What do you normally eat for a light breakfast?

Felix P.
Protein helps me function better, so usually a hard boiled egg will do the trick. Or a piece of fruit with some peanut butter
Justin U.
Chocolate Health drink, oats, banana and bread, green tea, Cornflakes, ChoCo, egg porch, egg half boil, egg roll, boil dal, dal and muri.
Milie E.
For breakfast, when i’m not very hungry, i’l usually eat a banana or apple with peanut butter. Also sometimes, i’l just cut some fruits with cheese.
Gabriele C.
Mixed nuts, granola, bananas, mangoes, kiwis! Or even berries! They're such great fruits to snack on and it takes less than a second to prepare them!
Δώρα Γαζή N.
I have mamy option.
1 glass milk with 3 tbs oats or 1 yogurt with with 3 tbs granola or 1 boiled egg with 1 slice bread or 2 toasts with honey and tahini or 2 toasts with no sugan marmalade.
Zane C.
Usually it's milk and a banana. I don't have much of an idea on what I should eat at the beginning of the day so that's why breakfast isn't my best meal.
Leslie P.
I usually have some latte with coffee to make me feel awake. To eat I have a light bread (small portion). A fruit is part of it, too.
Alex S.
I always have porridge in the morning (soaked overnight if the weather is hot) with chia and linseed and whatever seasonal fruits I can get for the week… Sprinkling a bit of goji berries and almond flakes if I remember. Every now again on the weekends I'll have eggs/ grilled cheese toastie 😉
Bruce J.
Rice with poach when mom makes it
When i am really hingry and there is less time then instant noodle
When i have yime and not so hingry then sandwich, provided i have all the ingredients
Maisie N.
Every morning I have porridge with a fuel protein shake. I could easily go without breakfast but that is easy to eat, I look forward to it because it’s quite sweet and it gives me energy for the day and fills me up until lunch.
Katie A.
Chia pudding is a new favorite. Mash half avocado and hard boiled egg together, spread on a piece of sprouted bread, sprinkle with hemp seeds and sea salt/pepper.
Irma F.
Coffee with some type of pastry, and fruit and yogurt or smoothie/and or juiced fruit-veggie combo. Or just eggs sunny side up and coffee.
Naja W.
It's either oats, or granolas, or full wheat bread. I usually cook oats with skimmed milk, then put bananas and strawberries in. If I am in the mood for something sweeter, I put in one teaspoon of honey.
Myriam J.
As I wake up, I will drink a big glass of water. I then choose fruit of the season which I will mix with muesli and a yogurt. That keeps me.going for the entire morning and during that time I continue to drink water regularly. Hope this helps 🙂
Lauren G.
I have a fruit smoothie and a croissant. I prepare the smoothie the day before if it's on the go. Croissant picked up and go. For a light breakfast with time try a poached egg on a slice of toast, paprika to flavour.
Karl Dieter W.
Protein shakes are my favorite, definitely if you do breakfast shakes though you need to be careful most of the time they're loaded with sugar and not nearly as healthy as they have you think, getting the ones from the pharmacy section not the breakfast isle is the best way to start Plus you can customize them. If I'm feeling like I need something with a little more weight to it I usually grab some dry cereal, fruit, protine bar (also from the pharmacy section) to take with me since my mornings are usually crazy. If I have a morning where I actually have a chance to rest, few and far between as they are I definitely like the small packets of oatmeal they're quick to make healthy and you can have them hot or cold or a parfait