What light breakfast is good before a workout?

Riley X.
i prefer eat after a (morning) workout but at least i usually drink water and eat just a fruit like an apple or a peach if i am hungry before my workout 🙂

Emeline P.
in my opinion, i'd say that bananas and oatmeal are a good breakfast before a workout as bananas contain alot of protein.

Camille X.
I like to eat only a banana for breakfast (or as a snack) before working out. This was suggested to me by my nutrition professor

Shahd R.
a smoothie bowl consisting of different fruits and seeds to ensure you get the vitamins and nutrients needed to start your day off 🙂

Timothe Y.
If I work out in the morning I like to have a banana or an apple for breakfast. They are nice and light and they don’t make me feel sluggish and full.

Rishabh T.
Well you should eat a heavy breakfast and a light dinner as it is much better for healthy & fit body. Possibly you should do workout before your breakfast! 😄

Amy O.
Things like fruit or nuts are good but here are some more fancy ideas-
– avocado toast
– 1 hard boiled egg
– 1 cup of berries
– Apple slices with peanut butter
– an orange or banana
– yoghurt sprinkled with oats/nuts
– rice cakes
– oatmeal (with whey protein)
– handful of trail mix
– handful of dried fruit
– fruit smoothie
– 1/2 sweet potato
– almond butter on one slice of whole wheat bread
– protein granola bar
Things to avoid pre-workout
– leafy greens
– spicy food
– heavy/large meals
– cruciferous veg
Remember to stay hydrated and hope this helps!!

Rylee U.
i usually like to eat chobani yogurts or just some peanut butter toast to fuel me up with some protein. i recommend the chobani flips

Ehrentraud Z.
I would say something that has carbs and proteins in it so it gives me more energy for a short run or a few reps of cardio exercises. Maybe something like a granola bar or a small plate of eggs

Danna N.
I’m not sure, I eat after doing my workout. But I would probably recommended a bit of fruit, nuts, a small baked good, etc. I’m not sure, you should definitely do research on this. Yet something I think is good would be a bit of oatmeal with fruits.

Lorelei U.
I would have to say an apple and a spoon of peanut butter, just enough protein to power you and get some energy from the sugar in the apple!