How do you get yourself into the habit of being a morning eater? Most morning I’m not in the mood to eat yet…

Claire U.
Start by getting as much as you can prepared the night before, that way you’ll have less excuses to not eat. If your not in the mood to eat try drinking some water, it might make you realize your hungry. If not start by eating something small that you look forward to eating but is still healthy. A piece of fruit or a handful of nuts are great options.
Tanvi F.
The best way is to have options, so that you can eat what you want that morning.
Also try to start slow – maybe start off small with a small drinking yoghurt or a glass of milk.
This will take practice, so commitment is key.
And on days you really don't feel like eating, wait for around an hour and try again.
Hope this helps.
Lauren L.
In order to get my body used to eating on a good schedule, I try not to put off eating breakfast after 9:00AM. And sometimes if I'm not in the mood to eat anything substantial, I'll go ahead and eat something light and refreshing, like some fruit or a little bit of yogurt and granola! Sometimes it's difficult for me to eat in the morning due to food anxiety, but I've found it gets easier the more you try and get your body on a good schedule.
John B.
Start out small, eat something small and light for breakfast so even if you're not in the mood you can still stomach it. I usually have light breakfast so I have room for lunch later, especially if I have a late breakfast. For me it's all about amount and timing.
Philip P.
I try to have a light dinner so that I feel hungry in the morning. I also jump rope after drinking water which burns my energy and I feel hungry
Anna T.
You can wait a bit! You don't have to eat straight out of the bed… i am not hungry at first too, i get dressed, wait a bit and wait for the hunger!
Lea F.
Of course breakfast is the first thing to start our day eith if we dint breakfast we will have headackes and many more things so lets start our day eating breakfast!
Mercedeh T.
The first few days I just made myself to do it, like it's a school homework, and then it was something that I just needed. After a few days you will surely want to have some breakfast ❤️
Eileen S.
I started of with little portions and tried to stay positive while waking up and keep my mood in a good place. It’s not always working but I try and it’s ok to just not do it sometimes👌.
Harper P.
I have changed my morning routine to wake, drink water, exercise, have a hot drink, shower and then I’m ready to eat a healthy breakfast. It’s normally a green smoothie or something quick like porridge with fruit and nuts.