Do you vary your breakfast? How often?

Ayesha G.
No, I usually only eat a fried egg with 2 slices of bread and a cup of tea. I sometimes add some fruits too like bananas, sapotas, dates apples and oranges.

Ang Lique N.
Yes, on weekdays when I go to work, I have breakfast with cottage cheese, oat flakes, broken lime seed and some nuts which I vary. fresh fruits (mostly blueberries, grapes, raspberries and strawberries). The more different colours, the better. On the other days I eat bread from a very good bakery or I make a smoothie with fruits and vegetables. I tend to eat intuitively on the days where I do not have to work.

Ishita X.
Being in the college with a strict schedule, we only have ½ hr for the breakfast. In the canteen I only like poha. There's no variation in my breakfast during college. However, at home we eat quite varied meals. Paratha, Koki, Puri Bhaji, Dal Pakwan, Shera, Chillo, Pattar, and many more

Evelyn Q.
I don’t usually, We don’t have much in the house that I like. Most of the time I have cereal/weetbix or if we have crumpets then I have that.