Ideas for easy and quick breakfast with protein?

Jens F.
I drink chocolate milk that my moms make for me. So I would recommend drinking milk for breakfast. You can add other things if you want but milk has protein and every other thing we need for a day to start.
Mokgadi E.
Eggs are very rich with protein. So a quick scrambled egg will always be a winner. You can add bacon and avocado if its season for a high protein breakfast
Maja A.
Salty : Boiled eggs and bread with cheese, fresh tomato, olive oil and oregano Sweet:Traditional yogurt with variety of nuts dried fruits and honey
Venus R.
Making egg is a really gentle work I think. So it's a bit hard. I think you can do mixed nuts. Like almonds, wallnuts, hazelnuts, chestnuts if you don't have any alergies to it. Or you can eat dried fruits. Maybe a bowl of yogurt with some blueberries. There is enough protein I think.
Gabriel C.
You can start your day with a great and healthy breakfast, adding protein will give you more energy and determination to keep going. Eggs are probably the best choice for your morning breakfast, they are rich in protein and with a great meal you can get more energy and get motivated.
Edgar T.
I've been eating mixed nuts, grades, ans cheese, I've found it gives me the energy I need to get me through thr next couple hours, and also puts something on my stomach to take my vitamins with