Is there any food that is really convenient and healthy? Not only breakfast but for lunch, too.

Anna S.
Bread with cheese/ham/other stuff is the most convenient food here (in Belgium), there’s also soup (you could make a big patch, freeze it in and heat it up when you need it, or buy soup somewhere), or simple salads. Savoury pancakes are probably not that healthy but really fun to make & eat (with pretty much anything you like, I really enjoy them with scampi).

Gunnar Z.
Yes off course, I'm glad to answer your question, I believe that avocado should be a very good option for your meals, it have a very nice flavor, good texture and above all have a very healthy nutrition level.

Caroline T.
I love avocados or any vegetables in general. You can eat avocados as breakfast on a toast or as lunch mixed with other kinds of vegetables or some rice.

Diane G.
U should first plan your days. Not too much pressure and not too much freetime. U should plan 5-6 hours of your day. And give yourself little breaks in between.

Jess N.
Pancakes are usually seen as bad but if you get a really good one high in fibre and iron like Kodak cakes mix and use it to make little flap jacks and stick an egg in the middle viola you have a pancake egg breakfast! If you want to add more do some veggies or meat! You can even add things into the mix like blueberries.

Siegfried O.
Avocados are great, they go with a bunch of things and they are super tasty. Obviously most fruit, bananas, oranges ect
And cashews are a really good snack too :3

Karmelle O.
My go to is prepping a big batch of rice ahead of time, then just having a small bowl of rice with a fried egg, a little soy sauce, sesame oil, and chili garlic paste on top! It makes breakfast a lot less intimidating to know I only need to fry an egg, and it's fun to play with different toppings. Plus the starch and protein makes a great start to the day or afternoon pick me up 🙂

Coline Y.
Nuts provide a lot of protein and are easy to grab on the go, as well as fruits such as bananas and apples or chopped vegetables

Hanna O.
Oat is great for breakfast, but for lunch the important is to have a good variaty of elements, like vegetables, protein, etc, in a correct porportion.

Becky P.
Risotto with mushrooms are great and healthy if made with the right ingredient, Vietnamese rice paper rolls, vermicelli salads, cereal salads such as pearl barley or quinoa o I'd say soups for the cold months!

Maddie T.
I think it’s good to make like some sort of salad or stir fry at the beginning of the week to pack for lunches throughout it

Albert B.
Smoothies are convenient and healthy. You can sip a smoothie while getting ready to go in the morning and still have a hand free. You can also pack a smoothie for lunch, but make sure to add lemon juice if you don’t want the fruit to turn brown!