is a day where getting breakfast in the morning didn’t go as planned, I keep healthy snacks at work .
Thibaut O.
Eat bananas. No prep time, eat it as you're walking if you really have to. (Or make something you can easily carry the night before)
Christian G.
Always time to grab a granola bar. Get one with protein. Or, pre-make some breakfast to take to work. Oatmeal can be pre-made. Or hard-boiled eggs.
Jerome P.
I can't skip my breakfast. I'll take even for only 4 min to eat a banana or bun.

You should give time for yourself to start the day.

Mark C.
If you don't have time to grab breakfast you should grab a piece of fruit to take with yo or pack some almomds. You could even grab a protein bar. Some breakfast is better than no breakfast, just keep out the sugar.
Lola Y.
If you have nuts and dried fruit, or any other healthy snack, you can always have a handful on the go. Something is better than nothing. You can also try to figure out how to make a small breakfast the night before. Things like oatmeal or even protein bars would probably help.
Addison J.
I try to change my eating schedule around so that I still get enough food in me through just lunch and dinner. But it would probably be better to make sure to have some breakfast or easy snack always prepared, that I can just grab and eat on my way to work or as an early snack break.
Danielle E.
Eu irei colocar em prática uma rotina de início e planejamento do dia em que eu irei acordar mais cedo para poder tomar o café. Eu só deixarei de tomar café da manhã se estiver fazendo jejum intermitente.
Thorsten X.
If I do not have time to do my break fast I rather go for a fruits diet in the morning like an apple and a banana can fill your appetite, and if I do not have fruits at home then while on the way to my office I can find some stalls of bread n white butter with whey I go for it, it is my favourite.
Florence U.
Decide what you will eat the nice before and if you really don’t have time then focus on things you don’t have to prepare or cooking in the morning. I love having cereal or preparing overnight oats
Sarah J.
Easy answer is make time, have a go to bed habit in order to wake up earlier and refreshed. Also you can have food prepared so you do not need much time.
Walesca S.
I used to have a protein drink but more recently that has went to eating toast in work, this needs to go back to how I was.
Hans J U.
Good question! I went through a phase like this, but it stopped for one reason. It was not workable. Between the two approaches…. Not eating or eating, eating was more workable than not. That realization made all the difference in the world.

Now what? I had to reflect on why it was that I wasn't making time for my own breakfast, something fueled the rest of my morning! Why did I think it was negotiable?

Turns out that somewhere I believed it was expendable, that taking that away from me and giving somewhere else (usually to others or other seemingly pressing obligations). It was really eye-opening that in my OWN life I wasn't a priority!

It began to dawn on me that there was a link between my treatment of my own person as a less than priority made it easier for others to feel the same way about me which, in turn, further fueled the feeling that I needed someone to realize I was special and deserved to be a priority. This again meant that the solution was outside of me.

After I put these thoughts together, I thought…okay, I will get up even earlier. I quickly realized, however, that would more than likely end in failure because I already felt exhausted in the morning when I woke up.

What I decided to do was prepare the evening before! You can decide what you feel like having and lay out all the necessary items and preparations in advance! In fact, you can even do this while finishing cleaning up after dinner!

This worked! Good luck!

