What more can I add to my breakfast? What is a good substitute for tea or coffee?

Alla H.
I love drinking juice ,and it can be of any kind but I prefer orange juice 🍊but sometimes I don’t feel like juice so I give with just a simple glass of cold water 💦 but a good option is also lemon water🍋 ,it’s really good for your health!

I hope this can be useful and keep going! We’re going to be fabulous 🌈

Henry J.
For me, I always make sure to have plenty of protein in my breakfast. I usually eat toast spread with peanut butter and topped with strawberries or bananas. I also drink a small glass of soy milk or a fruit juice.

Siegmar X.
You can add fruits or vegetables. I’m not quit sure a substitute for tea or coffee, but a smoothie is a good morning drink

Line C.
Try awake bars. Look on amazon, awake bars are granola bars that have caffeine in them. They’re tasty, full of whole grains and still gives you the boost you need in the morning.

Ruben F.
Essential oil blend of peppermint and wild orange in diffusers and rollers is energizing and refreshing, especially when trying to hold out on caffeine.

Frederikke E.
I recently started adding a boiled egg to my breakfast each morning- it’s super easy to make in the morning, is filling and is good for you! I’d say instead of caffeine, water is always a good option or even a smoothie- it’s the easiest way to make sure you’re getting all the fruit/veg you need

Dave T.
I’m not really someone that drinks coffee or thee in the morning so I can’t have the exact answer to your answer. My daily breakfast consists of a bowl of cereals with milk, accompanied by a glass of water. I think a bowl of cereals is a great way to start the day as long as they don’t contain too much sugar… Besides that I would recommend a toast or a piece of fruit. Eat healthy!

Leroy X.
Hello, a great substitute for tea or coffe is water :), I actually started replacing both with water 2 weeks ago and I feel better than ever! Hydration is key, you can even add some fruits to your water if you want to switch it up a little bit. I hope that helps 😉 Good luck xx

Lohan E.
Matcha green tea or matcha latte is a really great coffee substutite.
Matcha provides you with the same burst of energy as coffee, but unlike coffee, Matcha is considered a superfood, which means it is packed with awesome health benefits.

Enilda O.
Think about what you want to add and why. Make sure it’s nutritious and serves your purpose and that you enjoy it. A good substitute for tea and coffee is water. Juice is also good. Personally, I usually drink Chocolate Milk or Body Armor SuperDrink. I love it and it gets me going and often I will try to have Fresh Green Tea with Raspberries. No milk. No sugar.

Lance O.
I believe it depends on your diet also your interest. Juice, ice tea, milk and even different combinations. I’m on a low-carb diet so I usually have some eggs, cheese, sausages and so on.

Jane Z.
I like the V8 energy. 10 grams of sugar but the caffeine is from green tea so it's a slow burn. I mix it with 16 ounces of water.

Emily W.
Green tea. You can try to get out of the habit of tea and coffee slowly but surely. Green tea also helps u reduce weight.

Theobald F.
First it depend on your taste … what do like more Tea or Coffee? Second I personally prefer not to drink caffeine with breakfast cz if you are eating breakfast rich in calcium, caffeine wont let your body take the calcium from it…

Let Cia S.
It’s a good idea to make sure every meal has some sort of protein – this is filling and will keep you energised. Start your day with some eggs! Replace tea or coffee with a homemade green juice – full of antioxidants and goodness! 🌟

Hermine O.
Make a smoothie. If you really want some caffeine, you can make a banana- peanut butter-coffee smoothie. Or sny nut butter will do. The fat makes the effect of the coffee last longer.

Hadrien S.
If breakfast already includes good sources of protein, fat and carbohydrates, I would review how breakfast is eaten. Taking the time to enjoy your food and eat mindfully would be a positive improvement. With regards to substitutes for tea and coffee, there are plenty of herbal or fruit teas to try or a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon. Personally, I really enjoy my first cup of tea in the morning so although I may look at reducing my tea consumption during the day, for me, that first cup of tea is staying.

Floyd F.
There are lots of herbal teas that are really tasty and refreshing and also good for you. Lots of flavours take time to sample a few before you find your favourite. For breakfast I eat oatmeal at 9 then a piece of fruit at 11.

