Should I eat a big breakfast or small one?

Gaurav O.
After searching and asking to experts I came to know that a glass of milk 🥛 and 2 hard boiled eggs 🥚🥚 are sufficient and it's fantastic for breakfast… if you think this small one you can go with a small breakfast…. you should try to find what suits you best….btw I am following it…….have a great time
Margaret J.
You should never ever eat a small or big breakfast. It should be just right. You may eat whatever you want, as long it is not processed, junk food like chips or sweets, just keep it healthy. Try some fruits, eggs, pancakes or toast. And by the way, too much carbohydrates is not very good for your body. Carbohydrates are like too much toast, rice, etc. You can have only up to 3 pieces of toast. However when you are eating, do not eat too much that you will get full
Allie U.
If you have to go to outside so take big breakfast so as to be energetic. And if you've got up around breakfast time so do small or light breakfast so as to eat lunch within 4 or 5 hours. It will depend upon getting hungry, means how much hungry are you feeling?
Savannah Q.
I don't think it matters the size of the breakfast, it just matters what you are eating. Process and sugary foods are not good to eat in the morning because they spike your energy and then disappear whereas healthier foods like fruits and vegetables give you more energy so you can remain energized throughout the day.
Sandro S.
I should eat a big breakfast. After sleeping for so many hours my body needs nutrients that can fill the hunger and also keep me going for the rest of the day, atleast until lunch
Daniyar G.
I would say big breakfast with light Calerinc, personally I eat every day or i try to eat every day a salad, 2 cups of tea, my one Ginger shot, rolled oats, a sandwich , maybe sometimes banana vegan pancakes and yeah a big breakfast is necessary because this is your first energy input for your day after the morning we gonna go to the school or work etc. and have no time for cooking or maybe prepare the meal in the afternoon that’s why we have to eat big breakfast in the morning.
Adam A.
A big breakfast is better, it’s the most important meal of the day so if it’s a big breakfast you’ll start your day better. It’s also better because you won’t be hungry soon so you can wait until lunch so you don’t have to eat anything in between
Liberal Z.
Eat something you feel comfortable with. However, it is important to get enough energy and nutrients to get through the first part of the day.
Isabel N.
It depends on how hungry you are in the mornings and how much you feel you need ! I don't do anything crazy big. My favorite breakfast is rice, soft cooked egg, kimchi, a little bit of soy sauce & sesame sauce! Mix it all together & enjoy;
Justin U.
Probably a small breakfast packed full of the natural sugars you need to function, as well as your vitamins and nutrients. I would assume you don't want to stuff yourself though, which is why my answer is going to be small breakfast.
Marina Q.
It depends on your body's metabolism. Perhaps, find out what your body's metabolic type is then decide which option would be better suited to you.
Lison T.
I think you should start with a small breakfast if you're not used to and then as it turns into a routine you should start aiming for a big breakfast
Alberte W.
I think a big breakfast would be best. Especially a big healthy breakfast. You need more energy and nutrition in the morning. After all, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
S F.
It really depends on the person but I will recommend that the breakfast is not too small or too big. A normal sized breakfast is the best one. I usually eat an egg, two slices of bread and tea for breakfast. That is the amount you would like to go for. Though it depends on you. I am sure you are way older than me so you probably need more food. When I go to school I have a lot of anxiety so I can't eat. Making me swallow even half a slice of bread is a big accomplishment. So eat a normal sized breakfast.
Aman X.
Neither Of The Two but A healthy breakfast, combination of atleast 04 types Of fruits(Quantity – 10 times of your weight) and then anything.
(#suppose your weight is 60 Kg, then U must eat ATLEAST 600gm OR more.)
Barbara Z.
Neither. Eat what makes you comfortably full, then take with you healthy snack alternatives (a baggie of almonds, a protein or granola bar). This way, if you feel hungry or just want something to snack on it's readily available & will keep you going through the day.
Ruby T.
A big breakfast, if you're hungry, i mostly just eat however much i think will fill me up, and i dont have problems with weight.
David E.
Whatever you are hungry for. If you follow your body's natural leanings, then you'll be more likely to keep eating breakfast!
Manuel N.
Depends on what you plan to do that morning and when you eat your next meal. If you plan on going on a long run then I suggest a big (in moderation) breakfast but if you're taking it easy then a small meal is probably better. But it's best to think about when your next meal will be and what activities you'll be doing before it when you decide on the size of your breakfast 🙂
Pegah X.
I thinck there is no diffrent betwin big or small breakfast,quality is more importenter
Your breack fast should include enugh niutrition to keep you fresh until should include enugh faty acid to keep you full.olive and egg is ok.with some bread and acup of tea or coffee
Bobby O.
A big and healthy one is better, of course , to give you the energy you need. But dont eat too much, when you are not that hungry, you might get tired quickly or won't feel that well. Look that you get your vitamins, maybe eat some oatmeal or a few nuts. What about a middle seized, but still great breakfast with all the stuff you need? Just take your time. Maybe experiment a bit to find out what fits you well and what the perfect breakfast is for you. Feel free to try new things:)