Besides eating protein, what are some substitutes for carbs for breakfast?

Oscar Z.
In my case is not eating at all. I started doing intermittent fasting every morning. But if I would choose one healthy fats like coconut oil.
Lance Z.
The answer is too boring for me, sorry. I am professional in medicine and nutrition, I have a depression and don't have energy to write obvious things
Marilde F.
Plant-based protein is best to avoid saturated fat that causes clogged arteries. A tofu scramble is the best mixed with a bunch of veggies. I aim for a colorful plate. Whole food carbs are better than processed carbs. (Everything has macro nutrients aka carbs,fat, protein.) A little fruit is amazing in the morning. I make a plant-based yogurt with my Instapot and once that’s made I just eat it with a little bit of mango and mixed berries and add a little sprouted grain cereal like Ezekiel and add flax, chia and hemp seeds for omega-3s & 6s. Keeps me going for hours.

If you’re trying to increase protein bc you’re maybe trying to build muscle, I highly recommend a plant-based protein powder. Mix in a blender with a bunch of kale and ice and it’s a real healthy dessert or breakfast or post workout meal. Paleo is a fad, but eating what makes you feel good over the course of years whilst avoiding inflammatory diseases is where it’s at. Best of luck on your journey.

Elias E.
You don't substitute carbs or protein for anything… You eat them all in the proper proportions. Carbs should make up 55% of your total diet. There are good and bad carbs. Avoid processed foods, make things from scratch. Protein should make up no more than 20% of your diet even for professional athletes. Again there is good and bad, eat mostly lean protein. Finally healthy unsaturated fats should make up 25% of your diet. Yes fat is important and necessary for a healthy diet
Johanna Z.
Low carb options like vegetables and salads can help. Another option is to eat keto type of recipes for bread based on alternative flours.
Chris F.
Healthy fats are a good way to stay full longer. I like a poached egg on top of avocado with a bit of salsa for a carb free breakfast.
Olivia N.
High fiber foods are also a good bet. Things like edamame and chia seeds are great examples. Both have some carbs, but at least half of those carbs are fiber, which will keep you feeling full until lunch.
Alexander E.
I love starting my day with different food so depending on my mood. Eggs are great for protein and I usually have a few Garda boiled ones for my kids and I in a pinch. Some days I am simply not in the mood for eggs. A nice change is a “breakfast parfait bar “ I have organic kefir or yogurt, frozen berries, quick cook oats and seasonal fruit. I mix whatever I am in the mood for. 🙂
April G.
If you go full-frontal keto, fats can provide 60% of calories, altho not everyone agrees.
"Good fats" could include veggies & fish like salmon, mackeral, tuna, & sardines. Avacado on whole wheat or full grain toast works unless you are full-bore keto. Combine w hard cheese & salmon & you have a tasty start. Peanut butter (organic or natural) is good.
Hummus w whole grain pita or Naan works.
Bon appetite!
Tina A.
Why do you want to replace carbs. Fruits and veggies are carbs and are great breakfast foods. Recommend eating high protein and fruits/veggies. Like eggs and bananas/strawberries.
Louisa P.
Veggies!! They're so versitile, you can make hash browns with squash, sweet potato, and/or cauliflower. Roasted or sauteed veggies are also an amazing side with eggs and salsa!
Jeanne Y.
Find a good quality protein powder to put in a morning smoothie. Make sure all your ingredients are prepared on a weekly or by weekly basis to make it more simple for you to get your healthy breakfast. It is also a great alternative if you are vegetarian. After doing extensive research my recommendation for protein powders are from either Shaklee or dōTERRA. Both great companies that make sure that what you think your getting in your product is all your getting in you product.
Mocinha Z.
Milk, soy milk, and almond milk are all easy-to-digest, high nutrient drinks to start your day. Low fat varieties are ideal.
Matthew U.
I'm assuming you mean other than simple carbs like French toast or cereal. I like smoothies because you can make a balanced breakfast in one container that is also convenient on the go if you don't have much time in the morning. I try to build mine the night before and put it in the fridge minus the liquid. I start with vegetables then add fruit for sweetness. Then include things like coconut, seeds or avocado for fat. Nutt butters work too. Seasoning and spices like ginger and turmeric. I sometimes add a protein like silken tofu or powder. Spirulina is a good omega 3 source, plus it's just pretty lol.
Kent N.
The three categories of macros in food are protein, carbs, and fats. You need them all for a balanced diet. Some healthy fats that you could try incorporating into your breakfasts are avocado (great in smoothies), nuts, and chia seeds. I like to make chia seed pudding for breakfast with almond milk. My favorite combo is chia seed pudding with peaches when they are in season!
Marie Q.
It is hard to get rid of flour products – they are everywhere. Waffles, pancakes, bread, even a cereals are in fact just flour. I eat either plate of misc things – ham, cheeses, veggies (one bite of ham, one veggie and so on) or I eat eggs. Used to do eggs and beans but seems like too much cooking and hassle.
Fingers crossed on your journey!
Rachel E.
Fruit. I especially like the no sugar fruit cups. They're easy and small. I typically don't like eating when I first wake. But a little pineapple or applesauce is easy