What is a “great” breakfast?

Loane F.
One with proteins, good fats and natural sugar. Go for eggs and ham, cereals and nuts, 2-3 different fruits. Mix them up until you find what you like the most and stick to it 🙂
Carol T.
My breakfast choices in the morning on a work day is usually whole-wheat toast with eggs ,or oats with a little bit of honey.
On the weekends I would make myself french toast or pancakes
Harvey U.
Something that includes protein, “good fats” and natural carbohydrates. I am on the run Most days so Some breakfast ideas I have are hard boiled eggs and a piece of fruit, I make a shake a lot which I blend isolate protein powder ( it’s easily digested ) with bananas, kale, avocado, pineapple and almond milk (unsweetened). Protein bars are also good choices. Stay away from things like bagels and pastries. They are bad fats and will spike your sugar and you will crash later.
Thea Y.
A great breakfast is something that will keep you going for the day. It should be healthy and filling. Personally, I like to have porridge or weetabix with raisins or apple and it fills me up and is really nice!
Meire F.
A great breakfast is a meal that will keep you full and energized to tackle your day. A great breakfast includes meals high in protein and low in sugar
Filomeno T.
The 'green' breakfast is my favourite. Fry kale, brocollini, asparagus in a pan, serve with diced avocado with a squeeze of lemon juice and poached eggs on top. Delicious! And keeps you full for ages
Marvin B.
A great breakfast is a breakfast that is rich in protein and fiber, because both will keep you satiated. Try including protein, carbs and healthy fats. One example would be yoghurt, oats, fruits, seeds (chia, sesame, flaxseeds…) and nuts, also you can switch them up not to make it boring 😁.
Elizabeth J.
Something high in protein and low in sugar to fill you up and also stop the sudden sugar dip. Eggs are a good source of P
Hans Eberhard B.
Two eggs, scrambled in coconut oil, topped with You’re favorite spices. A cupful of juice berries or baked apples. A tiny vegetable salad or stir fry, maybe leftover from dinner. And a nice cup of tea!
Janet Q.
Great doesn't mean a lot. The most important is a healthy breakfast which includes the nutrients we need to start a day. For example, fruits, nuts, oats eggs are considering great breakfast, which will also help to sustain us for the whole morning, and we will feel more energise to do our work.
Salvador Y.
A great breakfast consists of protein and goodness. I am vegan, so my go to option is oatmeal, with chai seeds, and bananas or raisins. Additionally, on days I am not able to prepare breakfast, cereal that is high in b12 with raisins s and Soya milk is my quick alternative.
Eust Quio Z.
A smoothie with variety, put fruits and vegetables as if you want to form a rainbow, obviously put together things that work well together.
Maria C.
For me a “great” breakfast is the main mean, my favorite kind with breakfast is when a can eat fruits, bread and drink my cappuccino.
Jutta F.
Eggs are good, although I think I will get tired of them if I eat them every day. I also like peanut butter and apple. I was just thinking this morning, what is a great breakfast! I'm still not sure!
Adam U.
The great breakfast consists of nutritious products, without lots of sugar. It’s the one which gives you energy for entire morning until lunchtime
Lewis U.
A great breakfast can include oatmeal with fresh fruit, or toast with peanut butter and cut some bannans in it, doesn't hurt to have a glass of milk.
August P.
Anythink you can keep up. If you like to cook do smth fancy. Otherwise eat a fruit. Or a cereal bar. Don't make it too hard to start with
Elias C.
One that is healthy & tasty with natural sugars or protein to stop crashing. I usually have eggs or an omelette or no added sugar muesli with chopped prunes & almond milk.
Julcenira A.
Nutritious and tasty. Divide plate in 3. Should be a third protein, a third starches, and a third fruits and/or veggies.