I want to have freshly squeezed juice every morning along with my breakfast but there is hardly much time to do it all. Is squeezing it the night before okay or does the juice lose its benefits if kept overnight?

Louisa P.
I believe it's okay to preapere your juice night before and keep it in the fridge. There are two things you should be careful: 1)Conserve the juice well in the fridge 2)Consume it in the next morning. Leaving the juice for a night is okay but it will probably lose the benefits if you wait more than that to drink it.
Sara O.
I understand your concern,
You could squeeze it the night before and freeze it.
That ,I believe would keep the nutrients available for your morning. I would take it out when you drink your water to thaw, exercise, shower, have a protein rich breakfast your juice should be thawed by then or you could have an orange popsicle or just
maybe an orange. 1 fresh orange would be adequate nutrition instead of 2 or 3 that it would take to make a glass of juice. I don’t drink juice to often I don’t need all that sugar it is quite a bit.
I have issues with sugar if I would drink sugar in the morning it would cause a roller coaster effect of going high then crashing low and then I crave something sweet( sugar, crash, sugar again. My healthy intentions for the day would go away
Jordan T.
Here’s the deal; as soon as you juice the chemicals start to degrade. However, it isn’t fast and the colder the juice, the slower the process. 98% benefit juice is infinitely better than no juice. Overnight juice is exponentially better than store bought juice.
Bertoldo E.
i don’t think the juice would entirely lose its benefits if it is squeezed the night before, but it is better to do it in the morning. you could try doing it the night before and see if it makes a difference though. and you could always wake up a bit earlier to get it done if you really want to.
Carlos P.
It is perfectly fine to make it the day before, but keep it in a bottle of container you can shake. The juice will separate during the night.
Jorge O.
No, it doesn’t lose its benefits. Think- natural orange juices can be made and stored for a period before being served without diminishment of flavour or goodness so overnight isn’t an issue.
Tyler Z.
Juice shouldn’t lose it’s benefits overnight. If it’s less stressful to do it the night before- do it! Otherwise set your alarm for 1-2 mins earlier and make the juice a meditation and thank you to yourself in the morning as part of your routine.
C Me P.
I drink a smoothie every day and I always make it the night before then put it in the the fridge and I enjoy it. But, I do know that the enzymes in a juice won't stay active for more than thirty minutes. Also pressed juice develops bacteria quickly if not used fast enough. So I would suggest drinking a smoothie that you can make the night before. Smoothies have many valuable nutrients and vitamins they always seem to keep me full!
Ryan S.
Fresh squeezed overnight is fine – the vitamins will still be in the juice, not to mention it will taste great cold from the fridge as well.
Howard A.
It's best if you try to make some time to squeeze right before drinking in th morning it reduces the chances of oxydizing.
Romana U.
Yes , freshly squeezed juices are good for a few days refrigerated.
Doing it the night before will give you the same nutritional value, and help keep you on track
Karen W.
Obviously, juice is better if fresh. But juice has serious issues with sugar content since it removes the sugars from the fiber which is often discarded. By far the healthiest way is to just eat the whole fruit. This is sooooo much healthier and better for your body than any other option. It dramatically lowers the glycemic index, takes more calories to process, can lower ldl cholesterol, and improves digestion and bowel movement.

A somewhat distant second is to blend it in a smoothie. At least you're getting some of the fiber even though a good percentage of the sugar will be liberated from it. If whole fruits and veggies are a 10, fruit and veggie smoothies are a 7.

Fresh pressed juice (no fiber) is a further distant third. Like a 4 or a 5.

Conventionally bottled juice is an even further distant fourth and really shouldn't be considered unless you're low on good options. Like a 2.

Shannon U.
Juice does not lose its benefits but juice is not as healthy as eating the fruit with its pulp and fiber to slow the sudden onset of sugars.
Johanne Z.
The fresher the juice the better. If squeezing the night before, use a glass jar so you can seal the juice airtight. Also, squeezing softly, and not using a really fast juicer, helps to keep the individual cells intact rather than ripping them apart. Those cells will maintain nutrients for 24-48 hrs. This is why cold pressed juice is better than any other juice. 🙂 good luck!
William W.
It's not advisable to squeeze the juice a lot of time before because the oxygen will take out vitamins of your juice. It's much better to have a recent fresh juice
Tony R.
Hello there! Hope you are having a good day. It's perfectly alright to juice out a night before and keep it refrigerated. What's more good than having something healthy in morming
Evelyne X.
You could squeeze it the night before but it will seperate during the night. Just be sure to shake it before you drink it
Megan S.
I think squeezing the juice the night before, if you're too busy in the morning, sounds like a great idea! I don't know a lot about this, but I don't think letting juice sit out overnight, will have any negative consequences, but you could always put it in the fridge to be sure.
Giuseppe Z.
Whilst the juice will lose some benefits overnight, it is still going to be full of most of the original vitality after being kept in the fridge.

