Is eating a doughnut really that bad?

Floyd Z.
Loaded in sugar and trans fats-I’d say, yes, eating a doughnut really is that bad. However, I’m a realist. Opportunities will arise where a warm doughnut will be offered, and I will partake. To offset this as much as possible, I will pair it with some protein and make sure I’m super active the rest of the day.
Thomas N.
Depends. Once a month, no. Once a week, kinda. Everyday? Definitely! Its not end if the world, if you give in to your craving one day. But just eating every tea/coffee time will add up real soon.
Jeppe C.
It's not bad in and of itself ☺️ it's always best – if you're watching your snack habits or trying to eat healthily – to eat treats in moderation, and work it off in some way if you're concerned. I have a desk job, so find an hours' walk a day makes me feel energised and happy that I'd have burned off at least some empty calories. Eating a donut isn't bad, it's what you do or don't do after that counts ☺️
Raul P.
One doughnut? If you eat one ccasionally, then not really. If you have a healthy diet in general it's not one that will ruin you. But you make a habit out of it… Yep, that's not good..
Paula Z.
Yes, it is bad, because it has simple carbs and a lot of sugar, that gives you immediate energy but drains you in a Long run
Ronald T.
Depends really doesn't it. Does it provide any nutritional value, none that I can think of. I don't like to say food is bad or good, but white flour, white sugar and being cooked in oil is definately not good for your body.looking at it from an enjoyment level, if you enjoy a donut rarely and it brings you joy to indulge on those rare occasions, do it. I believe its better to not stress about everything you consume and live your best life.
Marivana C.
It kinda is. The doughnut makes you feel happy for a short period of time and acts like it filled you up. When in reality it has nothing to keep you fueled until lunch. You'll be hungry again in no time and have less drive then before.
Roxane Q.
I think the following quote applies to your question; "When we ask for advice, we are usually looking for an accomplice." If you want a donut, I wont shame you, eat one! butttt… Sugar you consume either gets burned off as energy or stored as fat (for winter 😝). If you don't work off that donut you'll carry it around with you longer than it took to devour that warm glistening golden ring of wonderfullness 🤤. Consider making it your hard earned prize after a brisk 2 mile jog at the nearest track or trail. Play a sport for an hour. Explore your neighborhood and maybe do a little off roading on a mountain bike. Try to minimize the potential impact of donuts on you body and waistline if you can. We all deserve a treat once and a while, even you! Don't feel guilty. Just remember that once the donuts in your belly, you decide where it goes from there! P.s. don't forget the sprinkles! 😉
Lise E.
No, eating one(1) doughnut isnt bad. It is never about one thing that makes the difrence it is the fact that if one doughnut is okay you can easialy think that skiping exersising is okay too and sleeping late and before you know you have gave up on your goals and you wont get anywere beside that sugar is adicting so be strong eat an apple instead and good luck becoming a better you😘
Knud I.
Yeah. All that sugar and carbs really isn't good for your body although it may taste good. Without providing nutrients, your body puts in a lot of work to digest it and is drained afterwards. Hence the sugar crash. Treat your body better than that.
Lilian Z.
Eating a doughnut when it honors your desires is good. Eating a doughnut just because you are mindlessly eating is not the best because you are not honoring your desires. Just think of why you are eating right now and accept it as it is and enjoy it.
Raul Z.
No, I would say in moderation as a treat eating a doughnut is not a bad thing. However, if done every day for a meal or eaten just because of boredom or filling a hole. This is destructive behaviour that could lead to further health issues like obesity and cancer.
Ruben Z.
One doughnut in general no, but first thing in the morning for breakfast yes. By eating foods high in simple sugars when we wake up we only give our bodies 30 minutes to an hour of energy to make it all the way to lunch, which is why we crash and snack. We have to eat slower releasing energy like whole grain starchy foods or protein. Because our bodies take longer to digest and break these foods down we get small amounts of energy over time and can easily make it through the day without snacking.
Ma Lys O.
Yes, eating a doughnut is actually that bad. It's made with tons of sugar that will give you a small boost for a little bit, but soon you'll be lazy and tired because the doughnut didn't supply enough energy. Eating low sugar fruits and protein is the best way to go!
Astrid E.
That's not quite the right. One donut never killed anybody, but, of course, the trans fats and sugar are not actually good. However, the real problem is lack of self-discipline and focus that it implies. If one donut will throw you off, then how many donuts, how many days, how many other little innocent treats? The real problem is also what it says about yourself, in terms of your discipline. You will feel yourself a better, stronger person if you can nosh out on something a little more healthy, or stick to your careful diet plan. Best wishes.
Sebastian P.
Depends when you eat it. In mornings, instead of breakfast, is usually the worst you can do. Sugars and other cars in donuts (and most other pastries) are metabolised real fast by your body and also used up very quickly. So you'll end up feeling ultra hungry in no time. Also, after a good night's sleep, you are more energised that the rest of the day. Giving your body an energy bomb the pastry is, makes it ready for an intensive but short work and if that doesn't rly happen your organism is thrown off it's proper game. If you do it every day, it starts expecting it and it's then very difficult to change that habit.
A donut once every so often as a reward is somewhat better (although using sweets as reward mechanism is also dangerous), but at least you don't train your body to expect it and if you do it in a way to fully enjoy it, instead of gulping it down in 2 bites in your morning rush, will allow you to truly appreciate the decadent joy those treats are!
Jens J.
It's all about quantity. Eating a doughnut (or anything "unhealthy") once in a while is fine. Eating a doughnut every day is bad.
Emil C.
Anything can be bad for you if you over indulge. Eating one doughnut is not necessarily bad but if you eat one every day or eat one in combination with other high sugar/fat/ carb foods is when it becomes a slippery slope, especially when you are trying to lose weight. Have one a week if you cannot fight the craving or try to find a way to make healthier homeade doughnuts with fruit.
Randy Y.
Like any other thing you eat, it depends on what you do after.