Vanessa F.
I think that having small amount of breakfast is good enough. You should always put eggs or milk to your breakfast because that is the main thing that helps your body take in protein. Every morning I drink a cup of water and then I go for eggs, toast, and water. Or rice and beans with eggs.

Flenn J.
Water, apples and a banana.
We do not need tea or coffee, but we need water, and fruits are the best foods we can eat for nutrients and energy.
An apple wakes you up more effectively than a cup of coffee, and keeps you full for longer than toast or porridge.

Dante S.
Well, in terms of what to eat for breakfast, select cereals that don't contain added sugar if you're on the go in the morning. Another suggestion would be avocado with tomato slices on a slice of bread, or quinoa with fruit. If you want to avoid additional calories, substitute cow's milk for almond, soy, rice, or coconut milk, all which are confirmed to be sources for calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin D. You could also substitute coffee and/or black tea for green or rooibos tea as they contain less or no caffeine if that that's something you want to change. Avoid fruit juices as they are high in added sugar and concentrates. Also, eat more fruits and vegetables throughout the day.

Lauriana Z.
What I do now is have eggs with cheese on toasted bread. I plan on buying fruit and nuts so that I can still have a healthy breakfast on the go. As for your question about tea or coffee substitute, I have just been drinking water and taking these energy pills. They are all natural and they are made by Zhou. I am not really sure if that is a good alternative though. It's still caffeine with Thiamine.

Benjamin Y.
I believe can I add one kind of fruit, like banana/apple, if my protein of "soja", and a good substitute for the tea or coffee is juice of orange or the old and good water

Melita T.
I eat oatmeal a lot and find different ways to make it different by adding either honey & cinnamon or fruit. You could always have hot lemon water instead of coffee or tea, but I usually drink plain water or herbal mint tea (Bigelow brand).

Floyd C.
Actually a coffee is a good idea but after breakfast. I do not like to drink coffee and eat in the same time.
If the breakfast is enough watery I would not drink anything. Maybe the good option is to drink water or water with lemon and mint before.

Lyna S.
A good non-caffienated beverage I enjoy when I want something like coffee is "chiccory coffee". It is available in most grocery stores and health food stores.

Dorle C.
Unless you are completely averse to caffeine, coffee and black tea have some serious health benefits. If you are trying to limit caffeine, herbal teas are terrific and can really add health benefits. With teas that include ingredients like peppermint, tumeric, cinnamon, and ginger; many different teas can be made with one flower/ herb/ spice or in combinations. There is a lot of info out there about benefits and properties of herbs to help you to make the perfect cuppa for you.

Irene S.
Now I don't know a substitute for tea or coffee, but I do recommend and brand of coffee called "Bulletproof". It carries a variety of organic nutrients and I always have good experience with the taste of the coffee.

Rosa Y.
I believe in starting simple, with things like toast or cereal. You will find that other new ideas come into your mind, like adding eggs, fruit, yogurt and experimenting when you feel like trying something different.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, as there are so many easy, readily available options to begin.

In regards to alternatives to tea & coffee… Why not try a homemade smoothie or glass of juice. You could opt for herbal tea if you are looking to curb your caffeine intake.

Peyton E.
Water would be a great substitute, but otherwise their isn’t much liquid caffeine’s for breakfast time. No energy drinks!

Clesisniara T.
A pop tart, a to-go-snack, because you don’t want anything heavy that will make you want to I go to sleep. You can substitute tea and coffee with water, or the night before make a healthy drink like: put lemons in your water, or put lemons, cucumbers in your drink.

Quentin P.
Maybe an orange juice. However I think tea is a good way to start the day, to give vitamins to your body and to clean what was produced during the night.

Swantje E.
Water! Obviously it doesn't have caffeine in it, but being well-hydrated helps your energy level. Especially in an afternoon slump, I find that a tall glass of water makes me feel better than another cup of coffee.

Sara F.
Eggs (3-4pc) with bacon and ham (one slice of them) 3-4 minutes cooked on little bit of oil. Serve with fresh tomatoes. Without bread.

Caroline F.
Water, obviously. But maybe mix it up a bit with drinks like kombucha, keffir, non-dairy alternatives like coconut water? And fresh fruit?