What’s your best on the go Great Breakfast habit?

Melanie W.
If I have prepared ahead of time I usually have boiled eggs prepared ahead of time and some fruit. If not I grab a piece of fruit and some water to hold me over. Preparation is key though.
Tiffany C.
Getting my breakfast done early and getting it ready the night before. Also having a tea as being a part of my routine to start my day and refresh
G X.
I prep my breakfast on Sunday for the whole week. I usually do 2 different batches. #1 scrambled eggs for 2-3 servings and #2 light vanilla yogurt with granola, coconut flakes and crunched chocolate pretzels to add on the day I’m having it. I place the yogurt in 2-3 jars and the separate the other ingredients in containers or zipploc bags.
Tango N.
Water to start the day, ofc. Then a fruit: any fruit for that matter, some nuts and if possible some cereals and pulses too, a glass of protein shake, and finally tiffin like idly/dosa/pongal/upma etc..