My go-to healthy breakfast is scrambled eggs with some quinoa, meat, and veggies. Do you have a better one?

Sophie Z.
I love avocado toast! Whole grain toast with ghee, smashed avocado with (hear me out) steak seasoning, cilantro, and sesame seeds mixed in. Use the spread liberally on the toast and top it with an egg! Such a great start to my day 🤌🏻✨
Noemi T.
No, non so mai cosa mangiare la mattina o in generale durante il giorno, e mangio sempre schifezze (biscotti…) anche dopo i pasti
Jennifer Y.
I do overnight oats. I soak plain oatmeal overnight, usually with some cinnamon and cacao powder (no sugar!) Next day when it’s time to eat I stir in some pea protein powder (it has very little flavour on its own, so good to add to stuff), peanut butter, sometimes sweet potato, and frozen fruits. My favourite is frozen mango, but I also enjoy blueberries, strawberries and bananas. If it’s cold, microwave to eat it hot, if it’s hot, I eat it cold. Sometimes I’ll add cacao nibs on top for crunchy goodness. I’ve been eating the same breakfast for years now and I don’t get bored because I can always switch up the toppings. Making it the night before and always making the same thing also cuts down on the amount of decision making first thing in the morning.