What’s a healthy breakfast that you can eat in the car without risk of spilling on your work clothes?

Anton G.
Make it a point NEVER to eat any place except dining table. Tend not to gobble my meal but savour it. Keeps me from grazing all day.
Isildo N.
A breakfast eaten in your car will never be healthy – you probably eat it while driving, which can cause an accident. That wouldn't be healthy to you and others even if just because of the stress. Even without a fender bender it must be stressful to eat while driving. Just eat your breakfast at home or in a restaurant, spending a few minutes by actually enjoying it. You'll feel much better afterwards. Then use your commute time for something else, like learning from audiobooks or podcasts.
Friedrich Wilhelm F.
Fresh fruit.
Smoothie (in a sippy-bottle).
Handful of dried-fruit & nuts.
Raw vegetables (carrot, courgette, pepper -sticks).

Tracy F.
It depends how hungry you are. If you are only peckish, then a few handfuls of nuts, and dried fruit, as it will keep you fuller for longer. If you are slightly more hungry then perhaps a few energy bars and an apple. If you are still going to be hungry after that try to eat food with lots of protein, like kale and spinach to try and slow down your absorption of food, perhaps in a smoothie.
Charlene Z.
I love a smoothie in the morning. I make sure it is in a contained bottle that is easy to use. Otherwise something like a banana or apple will suffice. I also love a good peanut butter sandwich.
Clifford Y.
Granola bars are probably the easiest option, but if you’re looking for less obvious answers there are lots of meals you could prepare the night before such a small pancakes rolls or fruits. If you really want something, but afraid it’s going to spill you could just wear an apron in the car… 😉
Mille Z.
Homemade granola, just make sure it does not have a lot of sugar. Simple egg wrap. Handful of plain cheerios. Protein muffins.
Dennis O.
I like making my own breakfast burrito with eggs sausage and cheese wrapped up in a tortilla he talkin all the ends it's great quick easy breakfast
Susie T.
Nuts, dried fruit, cheese and boiled eggs. With the nuts and dried fruit you can leave them there for emergencies just in case you’ve forgotten your packed or lunch or something stops you from getting ready the night before.
Bobbie P.
I have found that an english muffin with peanut butter works pretty well and is easy to grab and go when you are running late. I also keep a fiber one bar in my bag.
Clarisse S.
i mean i don’t travel by car so i don’t have a lot of experience but i would say that fruit like an apple or banana might be useful or maybe even like an energy bar to start you day. I would also recommend smoothies and milkshakes.
Carlene A.
I think a good vegetable sandwich. Dressing the salad in vinegratte or some other healthy dressing will be a better idea.