Leci C.
Prep for day ahead, try cold oats that soak in fruit and milk and activate digestive proteins. Takes 2 minutes to prep and all you have to do is grab it out of the fridge the next morning 🙂
Frida W.
There is no such thing as "no time". We all have 24 hours a day and our decision is what's going to happen. Wake up 15 minutes earlier, prepare the ingredients the evening before and get that food/energy into yourself.
Maricilda A.
Meal prep! Freeze Smoothie bags ( ingredients for your one serve smoothie) then blend and drink it on the way to work/ school!
Ben W.
Change the habit of having no time. It’s for the most important start of your day. It’s breakfast😀🍳🥚🥓🥯🥞🥦🥕🥒🥬☕️🥛🥣🚿🍏🍎🍐🍊🍋🍇🍉🍌🍒🍑🍆🍍🥥🍈🥝🍅🍆🥕🍞🥐🍠🥔🥨🧀🥖🤺🤸🏻‍♂️🤾🏻‍♀️🧘🏻‍♀️🏄🏽‍♂️🤹🏻‍♀️
Oleg Rio C.
I never skip breakfast.
Leave 100 works and eat breakfast. In the worst case, I drink milk and have some snacks in pocket
Jamile P.
I always keep on hand something that's easy to grab and go. Apples are great for this. Sometimes I'll make sure to prepare things the night before so that I can grab it and go and eat it in the car.
Mathilde Q.
I just drink water or I head to costa and grab something to eat or from my school canteen I buy an energy drink with a sandwich
Hugo P.
I always grab fruit or a granola bar / protien bar and eat it while driving to work. Something fast, healthy, and portable always does the trick.
Tib Rio T.
When I don't have time for breakfast all I do is eat an apple… I make sure that I have enough apples in my dorm room. In that way it helps me not feel hungry for a long time. Drinking water also helps a lot.
Rainer F.
To make my life easier on busy days/weeks, I will do meal prep ahead of time. Overnight oats take 10 minutes to throw together the night before or a dozen muffins on the weekend will last me all week in the freezer. Bonus with muffins is that they're easy to eat in the car or on transit.
Rodney F.
Get up 15 minutes earlier..you will enjoy your mornings more if you make time for breakfast..keep it simple and Make or plan breakfasts for the week so you can be sure to eat..
Enno C.
I would try to at least eat something small such as an apple or any kind of fruit and take it on the go. Or, I would eat a granola bar and drink some water.
Tristan W.
Eat on your way to work..you can eat on the train, or bus, or while you are reading or typing.. Just prepared your meal the night before..
Denise U.
You can have milk and fruit. They're readily available. Or if you can take out 5 minutes you can prepare a smoothie with fruits, milk, seeds, dry fruits, yoghurt or anything else you'd like to eat.
Alternatively you can prepare something the previous night, heat it up in the morning and eat it on the go
Marie C.
They sell bags of dried fruit and nuts in the supermarket. Take one of those with you – they’re resealable, a great breakfast, and a good snack
Dana T.
I struggle with not having time for breakfast too because I have college and a lot of hw, so I sleep around 1 am or sometimes 2 and then I don’t have the energy to wake up early for breakfast however I always tell myself and force myself to get up even when I am lacking sleep and tbh it feels so much better, however if you don’t want to wake up early then just get a banana on your way out or a green apple or some nuts, your breakfast doesn’t have to be big, it can just be as simple as some fruits.
Donna G.
Try to pre-plan a small breakfast at night like setting out a piece of fruit for the morning or pre-make a shake at night to grab and go in the morning. Quick to eat and quick to prepare!
Andre S.
I make quiche (with 8 eggs) and use it for breakfast for the next 4+ days. I make a quick pretzel bun sandwich with just salami and fresh mozzarella (sometimes turkey too). I eat a Greek yogurt and an apple (typically on my way to work).
Edna F.
I just keep a bag of dried fruit and nuts around. I know it isn't perfect, but it gets me consistently eating protein in the morning as I run out the door.
Valdin Lia C.
I will take a spoonful of honey and wash down with water. It will sustain me for a while and keep me from feeling faint from Low sugar in the morning.
Tristan A.
I make it ahead and take it with me to work. That way once I’m in a position where I have time (even if I’m still busy), I can eat at my convenience. Depending on how much travel or how physical your restrictions on breakfast are that may not be an option, but if that’s the case it maybe about considering what to eat for breakfast rather than when you can eat it, since grab and go options can be eaten on the go
Oscar W.
I always try my best to not skip breakfast, so usually if I don’t have time to prepare a good breakfast or something I’ll grab like a banana, or like a quick snack to eat on my way!!
Naja W.
Prepare smoothie the night before or go for breakfast biscuits. But the only reason I feel rushed in the morning is because I stay in bed for a long time. When I go to bed early I can get up earlier and give myself time in the morning
Veridiana E.
I have a 2 hour commute every morning and the only way I have found to make breakfast possible is to meal prep on sundays. Making something easy like a smoothie with everything already cut up and ready to go in the fridge in individual bags so you can dump it in the blender and go. Especially helpful if the container you blend it in can serve as your container. 2 mins and no clean up.
Debbie Z.
Eventually I wake up at 4.30 to do a pray after that I sleep again. Wake up then take a bath to go to work. I have a lunch prepared by the office.
Wayne Y.
That is a common problem. I use breakfast bars to get something in my stomach on those days when I don’t have time for a real breakfast. I order them in volume from Amazon. Otherwise it’s oatmeal, yogurt, and/or boiled eggs from the coffee shop at work.
Raymond U.
It should never be never time to eat breakfast. We have to make time . Adjust ! If I don't have enough time to sit down and eat I should consider breakfasts less time consuming like a smoothie or a parfait. Pre made healthy breakfast that t require too much thought or too much time to consume
Dragan Y.
I've bought a big bag of mixed nuts so I have no excuse for not eating breakfast. In case I don't have time I grab a handful of them. I can immediately feel the effect.
Flora Q.
Usually im not taking breakfast because i was getting up late and have no time to prepare or sit for breakfast. I need to go to class directly. But i will try my best to find food during journey to class and eat. I ussually take breakfast however note a healthy breakfast
Mikkel E.
Frozen fruit smoothie with added protein or other supplement powders . Takes 90 seconds to make and carry it in a tall travel mug as you would a coffee. Plus a handful (or small container) of nuts. Easy.
Carmim N.
If I don’t have time to have breakfast in the morning (for example because I have to go to work early), I’ll pack a breakfast the previous night. I can either eat it on the way there or during a break
Sander C.
I quickly put porridge in a Tupperware box and take it to work with me. I have honey and milk at work so it might be worth just getting a few supplies at work too, just incase
Ruby Z.
Usually have time honestly, but in rare circumstances I opt for grabbing a muesli bar, and anything thats is in a conveniently sized packaged format.
Amy J.
We have time it's just that we sometimes don't know how to make time for breakfast. I usually eat my breakfast in the car and if I couldn't, I eat it at work.
Isaltino N.
Get up earlier. Eat on the go. Not having time for breakfast makes no sense: if I can’t find 15 mins a day to eat, something in my life is fundamentally, critically wrong and needs to change immediately.
Madlen A.
Prepare breakfast in advance! You only need 10-15 minutes in the morning to have the breakfast… if not, have some fruits prepared, have them on the go. If that doesn't work, have a stock of dried fruit bars (make sure those are made up of fruit, and not sugar!), and have those. I'm a believer that you don't have to eat eggs every morning to have a great breakfast. Good luck!
Josefa Y.
I try to at least grab a breakfast bar and coffee, otherwise I try to eat something light as soon as possible before 11am.