I’m fine without breakfast and feel that this is largely a waste of time. Isn’t coffee enough?

Mariia F.
Even though each body is different as so has its unique needs and preferences, the general answer is no, not really. I do also prefer to start my morning with a cup of coffee and to have breakfast later, after my morning workout. But I do know, and it’s proven by research that coffee gives a short boost of energe and spike of blood sugar, but after that you will feel very low on energy, and usually it’s the moment when you have to be productive and active at work. So it’s better to have breakfast, for me something small and high in protein works the best. Hope my answer was helpful for you.
Jessie P.
Breakfast is in fact the most important meal of the day so you’re set for the rest of it to be quite frank, I don’t eat breakfast that much. I’ll have fruit. Or sometimes a bagel. But then always a coffee or something.
Jeanne T.
I like breakfast I personally don’t drink coffee so it’s my way of getting natural energy from the foods I eat in the morning to start my day.