What are your suggestions for quick and healthy breakfasts?

Giulia E.
I prepare my breakfast in advance, something tgat will power me up in morning but also makes me feel satisfied. I usually prepare batcjes of mini breakfast quiches, just a simple mix of eggs, chopped cherry tomatoes, chopped onions, salt and pepper and add some herbs to keep it tasty. It has your protein as a main, and some extra for tasty and ita still healthy.
Josefine X.
Hi friend! I love having a nice yogurt and some fruit on top. You can even dice up a banana and put it on top. You can also have an açaí bowl. It is very easy to make using pre proportioned packets. I also would suggest a handful of almonds if you’re not that hungry. Remember, as a Fabulous user I am here to support you regardless of whatever mountain you must climb!
Rachel L.
Fried eggs and an apple or 2 hardboiled eggs and an piece of fruit. Throw some spinach in with some scrambled eggs and eat with 2 tortillas and salsa. There are a lot of healthy breakfasts you can make if you do weekly or nightly prep work such as overnight oats (YouTube search for some recipes on overnight oats), smoothies, veggie omelets (or make a head veggie egg cups with parmesan veggies, salt and pepper in muffin tins that you bake in the oven and then freeze and just microwave in the mornings) etc. Lately, I've been making a big batch of healthy pancakes for the week on Sunday and eating them during weekdays with thawed frozen berries on top each morning. For 3 decent sized pancakes you mash together 2 eggs, 1 banana and 1/4 cup oat flour. You can add cinnamon to taste too. I times the recipe by 4 and make it in the food processor on the weekend.
Theresa N.
I make a wrap of sandwich meat and cheese on some days. Other times, I put a fried egg and some cheese on a toasted English muffin (my own version of an Egg Mcmuffin).
Cece Y.
Greek Yogurt is the easiest way to get important daily nutrients like protein at the beginning of your day. Add some tasty granola for an extra grains boost! It may be a lil more expensive but it'll be worth it.

If yogurt isnt your thing, then maybe eggs are. Easy to cook and inexpensive. There are numerous ways to prepare an egg.

Adalsindo S.
One of my favorite things to make for breakfast is apple-brown sugar oatmeal. Just take plain oats and cook it to the package instructions. You can add anything to the cooked oats but I like to add brown sugar then finely chop an apple and add that. It takes me about 3 minutes to make it.
Josef F.
A good portion of protein based food such as eggs, peanut butter with a good filled bread, oate meal, with a cup of tea will go along way adding a fruity for nutrients and energy. A great way to start a great day with energy and vitality.