When is the best time to eat breakfast?

Amber U.
I guess that imidietly after waking up and drinking water works the best.. however if you have other daily tasks that will derail you from the breakfast, than it is fine to do it as soon as you can
Graciele Q.
I think the best time to takr breakfast is about one hour after you wake up..
As you can get 15 minutes to take a bath. after it, 15 mint rest and then 15 min experience and then after 15 min you can start your breakfast
Matthew F.
I would prefer to take the time to complete most of my morning routine before I eat breakfast. I don't want to have to rush through breakfast.
However, many mornings my granddaughter will come in asking for her breakfast before I have a chance to start my routine. Thus my routine is topsy turvy those days.
Of course if I was an early bird I would just get up earlier, but I am not.
Diovalda F.
The best time to eat breakfast is as soon as possible after waking up. Your stomach has been empty since you had your dinner/last meal the previous night. It is necessary to fill up your stomach in order to start your day on the right note. You'll feel replenished and ready to start the day!
Jesse T.
I'd say it's better to have breakfast about an hour after you wake up. This gives you time to get dressed and ready and drink a full glass of water, and your body is more informed as to what it needs, so you don't overeat.
Louis G.
That really depends on whether I go to gym, if yes, I'll be eating breakfast around 8am , else it'll be at 630am before I go off to work .
Louisa I.
I like to eat breakfast when I wake up no matter when that might be. Because I go to school I'll eat breakfast at the same time on weekdays 10:20. I would like to eat breakfast earlier thought.
Heather E.
I find that breakfast is usually best eaten right when I wake up. Many would argue you should eat after a workout but I'm a little different. If I don't have something in my stomach, my workout is not executed as well as it could be. The trick is figuring out the right amount. I often will split my breakfast between workouts so I get a little bit of energy for my routine, and a little bit more before the day.
Emilie P.
If I feel hungry right after I wake up, I eat. Otherwise, I hold off to late morning to have breakfast. It preps my body for a lunch, as I don't go to lunch hungry. If I am out in the morning, taking an apple with me makes me feel safe in case I need breakfast pronto during the morning.
Enrique T.
For me, it's 30mins after I take my medication upon waking. By then I have had time to do a few things to get ready and I'm feeling hungry. Generally I'd say at a time you're likely to feel hungry but leave enough time to actually prepare & eat it.
Kelly U.
I think this is personal, although I'm sure there is research that suggests one method. I like to take a bit of time after being awake, but I frequently am hurried and wanting to accomplish my tasks for the morning routine before dashing out the door. I at least try to make a slower meal (eggs on the stove) that requires some contemplation.
Kirk O.
That's a really personal question – for me, I need to eat really soon after waking up or I get nauseous and exhausted. Other people feel like they don't have an appetite until a few hours into their day. I encourage you to tune into what your body feels like in the mornings and see if you need a full meal at 7 or 10 or any other time.
X Non Q.
I would think within half hour after waking up. I work from home so i can eat when i want. I usually eat about 2hours after i get up. I Exercise and take a shower then I eat. I sure this is not ideal because the point of eating a healthy breakfast is to give your energy a boost I wake up drink water and I'm not the person to eat early just doesn't settle well with me. I think the most important thing is to get something in your body that is going to give you the energy to carry you through. I never ate breakfast so the fact that i do now even if a little later it's still something.
Hans Dietrich Q.
I eat breakfast both sides of working out! I wake up at 7am, I have coffee and a low sugar energy bar soon after getting dressed. I do some stretches whilst being mindful, walk to the gym, work out, walk home and rest! Sometimes it takes a while for my appetite to recover, sometimes it doesn't, but I usually wait until I am hungry around 11am to eat some oatmeal. It's healthy, low in fat and keeps me full for a long time.
Max X.
I am currently 5 weeks into intermittent fasting. I do not eat my first meal until noon. It has helped with mental clarity, digestion and weight loss.
Arif Y.
The best time to eat lunch is before ten am. Eat breakfast as soon as you wake up. Do not eat breakfast after 10 because you won't be able to eat lunch. You may be to full. It Is important to eat all 3 meals.
Angela Y.
I normally eat after I've taken the time to wake up and enjoy my me time. Breakfast is an extension of that before I get back to reality and have to get dressed for the day.
Andrew S.
I have a special situation where I have to wait an hour after taking my medication to have breakfast. If you don't have this situation then I suggest having breakfast within the first hour after waking up in the morning.
Bastian C.
No doubt, after exercise, before it, I used to take a snack, like a portion of fruit and a small cup of coffe to wake up.
Duane S.
Best time to eat breakfast is an hour after waking up. A breakfast protein based will fill you up and sustain you with energy through out the morning. Staying away from sugary "breakfast" items that will have your energy crashing before lunchtime.