I don’t like breakfast, why should I eat it?

Rafael P.
It boosts you to start your day well and energised. And also gives you enough energy boost to fly through your day with a happy smile on your face
Heidi N.
I eat breakfast not just because I love food, but because it gives me the energy and strength I need to conquer my daily activities. I usually hate making lunch so when I have a large breakfast, I only need to have a small and easy to make lunch. Having breakfast helps nourish your body to do what it needs to do every day! Without breakfast you are physically hurting your body. Your body is there for you everyday, so you need to be their for your body. Take care of it
Anastasiya M.
Because It gives you the energy to get through the morning and not be hungry until lunch. If done well, with even things you like, it will be easier to make it a habit.