The average iced doughnut will provide up to 500 kcal which represent 20% of a daily intake for an average middle aged man.

If you sit on it, after a few hours the body will store it as fat.

If you don't want to store it, to spend 500 kcal, you will need to go jogging for 42 min or dance 60 min of Zumba™

There is also the nutritional value of it. 500kcal provided by fats and sugar is not the same as 500kcal of proteins provided by a 9oz steak.

Just to put some perspective, each of the following also provides +/- 500kcal:

– 6x eggs
– 5x bananas
– 4x slices of bacon
– 1x Big Mac

I'll let you draw your own conclusion 🙂

Bill U.
It depends. All things are good in moderation but it certainly isn’t going to make my tummy problems better or help in a workout later or might detract from my appetite at a more important meal later in the day.
Knud B.
As a treat, it isn’t the worst thing in the world. However if you think about the way the donut is prepared, it is carbs dunked and fried in fat, and then covered in sugar. As far as treats go, it’s definitely not the healthiest. If you’re making great strides in changing your habits, don’t put yourself back a step for a donut. Replace it with your favourite fruit or some other slightly healthier option. Better yet, replace it with something other than food. Treat yourself to a Netflix binge, or an experience you enjoy!
Same F.
Yes, because it doesn't give you real energy. Maybe you feel energized in the beginning because of the sugars, but you will soon feel hungry again.
Siegbert Y.
It’s bad if it makes you feel bad I guess? If I eat a bunch of sugary carbs my energy and my mood drop, I have a harder time concentrating and a bigger tendency to just crash and procrastinate. And none of that is bad, but it definitely isn’t great or serving me either. So when I eat that kinda food I make a conscious decision to let that be okay.
Pat C.
Well..depends on what you're trying to achieve..for example, if you're trying to gain weight then by all means eat the doughnut (s). I think that you're just looking for validation even though you already know what's best for you 🙂
Anna C.
Not if it's a sometimes treat. But eating one every day is a huge dose of sugar, especially first thing in the morning when your gut isn't operating at peak efficiency. You run the risk of blood sugar spikes and developing complications like diabetes and hypoglycemia. Protein and complex carbs like leafy greens are the best, followed by pulses like oats that stick with you for a long time and keep you from getting too hungry before lunch. Fruit is ok, but also has a lot of acid and sugar.
Roberto O.
No, one doughnut isnot really bad, it's ok to do or eat what you want and makes you happier.Also, it gives us energy. We cannot forbid all life pleasures after all.
Edgar F.
Not really, as long as it isn't your main food source. I try to balance it all out by only having one on rare occasion, but I'm an everything-in-moderation kind of guy.
Cassandra B.
As long it's only one and it's a once in a while treat rather than an every day occurrence I don't see the problem with it. It's only when sugary treats like this are over indulged that you start to have a problem.
L Rke U.
If you are trying to lose weight one or two can’t hurt but make sure to watch out. Sometimes you may think your only having one or two but that can turn into tree or four. Also try not to have them in your house because then you won’t be tempted to eat them. Hope this helps!
Yanis Z.
if that is the only thing you eat in the morning then definitely yes . It will make you hungrier sooner and your energy levels will drop after an initial spike.

