Do you meal prep your breakfast? If so, what do you do? How do you make preparing breakfast easier?

Cole Q.
I don’t meal prep but I do plan my meals for the week. Meal prepping is sometimes have been interested in just I’m taking steps to get there but I do find planning meals for the week helps out just as much. The breakfast is usually my biggest struggle being in preparing for more than just self and I’m not a big breakfast fan
Rocio E.
It depends on the kind of breakfast I want to have. If it’s overnight oats, then I’ll prep the night before. If I think I might be rushed in the morning, it’ll be a granola bar before the day starts. Either way, I try to think of what I’ll eat the night before so I don’t have to decide in the morning in case I’m running late!
Leonard Z.
No, I do not meal prep. I decide what I am going to eat that same morning. I look through the ingredients that we have in the refrigerator or pantry and come up with something on the spot.
Sira N.
I do, I prepare overnight oats (oats,chia seeds, greek yogurt, honey and milk) they last three days so i just prepare three jars in advance. Healthy, quick and tasty breakfast! Hope this helps
Alina F.
Sadly, I don’t but I think I should start. I would have made something that can be kept overnight and still be fresh for tomorrow like some kind of porridge or sandwich. Not sure how I would make preparing breakfast easier, maybe ask for an advice for that one.