When you join a week long juice fasting program, they deliver it in two batches – one every few days. This is because the juice is still good for a few days if kept in the fridge.

So go for it!

Steven P.
Fresh squeezed is best. Please don't consume more than a single fruits worth of juice. Storing it overnight isn't that bad for it. At least you are drinking fresh and minimally processed. Make sure you cover and refrigerate it.
Ana G.
I think squeezing it the night before should be fine as long as it’s covered.

When you squeeze the oranges you can be present on the task in hand. How does the orange feel, what sounds are made, is there a citrus smell?

Roberto J.
Keep it in the fridge and it should be good. Having the juice is better than not having it. So, do whatever makes it more convenient.
Phyllis E.
A few nutrients may degrade some time after sqeezing a fruit, others won't. Vitamin C, for example, in a orange juice degrades relatively fast after the juice is ready, specially if exposed to light. That's why freshly juice would be the ideal. Maybe you could try leaving everything ready to make the juice the night before. Some friuts are ok to be peeled in advance and that would save you considerable time. Also you could do a quick search on what fruits available in your country are suitable for juices prepared a few hours earlier.
Nino C.
It is also another alternative way to save some time in the morning. Maybe you can buy fruit juice with zero sugar. Not only it saves time but also it taste good!!!
Becky P.
Normally it does loose benefits, I suggest the following (learn with a 1star chef) peal the oranges (for example) leave in the fridge next morning dont use the juicer, use the blender,(or bimby). Takes less time to prepare and the juice is velvety. 🙂 you can add water if you like. Hope it helps
Bernard T.
I’d say it losses it’s effectiveness and nutrition value . I’m not entirely sure . Have a small juice and use a Manuel squeezer for citrus.
Od Lia Z.
The juice is not as fresh when you keep it overnight so it’s better to make some time and squeeze it when you’re making breakfast
Dagmar O.
Obviously fresh juice is better, but to store it, keep it in an airtight container in the fridge! And make it as late as possible in the evening. You basically wanna protect the juice from heat and light and oxygen, which all degrade the quality of the juice
Thomas E.
It’s worth getting up a few minutes earlier to have freshly squeezed juice! You can put it in the freezer for a few minutes for a delicious cool note:)
L Rke X.
I think it should be freshly squeezed in the morning. If you are planning to squeeze it a night before, probably refrigerate it
Elba G.
Don’t bother with juicing! Just eat the fruit! It’s better for your body to have the fibre. There is too much sugar in juice for your teeth. If you really want to drink your fruit blend it in a nutribullet or something, then you are still keeping the fibre in there. It will keep overnight if you put it in an airtight container in the fridge.
Wade B.
Well I guess it might be ok. I some times have smoothie in the morning, but I start this routine where I should have breakfast on mornings.
Lyna O.
I don’t believe squeezing the juice the night before will be deterimental at all. It’s a good idea to be prepared and plan ahead
Alexei Z.
Depends on the benefits you’re speaking of. If you enjoy freshly squeezed juice, and the time you have to do it is the night before, then just do it! What benefit you may have lost from squeezing it the night before will be outshone by the benefits of creating the habit of doing it at all and of the satisfaction you experience.
Clyde T.
Freshly squeezed is better but, the night before is great. It beats purchasing juice already processed with long shelf life. You can always try to get up a bit earlier to squeeze your juice.
Ernst August U.
I’ve heard that freshly squeezed juice is the best way to have it because all the nutrition is “alive.” Maybe get up 5 minutes earlier and see if that works. Test it out. The worst that can happen is that your juice never makes it to the table or you’re late. If you can’t stand the thought of being late then time yourself making your fresh juice on your day off. And set your alarm for an earlier time that will allow you to make your fresh juice.