I guess eating a donut occasionally after an otherwise healthy meal during the day is not the end of the world. But it's still not good.

Reginald U.
No. As long as i its not a habit, it's not block me from eating healthy food and provoke me to eat more sugary and processes foods!
Jennifer I.
no not really. If its a treat that you dont eat all the time. Amd if you enjoy it and it brings you joy and happiness than those benefits can out weigh what the 'unhealthy' things in a donut are.
August W.
Eating doughnuts should be thought of as an occasional and very rare treat, such as when we eat birthday cake at a Birthday party or cinnamon rolls on Christmas or Easter morning. There are many other delicious breakfast options that will help fuel you better and have a more productive and happier day.
Yanis O.
NO! All things in moderation. No food is inherently bad just because of fat or sugar content.
I could do with a few less as I have previously over indulged but as a treat, donuts are fantastic:)
Hildegunde N.
Sim, a quantidade de açúcar é muito alta e não tem valores nutricionais. O açúcar vai ser bom na hora, mas depois vai cair a energia.
Lily X.
I don’t think eating a doughnut is necessarily bad for you when you only do it every once in a while, and treat it like a treat.
Mia N.
Eating something indulgent every once in a while will not end your healthy lifestyle… but if you do it too often, that one doughnut will add up with the rest of the junk you might be eating and sabotage your progress. So no, 1 doughnut is not all that bad, but make sure you are conscious of the food choices you're making as a whole and not just one specific item. Eating one salad will not make you thin, just like one doughnut will not make you morbidly obese… your diet in its entirety will result in your health.
Nellie U.
Yes. It's empty calories and you get hungry faster leading to eat more. Plus sugar is addictive meaning if you have one you'll want another. That's not to say if you want one on your cheat day to not have it. Just be aware.
Marjorie F.
The short answer is “yes”, the long one is “it depends”. It is okay to have a doughnut with a cup of your favorite beverage once in a while. Having those cheat-meals once a week, maybe after a workout or some particularly tedious chores boosts your metabolism, makes you feel rewarded and oh my, they are so much tasteful this way. Just make sure that it’s just one portion.
Jerry P.
No but its not the best thing either. A bagel with cream cheese would be better. A doughnut just has sugar and will make you crash later on in the day. Thats not a good feeling. Eating a healthy breakfast with protein will give your body real energy and keep you going.
Silje W.
No, it's not but it's important to be mindful of why you want to eat that doughnut. If it's your form of escape from stress then know that you're building an unhealthy habit.
Maria W.
I guess it is. It's a lot of calories. One of the ways by which you can judge food items is by noticing how you feel after having them. Just notice this starting from the moment you eat something to around 2-3hours of having it. Your belly will feel heavy, gased if something isn't right. Also you will feel less energetic.
Timothe T.
I think since is fried, this means it has a big amount of oils that take a very long time to be decomposed inside the body. It is also full of artificial sugar. Maybe, eating one or two per month win't be a big deal. But try to avoid having it daily. Especially for the little kids.
Vanderl Ia Q.
Eating a dozen donuts in one sitting is definitely not good for your health. It will create a sugar rush in your system and then you will have crash later. It is in the crash when we tend to over eat or get grumpy.
Eating a donut is not bad.
Moderation is best in almost all things.
Edward S.
Ddoughnuts are very unhealthy for you to eat. Every one has so much sugar and carbs, that gives bad energy for your body to work with and then after the sugar rush, there comes the crash that makes you feel worse than before you ate the donught. Giving your body the right kind of fuel to run optimal is very important! Also I find carbs bloat and swell my guts, adding more weight to my physical body, and makes my digestive system very unhappy with me. In a sense it would make me feel like I'm sick now after eating so well and avoiding sugar. Sugar also leads to so many health problems down the road like diabetes, and other risks. So…is that donught really worth the time or energy?
