What do you do with dirty dishes? :)

Aymeric P.
Try my best to clean them before bed. I ussually rinse them in the sink and leave it till about 8:30pm. If im having busy days I'll rinse them, wash the essentials, and leave bigger dishes for another day.
Anneliese Y.
If the dishwasher is dirty, put them in the dishwasher. If I don’t know the state of the dishwasher then they go in the sink to “soak” and sit there until I decide to do the dishes. If the dish can’t fit in the dishwasher then it sits in the sink for days until I decide to wash the dishes by hand.
Mads Z.
I'm lucky that my husband does most of the dishes, but when I have a dirty coffee cup or plate, I'll rinse it and set it on one side of the sink to be put in the dishwasher. You'd think it would b easier to just rinse and go right to the dishwasher, but it's usually full of clean dishes! I want to be more proactive with unloading, I want to take that responsibility. However most of the time I don't even think about it, or feel too exhausted, or have something I've deemed "more important" to do, so I just put my dishes on the side of the sink and rely on my husband to switch everything over.
Marthe E.
Rinse and put them on a designated spot on the kitchen counter. My husband loads the dishwasher in his own peculiar way so I leave them on the counter. This may seem not perfect but this is what works best for our daily rhythms.
Morgan T.
I leave them on my nightstand, which is a habit I’m trying to break. I want to put them directly into the dishwasher when I’m finished with them.
Gamaliel Q.
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Paige J.
I use to let them sit in the sink till I either needed them or got so much anxiety that I had to do them. Now I try to just wash them as soon as I’m done using them, or at least wash them all at the end of everyday. I don’t have a dishwasher.
Willard P.
I usually either put them in the dishwasher or let them soak in the sink for a few hours if they have a lot of stuck on stuff that can't be easily scrubbed off.
Sara Z.
I wash dishes three tome a day, after breakfast, after lunch and after dinner. The dishes I use between, for example snak plates or tea cup, usually stay in the sink till the next "big meal", maybe that's not a good habit
Jennifer U.
Most days we stack them in the sink until there is no more room and THEN wash them. On good days I wash them as I use them. Today is one of those days.
Nimsha Z.
The simplest, quickest way to wash a whole stack of plates is to squirt soap and scour each one onto a scrub pad. Don't just rinch. Simply stack the soapy plates beside the sink. When all of them are scrubbed, turn on the tap to rinse them, one at a time, and place them in the drying rack of your sink.
Gladys Z.
I usually stack them in the sink until there are none to use. Yeah that’s a bad habit I need to change. I’m going to work on it though. Instead of doing that I’ll rinse every dish, that way it’s a step toward my goal. I hate doing dishes.
Andrea T.
Depends on how dirty they are. If it's not too dirty I put it straight into the dish washer. If not I place it in the sink and run some water over it and the next time I come to the sink I put it in the dishwasher.
M Lissa O.
Wash them as soon as I can… I try to wash the preparation or cooking dishes before I even sit down to eat. Then I have less to wash after I've eaten
Gilca Q.
I will take of extra foods from each other then putting putting them in order – The easiest, fastest way to wash an entire stack of plates is to squirt soap onto a scrub pad and scour each one. Just stack the soapy plates next to the sink. When you've scrubbed them all, then turn on the tap to rinse them, one at a time, and stand them up in your dish drying rack.
Jonas E.
What I do with dirty dishes, in seven steps. 1) I put them in a neat grouping beside the sink. 2) Within a few hours, if not immediately, I’ll separate them – those that go in the dishwasher and those that I’ll wash in the sink. 3) I fill the sink with hot water and dish soap. 4) I put the dishes that are left in the sink to soap. 5) They’ll get washed within a few hours and 6) I’ll stack them to dry. 7) I’ll put them away the following day.
Antonia U.
Well. I wash them very thoroughly, make sure it’s really clean and that there aren’t any spots left. Rinse them and put them to dry.
Jennifer T.
I wash dishes instantly after eating. That way not only you keep sink empty but its also easier to clean dirt that has not been stuck to dishes yet
Ivana X.
Well i usually wash them when everyone in the house is asleep between 12 and 3 am.. :d im working on fixing the time schedule, but it takes effort not to leave it for the next day.
L Ane U.
I try to wash it right away if I have time. But if I am working I will wash it during my break or when I finish work.
If I cook dinner I try to wash the plates after I finish eating.
Mina C.
I clean them 😄
I like things to be tidy and I am lucky enough to have a dishwasher.
So, I put nice music on and do them!