What is okay to eat when I’m in a hurry?

Alison O.
I love to go for granola bars or a small bag of fruit when I’m in a hurry. They’re simple options that are good for on the go that are still figuring and good for the body. I also love dried fruits and nut mixes for on-the-go nutrition
Lyam Y.
I think it is okay, because we dont have much time to eat in peace in the morning, and and eating is way more important than anything, because it gives you energy you needed to go on with your day
Justin Y.
anything that is easy to make or to grab while you’re on the go, a banana or any fruit or veggie would be pretty good, and yogurt is a pretty good option too:)
Karl J Rgen E.
You can eat some fruits or yogurts, something that you don't need to make that is already done. That aliment has to contain a lot of energy for the rest of the day.
Lito P.
When you’re in a hurry things like fruit, yoghurt & nuts are good to eat. They’re quick and easy to eat making them more time friendly
Kimberly X.
Your favorite smoothie and avocado toast. Why I think that is the best choice is because the Smoothie is easier to make and tastes really good also same goes for the avocado toast you can both eat these on the go but if you're like really in a hurry then just make a smoothie and then grab like another fruit.