What is the most healthy and quick breakfast?

Katy E.
Eggs or yogurt, because they give you enough protein to last the day and refuel you in a steady amount. They don’t let you have an energy crash after you eat it, you will be happy all day.

Abbie J.
Oatmeal. There are precooked oatmeal in the supermarket. I put three spoons of pre cooked oatmeal with some nuts and dried fruits. I pour just boiled water on it, by the time I finished showering and changed, I’m already out the door with my oatmeal ready to eat. Enjoy!

Branca F.
I’ve found women super easy recipe an on pinterest for egg bites. Basically out whatever you want together with eggs and bake in cupcake pan. I like eggs, cheese, spinach, bell peppers..etc. 🙂

Leslie A.
The hard truth is figuring out your own needs for nutrients. My perfect breakfast is three eggs scrambled with two pieces of bacon a sprinkle of cheese on top. Twice a week I add a slice of toast since my diet calls for reduced carbs.

Armindo Z.
I study nutrition and for my current experience I eat oats, bitter cocoa, almonds, walnuts. I sweeten it with a little honey or maple syrup and add water or milk to mix. I am a person who walks for most of the day and trains very intensely (calisthenics and break dance), I assure you that a breakfast like this gives you all the nutrients you need and keeps you full for the first part of the day, word of dietitian!

Hartwig Z.
Boiled egg with a banana or avocados. I like this when I am on the go and heading to big day and I want to stay light and healthy.

I always like oat meal with yogurt nuts and fruits.

The secret is to eat as soon as u wake up before getting caught in starting the day.

Krista C.
We bought a VitaMix & just have some greens, an apple, a banana, a cucumber, chia seeds, peppitas, frozen mixed berries with Muscle Milk & blend. My husband and I split it. Yummy, quick and so good for you!

Roberto C.
I prefer two scrambled eggs and three strips of bacon, however a great go to is a Kachava Chocolate Shake. It has so much goodness in it.

Anthony I.
The easiest breakfast I make is the one I make the night before, overnight oats.

1/2 cup rolled oats
1 banana cut into slices
Cinnamon to tastee

Judy S.
Either an egg on whole grain toast, or oatmeal with nut butter. Oatmeal takes a little longer, but it's more filling and doesn't contain gluten, if that's an issue.

Freddie U.
I think eating boiled eggs can be consider as healthy and quick one. Other than that having fruits in the morning before and after workout is good. Stay away from stuffs like pancakes, sweets etc.

Bertram N.
A great option is whole wheat bread (toast) with peanut butter and a banana or an apple. I’m a high school student and I find it lasts until lunch

Sophia I.
I usually go for semolina porridge made with oat milk in stead of cows milk. It s light, full of protein and very nice with fresh (forest) fruits. I take it without sugar though, that makes it healthier and the fruits make up double for the taste!

Vincent A.
Ett kokt ägg. Två knäckebröd med skinka. Kaffe med mjölk. Kvarg + yoghurt, ev med hallon.

Eller havregrynsgröt med honung. Ett kokt ägg eller ett knäckebröd med skinka och kaffe med mjölk.

Joann F.
A plain baked sweet potato. Just pop it in the microwave for up to 6 minutes… but of course you need balance, that could be the healthy quick entrees so add things that require zero effort – like yogurt, a banana, maybe dark chocolate.

Christina B.
When I am in a hurry I grab a hard-boiled egg (I make a batch every few days so they are always on hand), fruit, maybe yogurt, or maybe a healthy whole grain breakfast bar. If I need extra Nutrtion I will also have an Ensure (nutritional supplement).

Jessika Q.
Green tea with fresh ginger juice and a small amount of honey;2 protein pancakes with a small amount of peanut butter and slices of banana.

Maximiliano G.
Mix some yogurt/ soy yogurt with banana or other fruits you have, nuts, seeds, honey and oat. Delicious and super fast and super healthy. You have all the vitamins to start the day and the nuts will full you until noon. Also honey is a super healthy ingredient. Also you can mix different ingredients you have around home, but try to have a bit of everything (proteins, vitamins, carbohydrates, fruits sugar).
Another super fast one that i like, but it doesn’t last that long it’s a sliced avocado with cheese on top(pepper, salt, olive oil, lemon juice) and a boiled egg, a banana and a cup of tea.
The super extra ultra fast!!
2 bananas, a bug of nuts and I take a tea in a thermos and drink it on my way. After you drink water in the morning, if you drink something hot will calm your stomach and you will not feel that hungry. Also: nuts will full you and the bananas will put your brain to work.
I also recommend kiwi if you have immunity system problems.
Good luck!

Leah E.
A healthy green smoothie. Spinach, kale, celery, berries, banana, plant-based protein powder and coconut milk. Make enough for two in your vitamix or blender and you will have a healthy energizing snack for the afternoon.

Terra F.
Something with whole wheat and only a wisp of sugars. The complex carbohydrates in the whole wheat will sustain you through to lunch while the wee bit of simple sugars will be a quick boost of short-term energy. I go for cereal that has a high whole wheat content or homemade muesli and save the coffee until I’ve started at work.

Esmeraldo E.
Try to make it simple: fried or boiled eggs, full grain bread and some veggies (you can try with a salad consisting of tomato, cucumber, salads, olives and a slight dressing made of olive oil, mustard, salt, pepper and a teaspoon of lemon juice).

Jared P.
For me, I like bran cereal, with Cheerios and special K. I like a cup of yogurt, with a little fruit…Usually back BlackBerries or blueberries. But I’m OK with whatever I have in the frig. For me, I try and do the same thing over and over again. I don’t have to think about it. It’s just part of my morning routine.

Sebastian O.
Eggs! I love them boild, it takes time but it tasts best. Add some fresh veggys like red watery tomatos, celery or parsley and that's it!

Kasper F.
Something with protein and healthy carbs and nutrients. Eggs, oats, yogurt, fruit, and milk are all good options. I really enjoy eggs and overnight oats.

Kazim T.
I like to hard-boil eggs on Sunday, then grab and go during the week. Pair that with an 🍎, banana, and some almonds and you have the strength and focus to get through any morning.

Barb X.
My go-to is egg whites with feta and a high fiber tortilla. Egg whites cook quickly, and are high in protein. Feta gives you fat and protein, priming your mind and body. High fiber tortilla helps sustain me and keeps me full.

Hugo S.
Overnight oats topped with fruit and Ceylon cinnamon is a good choice, or a salad topped with chicken or salmon and dressed with olive oil and the juice of a lemon.

Johnny U.
Something that you enjoy, fills you with energy and sets you up for the day.
A glass of water is a must. Try to include some fruit, whether that be an apple or banana on-the -go or a glass of fresh fruit juice.

Storm U.
Fruit. A banana and apple, for example, can be picked up and taken on the go. If you have more time, try porridge, or eggs on toast with avocado.

Nicolas O.
Eggs. I particularily enjoy porridge a tbsp of peanut butter, about 2 tbsp of brown sugar and about half a cup of frozen mixed berries