What are your simplest breakfast?

Vanessa O.
I like to have hard boiled eggs and some fruit in the morning. Hard boiled eggs are easy to make and easy to eat. I like that i can do other things while they are cooking.
Marie B.
Breakfast 1: Muesli Mix
Fruit & Muesli mixed with
Natural Yoghurt
Chia Seeds
Dash of sugar

Breakfast 2: Smoothie
1 + 1/2 Banana
1 + 1/2 cups of Almond Milk
1 teaspoon chia seeds
1 teaspoon Macca powder
1 scoop vanilla protein
1/4 cup Oats
1 Tablespoon Dessicated coconut
1 teaspoon honey
Handful of Ice

Rachel J.
The real simple ones are just some fruit. I like Fuji apples. But it’s surprisingly quick to make a bacon egg and cheese sandwich.
Alberte B.
An open faced breakfast sandwich. A slice of toast with ham or turkey slices, avocado, and 2 sunny side up eggs. Oatmeal is also really simple and easy to dress up.
Jen J.
Lately I have been eating a banana and peanut butter. It keeps me full and it’s a good alternative to fast food as I was used to. It makes me feel good. I have also done nuts/berries.
( like trail mix) I also have coffee 🙂
Raimunda A.
Breakfast burritos, it has eggs for protein and green Chile for veggies. It's quick and easy. I also do egg whites and fruit with peanut butter.
Felix P.
My simplest breakfast is a protein shake! I use plant based protein powder, cashew and almond protein Silk, peanut butter powder, and throw in a serving of leafy greens like kale or spinach and some ice. It’s got like 40g of protein, and fills me up just like a solid breakfast. Takes less then five minutes!
Andrea S.
Yogurt bowl:
Plant yogurt
Nut butter
Granola (sometimes)
Protein powder (sometimes)
Coconut chunks (sometimes)

Bell pepper
Herbs and spices

Plant milk
Spinach (sometimes)

Jimmie U.
Hummus in single packets on the go with crackers and a banana or hard boiled egg and 5 pieces of cheese all ready cuded… in and paper towel and out the door… nothing but trash….
Rachel E.
Mashed avocado and a slice of tomato with toast. This is most delicious with salt and pepper.

Smoothies are also simple, just a little less so than the toast.
Green: handful of frozen mango, hefty pinch of spinach, teaspoon of spirulina, 1/4 avocado, and a cup or two of apple juice depending on how thick you want it.

PB and Chocolate:
Frozen banana, spoonful of peanut or almond butter, tablespoon of raw cacao, half a teaspoon of ground vanilla, and a cup or two of almond milk depending on how thick you want it.

Orestes E.
I guess I don't really have a small or simple breakfast. Having breakfast is the end and culmination of my morning routine, I take my time and usually listen to podcasts during. My job allows me to do that – I'm a writer so listening to podcasts doubles as work. I make a high protein breakfast with slow sugar and good fat. My go to these days is eggs, salmon, and avocados with coffee.
Oscar C.
When I wake up with not a lot of time for work I might skip breakfast at home, this is why I have a box of Cheerios at work with milk in the work fridge, I also keep some plastic bowls and spoons
Shannon E.
I kind of do the same thing most days so I don’t have to think about it. I put a couple eggs on to boil while I do my stretches and PT (watching Colbert from the night before!). Then I slice up half an avocado and some cherry tomatoes. I put some olive oil on the egg yolks and enjoy. Berries and tea finish it off.

Might not sound simple but it really is and gives me a great start to the day! I hope you find a breakfast that works for you. If this appeals, try it for 2-3 days and see what you think!!

Denise S.
Some instant oatmeal with peanut butter and chia seeds added in – the peanut butter and chia seeds add some nutrients so it's not just sugar.
Catherine W.
Generally I have oats and coffee when I'm in a rush, plus I try to eat either a banana or an apple. But it's true… Day before preparation is KEY!
Faith Z.
My simplest breakfast is milk or yogurt with oatmeal and some honey,nuts of fruit. The oatmeal let me get easily till lunch.
Mary Y.
I buy rolled oats in bulk to make oatmeal and sweeten it with honey and cinnamon. All I have to do is microwave hot water.
Soline I.
Glass of water, cup of coffee, and half a pita bread with omlete and labane cheese. Try to get a tomatoe on the side too or some olives.
Charles Y.
Cereal with fruits – its quick and easy for those in a rush in the morning. The biggest plus is that they're made nutritious.
Sandra Y.
My daily breakfast is very simple. 1 can chilled sliced peaches (drained) and 1/4 cup slivered almonds. Delicious, light, refreshing.
Cassandre E.
If I'm in a hurry it's bread and cheese or boiled egg. If I have time for breakfast i eat fried eggs with pepper, cheese and drink 2-3 cup of tea
Victoria P.
My simplest breakfast is wheatbix and coconut milk. I have been slightly lactose intolerant my entire life and have found a strange liking to almond milk and coconut milk. As a child the choices for milk substitutes were not as redaly available or varied as they are today. I was stuck with soy for a very long time. The other choices make my breakfasts less boring.
Elaine Q.
I keep a stash of protein bars, bananas, and Greek Yogurt. I wouldn't call it the greatest breakfast but I'll eat 2 of those 3 things when I am on the run (or eat all 3 if hungry).
Lila O.
I usually take whole wheat toasted bread spread peanut butter on the bread add cut bananas and put a little bit of Nutella on it. Sometimes if I have time I make a little tea too
Djalma Q.
My most common quick breakfast is a piece of fruit, usually an apple or a pear and a chunk of cheese. Boiled eggs are great to grab and go anytime and I keep a bag of nuts or pumpkin seeds in my car. Not a morning person really, so my goal is to put something decently healthy in my body to get me through until I am really awake.
Alan M.
Jam sandwiches made the night before and stored in the fridge, just pull them out in the AM before taking a shower (so they get to room temperature)
Loivaci Q.
Thanks for asking! I finally get to share these amazing effortless breakfast ideas with you all:

1. 2 minutes cake in a cup
-1 banana
-1 egg
-6 tbsp oatmeal

Take a cup or bowl and mash a banana well, then mix the egg and later mix in the oatmeal. Put in the microwave for 2 minutes and 800 wattage. Depending on the banana size and type of cup/bowl you might have to add some extra seconds.


2. Brinta
Add some fruit, nuts or vanilla to your liking

3. Quark with fruit and oats
Loads of protein, also try roasting a batch of nuts sometime to have it ready for your morning breakfast.

Time for tips!
1. Prepare a big jug of tea the night before to warm you up in the morning
2. Prepare coffee the night before and put it in your thermos ready to take with you or put it i the fridge so you dont have to deal with that awfull noise in the morning.

3.make sure to always have fruit at home to add to your breakfast if its not enough.

I hope this is usefull to you! Enjoy!

Byron J.
If I'm in a hurry I grab a protein bar. If I have as few minutes to sit down, I reheat some of the soup I cook every couple of days.