What do you do to keep on track with breakfast and what do you eat?

Vania N.
I use a calendar where I write all different breakfast recipes and drinks and in which day eat it, to variate my diet. Usually my breakfast menu is composed by:
espresso coffee or black tea; orange juice or hot lemonade to detox; biscuits or toasted bread with honey or butter and jam; season’s fruit. Sometimes I add to my breakfast some Greek yogurt that I love so much, especially with berries.
Rarely I have a savory breakfast, in Italy we used to have a sweet breakfasts.
During the morning, at work, I used to drink coffee or ice tea and obviously water.

Milo I.
I am hungry when I wake up and I have to eat, so I don't do anything in particular. When there is a rush, I am like ok, the world can explode but I need to have my breakfast to chill and start my. I enjoy having a camomile tea in the morning, and I ussualy scramble 3 eggs.

Jane U.
I pre prepare my 5 breakfasts for the week on Sunday of rolled oats, chia seeds, cinnamon and some nuts. In the morning I just add milk and frozen berries then cook in the microwave. It makes me eat a good breakfast because if I skip breakfast it will be sitting there still at the end of the week as a negative reminder. So that thought makes me eat breakfast each day.

Armando B.
My breakfasts could be better. Normally I've been skipping breakfast because I started fasting and it actually encouraged my poor sleep habits. I'd stay up til 2-3 in the morning and then wake up with barely enough time to log into work. So breakfast was not even an option anymore. The past few days have been eggs, a slice of buttered whole wheat toast, and an apple. Sarah has purchased them so it's easily available. A better breakfast would be – black coffee, some cheese, salami or sausage, eggs, and maybe a protien shake a while after.

Lyra J.
Meal planning the night before has been really helpful to make a decision beforehand especially because sometimes I conflict with what to choose to eat, it also helps me decide what foods to use sooner rather than later so they don’t spoil. I enjoy going for a high protein and low carb breakfast so that I feel energized and nourished but don’t get that midday tiredness from having to digest a ton of complex carbs.

My favourite morning foods are oatmeal!! With tons of nuts, seeds, dried and fresh fruits. I also love a good tofu scramble with some greens and avocado, and another great top pick is a protein fruit smoothie or milkshake with lots of hemp seeds and soy milk to get a huge protein boost right when I wake up and it’s a lot easier on digestion than something more solid. ❤️

Intentionally cooking my food really grounds me in the present moment and allows me to express more gratitude for my meal and my self for having nourished myself with delicious healthy food

Jacinta Q.
I have porridge with a sprinkling of seeds. Sometimes I add berries. What keeps me on track is my toddler loves to help measure out the oats a milk each morning, he's so disappointed when he doesn't get to do it, that I have to eat it every day; it's a great way to keep me on track.

Wayne T.
I go by a pretty balnced routine. I try to stick to the most important moments such as breakfast and fitness every morning. And thinking carefully what I want to wat in the morning the night before helps me feel organised and prepared Dornoch the day! I also enjoy eating a healthy nutritious meal such a shame perishes and fruit or ommlettes. Another tip is to morning sleep in to often! This may allow you to fall into a habit of forgetting breakfast as it’s late!