I used to skip breakfast and would be hungry for snacks later. Now I eat breakfast, but I’m still hungry after. Anyone else has that issue?

Katrina W.
I used to do the same, and sometimes I'm still craving for some snacks after breakfast, but it was reduced drastically since I began to have breakfast
Andres T.
Yes. I think metabolism is one factor but also state of mind and your mood will affect. For instance if you're anxious you'll tend to eat more.
Kristin G.
Not really. I make sure to eat enough and that it is full of different things like veggies and protein (or Russians breakfasts like buckwheat). I find myself still hungry only if I eat things like cereal.
Kierstyn P.
1. Maybe you need to eat a bigger or more filling breakfast 2. You might just need to keep eating but eat something healthy
Enora O.
I try to get mainly protein for breakfast to help stay full. I find that if I have a muffin or cereal I'm starving on like 2 hours. Good fats help as well. Eggs are a good source as well as grassfed butter, olive oil, and cheese. Put some sausage in there and you have a satiating omelette!
Duong A.
Yessss, I thought I was the only one, but what helps me was drinking loads of water. Maybe try that? If it doesn't work then maybe just have a bigger breakfast 😂
Alan T.
you might want to start eating snacks with fiber or protein which will make you fuller or try some coffee after breakfast that seems to curb my appetite for a bit and if you have been eating anything with sugar that might cause some craving issues which make you snack more often
Fernando E.
Absolutely!! I try to choose something with plenty of fiber in the morning because it tends to be more filling. I also try to have healthy juices or fruits/veggies and a big water bottle around instead of other snacks. I’ll also sip on almond milk or make a smoothie if I’m still not satisfied.
Aj B.
It’s possible your mind and body are used to the routine of eating snacks at a certain time, regardless of whether or not you’ve eaten breakfast earlier.
Christopher Y.
For sure! Often we don't realize that skipping breakfast slows your metabolism. It becomes painfully obvious when we start eating breakfast, we get hungrier faster. I try to keep high fat and protein snacks on hand at all times just for this. Today it's scotch eggs!
Bruce U.
I use to have the same problem but I stopped skipping breakfast,I get up before time and make it put it in my heat bag and set my alarm.If it's too early for work I go back to bed,alarm set .When it's time for me to get up I put myself together and leave out with my breakfast to work and eat it there.I won't lie sometime after breakfast I would still feel for something so I would take my water bottle with me it add water with sinkcobible in it and it hold me till lunch .A small lunch after all that water,I hope I helped
Kimberly P.
Same here. I get hungry either way. However, I feel like I’m more likely to eat healthier food, snacks, etc. and eat less during the single meal when I purposefully eat breakfast.
Reno P.
When breakfast is skipped, your body starts running out of energy and the blood sugar level starts dropping. This leads to craving snacks and junk food that have high carbohydrates and sugar content. Snacks like donuts and chocolate croissants taste great and will provide a sense of energy and satisfaction because they suddenly increase the sugar level in the blood. However, the sugar level goes down equally quickly which can make us feel tired, hungrier, and crankier.

When a proper breakfast is eaten, it kick starts the body's metabolism. Therefore, it's natural to feel hungry after a couple of hours. Ways to mitigate that is through a breakfast with a good balance of protein, fiber, and carbohydrates. Bananas, eggs, a mix of low sugar cereals with milk are some options. If you like experimenting with new foods, Indian cuisine has some excellent breakfast options.

Drinking water every so often also helps in reducing "false" hunger.

I hope this is helpful! Good luck!

Amelia T.
I don't have this issue, but I think it depends to the quality of your breakfast, so try to eat more protein because it's make you full , and maybe it's just because your body used to eat that time .
Cassarah P.
Yes of course! Depending on what you eat for breakfast will determine how you feel later in the day. Try starting your day with a hearty breakfast full of oats, fruits, and proteins! Breakfast should be your largest meal of the day, seeing how breakfast is the fuel that starts your day. Your body may be going through the calories quickly because you are very active during this time, Or the calories (and other nutrition such as fiber and natural sugars) are either empty, artificial, or your not getting enough. Of course there could be other reasons to why it’s like this but I would try eating a heartier, healthy and nutritional breakfast. If you wake up some time before you make breakfast, like an hour, drink some water to help jump start your metabolism before you eat. This will give you a better sense of how hungry you are and will make it easier to help eat such meals. If you need caffeine in the morning I recommend unsweetened tea (black or green) or black coffee. Getting rid of excess sugars in your morning diet will help regulate your cravings better. You can snack in between meals, you should always listen to your body, it knows best, but choose healthy alternatives that would be gilling like protein bars, fruits, or something like unseasoned popcorn (although a little salt doesn’t hurt 😉). I hope you find this helpful in any way.