Do you have any quick breakfast recipe suggestions?

Zachary U.
Fridge oats can be made for 3 days in advance. Combine 1/3 c quick oats, 1/3 c milk, 1/2 Greek yogurt. Optionally add chia seeds, honey, peanut or almond butter, fruit, etc…… stir all together and let sit in fridge overnight. Can make 3 days worth at once. This recipe is for one day serving.
Nathana L P.
A banana and a glass of milk is enough for me most of the time. But if I have time I rather to have a good breakfast with cheese, olive, butter and toast.
Raymond N.
For breakfast i make tea eggs and vegetables and sometimes if i dont have time i will make some toast with peanut butter
Renee J.
I love is chia pudding topped with berries. I make it myself with 2.5tbsp of chia seed and .5 cup almond milk (any milk works) and .5tsp vanilla. Stir and put it in the fridge to set. I make like 6 at the start of the week and keep them in the fridge. Then I always have great breakfasts or snacks ready. There’s so many nutrients and so much energy packed into such a small portion!
Florentino S.
When I'm at home, I do one egg plus some eggbeaters scrambled with feta cheese and a piece of whole grain toast. If I'm hurrying to work, I pack some cottage cheese with fruit, almonds, and kombucha. Both breakfasts keep me full til lunch.
Lena Z.
A small bowl of granola with fresh strawberries and/or blueberries. A cup of coffe, glass of water and you are on your way.
Jim C.
The best breakfasts, I find, are not necessarily quick ones. I usually prepare it the night before. This morning I had Basa with mashed potatoes I made yesterday which took about 5 mins to reheat. I find the important thing for me is to make sure breakfast is my largest meal then it doesn't really matter how much I manage to eat throughout the day because I already have that basic level of energy.
Angie U.
Quick oats are yummy and filling. Use protein powder with them for fiber and protein. I also really like 0% Greek yogurt mixed with protein powder a few fresh berries and a bit of chia seeds. You can make 4-5 at a time and eat through the week. Filling, full of protein, with some fiber.
Renata Y.
In the mornings I'm moving fast so I keep a stash of protein bars and protein shakes in the fridge. They all have 20 grams of protein and I eat or drink them on the way to work. This way I don't give in and grab a cinnamon roll at the coffee shop. It's also helped having a bowl of apples near the door, it reminds me all day about the commitment.
Hans Albert U.
During the quick rush of the morning I find it best to eat things that are both healthy and have little prep. Some fruit (apple, banana, etc.) and peanut butter is always an option. A friend egg and fruit. Oatmeal with fruit. Basically anything high in fiber and/or protein is light easy and usually delicious.
Kathleen F.
I am trying to gain weight so i put 2 muller fruit corner yogurt with scoop and half protein , macha powder and a banana , some milk and ice if needed and get it in the blender and drink as much as i can then take the rest with me, it is hard for me to eat as i was not used to ever have breakfast so drinking is easier 🙂 best of luck
June Z.
What I like most is overnight oatmeal that way I don’t have anything to do in the morning I just pick it up in the fridg