Is there a way to efficiently plan every meal?

Mille C.
In my personal opinion… no. Everyday we have newborn situations and we need to prioritise some things, (we won’t ALWAYS be able to follow a strict routine). Yet, planning meals at the start of the week USB a good way to actually eat good meals!
Nicole F.
I use internet templates! Complete with Weekly Menus, Grocery Lists, Recipes and more-it really helps keep it simple and less stressful!
Abdirahim U.
If you are living alone, you can. Try and set a time for each meal and predict how long it will take you to eat. (e.g Breakfast at 07:30, Lunch at 12:00 and Dinner at 19:00). If you can't get up early to set out the meal then you can maybe bulk-prep.
Uir Q.
I think yes, you have to have a checklist of things to buy in the market then have a one-week list of possible meals you will consume so you can see if it has variety and has value on it.
Liz E C.
The app I use is MealBoard. It saves your recipes (and sucks recipes into the app from websites), and helps you manage your shopping lists. It was a serious game changer for me. I am so efficient now, and I was stuck in a rut before but now I try new recipes, and I don’t overshop.
There’s a similar app called Paprika, does the same stuff, a little more well known maybe, but I love MealBoard and both need to exist so they continue innovating…so maybe get whichever is lagging a little behind in ratings!
Lenny E.
Prepare all ingredients so that when cooking for meals they are available. And think of the goal of eating good food. Namely for yourself.
Cati Cia P.
To be honest, I have no idea. I always organize my diet by buying less things that I can cook in different ways and/or with different condiments.
پرنیان رحیمی N.
I am vegetarian, and because of this in every meal I'm so proud of myself and it feels great … so I prepare every meal with energy and happiness. I watch cooking shows and learn some ideas … and I go shopping for vegetables, fresh vegetables can make hungry any person, so there is a reason to cooking… 🙂
Tayba N.
So i am focusing on the healthy eating right now. So keeping that in mind i want to start my day with a healthy and energetic breakfast than something mild for snack something low fat high protein for my lunch and then at dinner i want something very nutritious
Xiaoli Z.
I don’t think so. I work with what I have in the fridge and can always come up with something nice. Plus this allows me to be creative from time to time.
Monica J.
Write a list of the weekly meals breakfast/lunch/dinner/snack. Add all the ingredients to a shopping list and do one grocery shop (or online order). Put the weekly menu on the fridge and all the family will know what meal is planned for when.
Karl Z.
I have never planned any of my meals. As a student, I am more focused on studying than taking care of myself. That is why I am here on Fabulous to change habits. I guess there is an efficient way of planning meals depending on the purpose.
Tarteel N.
I’m not sure if I understand your question fully, but here you go. I think the best way is to search for recipes on the weekend and prep your meals ahead.. you won’t always be in the mood to prepare meals so..
Friedemann F.
Yes, there is. Plan your meals a week before so when you get your shopping ( online or not ) you know what to fet to make sure that you have everything you need
Hannah F.
Yes! Try to make a list of meals that you want to eat throughout the week and make a shopping list of what you need to make them. Then have a meal prep day for things that need to be cooked and prep them ahead of your week. It sounds like a lot of work to cook a few meals in one day- but you’ll have healthy meals to eat all week and know have to cook once. When you’re ready to eat, just heat up the meals that need to be reheated and enjoy ☺️
Marion O.
I plan right before I grocery shop about what meals I can have for dinner specifically. I usually eat dinner’s leftovers for lunch the next day. So the only thing up in the air is breakfast, which is more manageable to figure out.
Sita O.
Some say plan in during weekend.. so you can plan and prepare meals better..
However as someone who stays at someone else's house, we tend to just eat what we want to eat just right before the meal time comes
Anastasia Z.
I'm used to think about what I'll eat the next morning from last night. I have also read and follow ,as much as I can , the instructions of the application for a healthier breakfast!
Haley Z.
Make a list and go to the grocery store. Write down exactly what ingredients I will need and exactly what meals I will be eating and when.
Zed F.
Just eat what do you want and like. We're Azerbaijani people love to eat butter, white cheese, tandir bread, spices, sweet tea, eggs.
Jennifer G.
The first step is to figure out what eating habits you need to develop. Is it less carbs, smaller portion sizes, more fruits and veggies, more lean meat, etc? Then go grocery shopping for items that match those new eating habits you're trying to form. Then keep a meal list in your daily planner. You can update it daily or weekly, whichever is better for you. Also having an app that tracks your daily food and water intake is very helpful in reflecting on the healthy choices you're trying to make. It will better equip you with the information you need to make any adjustments in your meal planning, as well as track your progress toward your goals
S L Ne A.
making reminders for yourself
staying active and avoiding the fridge and pantry
eating only with your stomach and not your head. you’re going to eat more and get more food when you eat with your mind.
drinking more water than anything
eating snacks like baked chips or some type of healthy snack
Jacqlyn J.
I feel the best way is to plan out the macros. Say you want to get carbs, protein and fat in eat meal. Of course consider having more veg than anyone usually would have. I like meal prepping best because you’ll have a well rounded meal already portioned out, and only need to get it in the oven.
Rice dishes are one of the easiest and best to put together.
Norah E.
Kind of, if you think ahead -in the evening what you will eat tomorrow morning, and buy food continuously on the same day. The food planning improves everytime
Jessi G.
Use the same ingredients and always have them in hand. Then look up different ways to make those and out those on cards handy so you always have exactly what you need. You just need to prep and out it together.