What recommendations do you have for those with other dietrary requirements? Such as nut free, vegetarian…

Roni N.
Actually I am a vegan myself. I don’t quite understand what you mean by recommendations but and advise I can give you is jus to eat what makes you feel good about yourself and if you are having a problem with getting used to the “weird”(as non vegans call it) food just either think of it as a normal one or think about the cause you’re doing all of this for. At the end it will be worth it trust me. Eat small portions as many times a day as you want. And try and eat healthy (which means more raw fruit and vegetables, less oil in the food while cooking etc.). Just remember you’re already healthier than a lot of people if you’re vegetarian or vegan. You are a beautiful and extraordinary person, which makes you awsome, never forget that! <3
All the best,
Timmothy Q.
We live in a time of abundance, so dietary requirements need not be intimidating! Consider seeking out specialty products like plant-based cheez or new cooking techniques to make the foods that nourish you appealing. Focus not on what you cannot eat, but what you can enjoy. And don’t forget: the right amount of seasoning can make all the difference!

Lastly, try roasting a whole head of cauliflower. Look up the technique and then try something savory and substantial you may never have thought up yourself.

Jacky O.
For vegetarian ensure they eat plenty of protein rich foods such us eggs and cheese- stay away from starch- carbo rich foods such as rice, pasta, e.t.c. No sugars, no swets such as bread etc.
Alex B.
Something that has worked for me is making a frittata and saving the leftovers for later. You can put whatever veggies and seasoning you want in the pan and it’ll taste great. While frittatas aren’t vegan they can definitely be vegetarian. It’s a light, quick and easy meal that is a good way to start the day.
Sandra O.
I myself am a vegetarian and allergic to peanuts and a few nuts. I tend to eat a lot of seeds, because it is a great supplement for meat. For breakfast I eat yogurt with fruit and honey and flaxseeds. It's delicious!
Julie W.
Stir up some eggs and spices in a mug with some spices and put it in the microwave for two minutes. It’s fast and easy to travel with.
Hana X.
If you don’t eat meat I would have an egg, or some beans.
If you are nut free (specifically just peanuts) there are other types of nut butters like almond. But if you can’t have any type of nut they have seed butters which tastes almost the same ! (such as sunflower seed butter, pumpkin seed butter, etc.)
If you don’t eat wheat, oat flour is a great substitute which tastes the same and you can make your own bread!
If you need the calcium, almond milk is a great option, it’s not the same but the chocolate one is amazing and even the un-sweetened
Loan Y.
Begin with eliminating food groups you cannot have, then look for substitutes for those food groups. When I learned that my day is not about my next meal but that food is just the fuel that gives me what I need to do important tasks for the day, I stopped wondering about my next meal. Plan your meals out so that you don’t have to think about how to put something together. This will take stress off your day. Find someone to eat and do the same habits you’re doing. A partner in your journey is likely the most important part of this.
Dora N.
There is always a way around it. If you are vegetarian you always have the option of green leaves and beans for protein. Say if you are dairy free there is always cheese and milk without the lactose and you can get pill to help. I recommend that you take it one step at a time. When I found out I had a dairy intolerance, I was very overwhelmed. As I said, I sat down and took it step by step. With any dietary requirements you just have to sit down and say, “Okay just because I can’t have ___ that doesn't mean I just can’t take up the challenge. My other options are ___.” And then make a list of all the thing to replace say dairy, or nuts, or meat.
Isaac R.
For breakfast, i think the best thing ever for people who don't eat animal products, is avocado toast! 🥑 With people who are nut free, oatmeal or eggs. Just wakevup at least 5-10minutes earlier, and you will have everything ready + you will be on time to work/school…
Mille W.
Well, vegetarian diet is very good for health. To replace the lack of proteins, add more beans, chickpeas, lentils, tofu. Eat a variety of vegetables and avoid carbs like rice, potato, bread which slows down your mechanism. Just changing your diet habit can show a lot of improvement. I lost 10kgs in a month with only healthy eating, and it feels great!
Andrea S.
When I’m running out of inspiration for recipes, I order one of those boxes that come with ingredients + recipe ideas. Then I can incorporate those recipes into my everyday life, if I like them! It takes some of the effort out of it. There are some that allow you to set dietary requirements, so it’s worth checking out 🙂
Karla W.
I recomend some types of yogurt and drink lots of water salads and some cheese and some eggs.Well goodluck and have a great day!
Ali N.
Get a good cookbook or find a good website based on your specific need then print out 10-20 of the recipes. It’s fun to have ideas of things you’d like to try on hand and makes it easier to make the effort to cook.
Faith P.
I think for those people who would like to improve their lifestyle but has dietary restrictions should approach their dietary physician. Doctors know what's best for the health.
Cecira C.
I am very specific now on what I eat. I am vegan and I make sure to always have a healthy balance of a Vegan source of protein, Complex Carb, and Healthy Fat. When I shop I make sure to do my best to eat Whole Foods and not Processed. Learning this new lifestyle has made me a better chef.
Konrad F.
With dietary restrictions, cooking from scratch, rather than buying pre made food, will always save money. Grocery stores typically have pre cut vegetables to help save on time. Sometimes, grocery stores that are smaller than wal mart, will have a lot of substitution options (like wonder butter, which is pea nut free). When eating out, always call hours (I try 24) in advance and ask what kind of accommodations they can make for your diet. Typically with enough time they will make something for you! I hope this helps!
Susanna P.
It depends on what you are referring to. Vegetarian, nut-free, vegan, all those diets can be healthy (or healthier), however in any case you should pay attention to what you are eating and try to always have whole foods instead of processed ones. In the morning, instead of eating some store bought granola, try to make your own with healthy fats (like coconut oil), or some oatmeal, or even banana pancakes (as easy as mixing banana, oats and milk/alternative). At lunch, the more colorful the plate, the better!! There are some amazing tools to get new ideas on foods to eat. Try searching in Pinterest, or the app "Plant Jammer", that creates simple recipes with the ingredients you have at home!
PS: I've been vegan for 5 years now and I have never been so healthy 😉