How do you like your eggs?

Friedhilde E.
I love eggs so will eat them in all different ways! Scrambled and hard boiled are definitely top 2. Hard boiled eggs are great for my grab and go breakfast.
Sofia X.
Boiled. I can boil eggs on the weekend to have it ready to eat on the weekday or I can easily buy boiled eggs in the store.
Scott T.
I love them as nutrition and cost goes, but I don't eat them alone. I'll often add some cheese and maybe a meat such as ham.
Leeloo W.
Really all of them. Sunny side is the fastest way to go in the mornings though… But you can vary the seasoning from just salt and pepper to paprika or chili or mustard… Anything taste great !
Parham G.
Eggs are beautiful in shape, the elliptical and round.
When it's shell got cracked, a white soft elastic body will appear and after a bite the gorgeous and delicious sun will show itself.😍
Alessio Q.
I like my eggs. I am eating them hard boiled now because its faster and easier, instead of my traditional way of preparing them which would ne scrambled or over hard with cheese. I leave those treats for the weekends. I want to find more healthy breakfast ideas to keep me energized throughout the day.
Rafael C.
I love my eggs fried over medium with a sprinkle of smoked paprika over the top and a piece of whole grain or sourdough toast to mop up the mess
Edgar Y.
Scrambled, always, I prefer the yolk and white to be mixed and I love the light texture. Low heat and bringing off the heat before they are fully cooked is the key for getting the right texture, for me anyway
R Bia F.
Sunny side up on most days. I enjoy the yolk soaking into some bread. Scrambled with some veggies and ham is great for a Sunday morning with the family.
Selma F.
Scrambled with cheese with a little bit of milk so their fluffy. Salt and pepper. They also taste good with green onions in them
Blokhead101 N.
Scrambled with a pinch of salt and black pepper or an omlete with mushrooms,chicken,Ceyenne pepper, salt, Black pepper,sautee onions and cheese cooked with cocoanut oil πŸ™‚
Tracy Z.
I like them boiled when I make them at home. They're easy to make, you can get other things done while they cook, and they're quick to eat.
Arnold Z.
Love my eggs. Haha. Eggs turned out to be much tastier than sweet porridge I used to have and I'm not hungry for a few hours.
Abigail T.
I like my eggs over easy but not TOO easy. Just like my ex used to make. But he made them so well I always asked him to make them so now I don’t know how to make eggs πŸ˜‚
Namahana F.
Easy over with extra crispy whites. In order to get the whites just perfect you have to get the oil almost screaming hot then while the egg is cooking I kinda baste the top part of the whites in the hot oil. I hate having any part of the whites in that slimy consistency.
Am Lie Q.
If having with toast, I like them fried, over medium. If not, I prefer scrambled with some melted cheddar cheese on top.
Jeff P.
I prefer scrambled or over easy. If scrambled, I like to throw in leftover veggies or meats and some cheese. It's a great way to clear the fridge!