I don’t normally eat breakfast so what is a good healthy breakfast when you don’t like cereal or porridge?

Kenneth F.
My healthy breakfest consist eggs, bread but not white one, maybe some bacon, cheese but that white one and some veggies
Judy A.
Scrumbled eggs and avocado with slice of bread, plus i take smoothie of fruits/vegetables, some warm milk or fruit juice depending of the mood
Tristan C.
You can eat whatever gives you energy for breakfast, as long as it’s healthy. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day ! Your body needs this fuel. For example, if you’re more into salty food, you can eat eggs : there are many ways to cook them quickly, my favorite is to scramble them 🙂 and you can add what you want in it. For a little sugar rush, add a fruit to that. Bananas are extremely recommended, did you know they really help with muscle cramps ? If you’re still hungry, try toasts with jam. Or if all that is too much, just go with a milkshake : milk (vegetal or not), big spoon of honey, oats, peanut butter IF you like it, 1 or 2 bananas, and chocolate / or berries for the taste.
Kiera N.
I have school to attend so I usually eat a quick breakfast like yogurt or a cereal bar. On the weekends, I love making egg sandwiches