M Lissa O.
Well it depends on how often you eat them if you eat it everyday then it isn’t that healthy for you and there will be a lot of sugar in your body. Where as if you have it once a month then it’s ok to have a treat. Eat in moderation is what I’d say
Filippa B.
Eating a donut isn’t that bad. We deserve to treat ourselves every once in a while and we’re allowed to give into cravings. We slip up sometimes and overdo it, and that’s okay too.
Esther S.
Nothing is 'really that bad' in moderation. I guess it depends on the context, motivation and consequence. Where, when and why are you eating the doughnut; what's your desired outcome from eating it; how will you feel afterward and do you want that more than achieving your goal?
Michelle P.
Actually it is not best choice for evertime but if you had that just try to find balance for your eating circle. Don’t blame yourself just find balance
Egbert C.
Eating a doughnut is bad because of the sugar and simple carbohydrates. Doughnut will spike your sugar level and make you full in a short time then you will be hungry again.
Jeanette X.
Doughnut can be bad for you, it depends on how often and how many you eat. Having one dought won't hurt you v.s. eating a dozen, even having a dought a day will eventually be a problem for you. Whenever I'm craving for a doughnut I like to skip the grocery store's bakery, the gas-station, even your classic doughnut shops. I usually make a special trip to Van-doughnuts in the Grove in St.Louis, it's a bit pricey, but worth every penny and bite. Their doughnuts are out of this world and having one satifies my cravings.
Bertram C.
It depends on how often you do it, I guess. It just spikes your sugar level and the effects it has in your brain is almost the same as using drugs.
Doris U.
Not so bad depending on the situation.
But mainly for those who are looking to lose weight, yes.
The worst time is the night.
Grace B.
Eating is neither good nor bad. What we choose to eat does not affect our worth as a human being. The real issue with food is nutrition and nourishment for our body. So, in the context of food possibilities a doughnut may not be the most nutritional choice. At the same time, indulging in food just because we enjoy it can be part of a balanced lifestyle when it is consumed only once in awhile, not as a regular habit.
Ask yourself how to best nourish your body with healthy food every day. There are so many great nutritious choices! Prioritize fruits and vegetables with healthy proteins and fats like nuts, dark chocolate and avocado. Whole grains can also be a nutritious indulgence.
Don't be afraid to get creative and try new recipes. If you crave pastries, there are so many healthier versions that are easy to make now. Try googling high protein or low carb muffins or even pancakes. I have been enjoying experimenting with crepe making (no sugar and higher protein than regular pancakes) and serving with lots of fresh fruit and sometimes cottage cheese.
If you do reach for a donut, make it a mindful and deliberate choice, not an impulsive one. Make sure the rest of your day has nutritious and balanced selections. Bon appetite!
Ugo Q.
Yes. Donuts are made primarily of sugar which will only provide a short term energy boost. It will also cause your insulin levels to rise. A better substitute will be an apple and peanut butter.
Elizabeth W.
Donuts are fine as an occasional treat, but not as a regular part if your diet. The key in your question is *a* donut. They're tasty, but fill you up while having very little nutritional value, actually wasting your energy to digest them, and spiking you with excessive fats and sugars
Martha P.
It depends. Are you eating sugar all day everyday or is this a small treat for you every once in a while? Are you trying to loose weight? Are you having something else that will actually keep you full or have other nutritional value?

If after answering those questions, you think "maybe the doughnut is a bad idea", try banana bread. It can be sweet and can be full of nutritional values (depending on the recipe). I love my mom's banana, zucchini, rasin, carrot, and nut bread. Super filling, but still sweet

L Nton B.
Yes . It’s sugar an refined carbs which will give you a high of energy but will drop you like a hot potato in about 30 mins . There is no nutrition it’s empty calories