What do you do when you don’t have an appitite for breakfast?

Katerina M.
I do not skip breakfast. Even if you wake up late in the morning you should have something small like a bread toast or oatmeal. Maybe not altogether if that's too much for you but definetely start by eating something to reduce your appetite
William I.
I keep fasting a longer until I feel hungry or eat something small such as a banana and take whole grain biscuits with me
Joanne O.
I always eat breakfast…. in the winter it’s normally porridge…
If I’m in a rush I’ll make tea in a travel cup and wheaten toast with peanut butter and Banana
Eaten in my car on the way to work ( messy car) at the moment at home I can have the time to make eggs
Asta J.
well, I just go on youtube and watch mouthwatering recipes and soon enough my hunger comes back. At times this doesnt work so i start with a small piece of breakfast (maybe a granola bar) and i try make myself eat the breakfasts i enjoy
Joyce N.
Have a good gulp of water, it will set your metabolism going and will make you hungry. But start small, get your body used to eating early – an odd piece of fruit, a few nuts etc.
Mohak F.
I always make sure to eat something or atleast drink something light so that eating at the same time turns into a habit and my body feels hungry at the same time daily. On some days i enjoy a cheat day also but make sure to not repeat it 2 days in a row. Eat or drink something light. Eating a little more than appetite doesn't make you sick.
Luis S.
I usually skip it because that’s the easy way out. But then I feel week and I regret my decision. So I try to at least eat something small like an apple so I have a bit of energy.
Timeo B.
Drink coffee and wait until I am hungry. Though, I usually have breakfast as I make myself do it. I understand its importance.
Naj C.
I work shift work and at 4 in the morning I hardly ever have an appetite for breakfast. I drink water in the morning and when I feel hungry, I will eat breakfast. It’s just later in the morning.
Umar N.
I usually eat breakfast weather I am hungry or not. Because of its importance in initiating metabolism and with a proper breakfast maintain an optimum productivity level with high energy through out the morning till evening. If I dont have an appetite I have a small breakfast, if I do I go for something like an English breakfast. For me it's even more important since I workout 6days a week with a days worth of rest.
Andrey X.
I always have an appetite for breakfast, but I don't always eat the best breakfast for me. I feel like breakfast is one of the most important meals of the day the 2nd being lunch to get you through the rest of the name, so I take it pretty seriously. Sometimes too seriously come as my husband would tell you you
Savannah U.
I wake up around 10a and drink a cup of coffee. I do not get hungry until around 2p everyday. I just check off that I ate a great breakfast after eating my first meal of the day.
Scarlett J.
Breakgast is just the first meal of your day. It can be at 7am or at 12am. I recomend doing breakfast 2 hours after you wake if you are not hungry right away.
Rich T.
I can't honestly say I've never had a morning where I don't have a breakfast appetite but something that may help is just getting a light breakfast and a hefty — and healthy — lunch. I'm sorry if that didn't help but I hope it did. Have a wonderful day! <3
Rasmus Z.
I actually almost always have a big appetite in the mornings. But when i don't have an appetite, i'll just not have breakfast right away, i'll wait for a while and then i'll prepare something, preferrably colourful. Because just the act of taking time out to make myself something delicious, gets me a lot more excited. But otherwise i'd just wait a little to have breakfast
Sindy B.
If you dont have an appetite for it, it’s likely because your body is not used to eating in the morning at that time. If you wait a while you will feel your body telling you when it wants breakfast. You could force the time to be earlier or later depending on what time you ate breakfast last. If you do this consistently you will build a regular appetite for breakfast!
Cl Mentine O.
I eat something light, such as yoghurt and drink plenty of water. I prepare a snack just in case (dates, almond, cereal bar…)
Kwiitchiin N.
If a loss is appetite is the case, I will double up with hydration. Half and half water and apple juice not from concentrate is very refreshing and enjoyable
Laura W.
I now have a baby so my mornings have changed and now I never skip breakfast, because I always want one! But when I remember my work days, I was the person that usually skipped breakfast – didn't want to eat early while still at home and then at work I would just wait for lunch. Looking back, now I would turn to nuts, they are my new discovery, as I just recently started to like them. They don't seem like a meal to me, but would do the job of giving me much needed energy
Victoria I.
Eat something plain and small, like toast or make a snack I can eat while I do other things, like nuts or a granola bar.
Chris W.
I have literally never had this problem. I have eaten breakfast every single day for as long as I can remember.

If I weren’t hungry at breakfast, I would assume I was sick and start checking for symptoms.

Rania V.
I sit and play with my phone for an hour and then automatically I will be hungry .. sometimes I force myself into working and workout or any physical movement so that my body will need the breakfast .. and again sometimes I just don’t have breakfast it’s ok sometimes it’s better not to force it.
Yolanda J.
I dont have breakfast when Im not hungry because sometimes I like to do intermittent fasting and I like to challenge myself of non eating.
Alba B.
I tend to leave my breakfast prepared before bed so that I don't have to think about it in the morning and can just eat it even with a low appetite. Of course if I really do not have any appetite I try to wait a little bit and not force myself
Ralph E.
If you have the time, just wait a bit or pack a small healthy snack for when you get hungry. Also drink some water or milk, etc. It can help you realize that you are more hungry then you thought. Sometimes when we think we don’t have an appetite for breakfast, we don’t have an appetite for “breakfast foods” (cereals, toast, etc.) But there’s no rule that says we must eat those foods, have last nights leftovers, have a sandwich, who cares!
Kasey O.
That was something i always struggled with when i was first trying to get into healthy breakfast. Best thing is just start small with a fruit. Fasting till lunch is also an idea then have a healthy breakfast at lunch. A lot of people do it but it really depends if it feels good in your body you might require more energy hence more nutrients. Even just having a egg could do no toast or anythjng else just an egg slowly youll get into the habit of having something to eat in the morning and youll buuld an appetite for it. I always choose something i know i love to eat to get me more excited about it which made me want to eat it and develop that hunger sooner.
Reza P.
Wait for 15 to 30 minutes and then i will have appetite or start by fruit. Some times having milk or tea with breakfast help .
Elizabeth J.
I would start with a small portion of food with some water. If you’re not used to eating breakfast, then it’s possible your body has gotten used to not eating. Also, make sure what you eat isn’t quick and easy. I’d make eggs, breakfast meat, etc. since during the preparation you’re smelling the food cooking which might awaken your appetite. If you’re really not wanting to eat, but know you should, try fruit – something light and refreshing.
Gordon E.
I drink a shake. Sometimes drinking is easier than eating. But usually I just tell myself to eat and don't let myself get up until I have. This way I can eat healthier foods that maybe don't taste the greatest.
Cynthia N.
When I don't have an appetite for breakfast I still make sure I eat something nutritious and containing protein since it's the fuel to let me going throughout the beginning of the day and on.
Rohit F.
I wake early everyday. Do exercise regularly. Also keep fixed time for breakfast. So mh bodyclock is fixed. So there is no such issue of appetite arises.