What’s your favorite drink on your Breakfast?

Marie T.
As soon as I wake up I drink water. It’s my favorite ever. And with breakfast again water. I just simple love it. I drink almost one liter of water every morning. Try it and you will feel amazing 😉
Ira W.
I almost only drink water, but I do love to make smoothies for breakfast. I love this strawberry banana one, 1 cup of strawberries one banana about a cup of dairy free milk of your choice (I use some vanilla coconut milk) and I've been wanting to add a scoop of my new weight loss vanilla protein powder. The banana makes it so creamy and the little bit of vanilla in the coconut milk and the powder make it sweet and brings out the strawberry. I love it.
Darrell G.
I usually drink coffee and water with my breakfast. I love the way coffee smells, how it warms me up (I'm cold when I wake), and it compliments my breakfast.
Milton P.
I love having coffee! I drink some delicious black coffees and there's a specific, chocolate-scented one that is just a perfect start to my day.
Michael B.
I drink carnation high protein breakfast drinks and coffee during the week, coffee and eggs with spinach on the weekends
Amber B.
I really only enjoy drinking water and wine. Therefore only water for me during breakfast. I don't drink coffee and will only drink rooibos tea when I'm eating rusks.
Judy P.
After drinking a glass of water, I like to have English tea with my breakfast. It warm and comforting and made for me everyday by my man. He has made it for every morning for the last 20 years. One of the things I’m very grateful for 🙂
Sheryl J.
My favorite drink with breakfast depends on my breakfast. Fresh squeezed orange juice by itself is nice. Water is simple and hydrating. Overworked tea makes me feel like I’m nourishing myself and my nerves for the day. And coffee is a treat (when it isn’t disappointing and I don’t have to go to bed early). A smoothie can be a lot of work, but delicious depending on my mood.
Ga L Z.
Black coffee. I use nut milk for my Bircher muesli to don't want a milky drink to go with my breakfast. I enjoy coffee for its aroma. However I tend to drink my breakfast coffee after eating as I don't like to mix eating and drinking. The coffee finishes my breakfast on a contemplative note.
Abdul F.
I start with a glass of water. Then a cup of coffee with sugar-free, low-fat creamer. This combination gets my energy going.
Lucy B.
I like to drink water to stay hydrated, but I always enjoy a cup of tea or maybe coffee depending. In my tea I add a little bit of milk. I may also make a smoothie/juice or have some cranberry juice if I want something more fruity.