How can I curb carb cravings in the morning?

Emma N.
Make something that you like! If I want sweet things, I make a porridge with fruit purées or/and sweetener/protein powder. Or simply eat a fruit. It's hard because it's not a waffle or the like, but it gets easier and when the benefits start showing it's worth it.
Dursun T.
Go for a short walk
Drink plenty of water( with lemon or apple cider vinegar)
Have something with complex carbohydrates, such as oatmeal or bananas
Do a light workout/ stretch
Sameera C.
Hey ya, i personally think morning is the time when your body is usually dehydrated and lackes protine the most. Therefore carbs durning the morning itself…nah… what you can do is try to go sweet for the breakfast. Like a strawberry flavoured cereal or a nice smoothie can keep you full way better than those carbs. Carbs would just give u satisfaction to the tounge and not keep you full. Sweet durning the morning will energise you for the day and also help keeping you full. Hope you find this helpfull😊. Regards
Stefano Z.
If you haven't tried this yet, oats and fruit can help (eating those instead of sugary foods). But maybe the best is oats, or eggs, or yogurt.. You can try protein rich foods that generally shut down the carb cravings.
Maybe when you feel the carb cravings you can try to stop for a minute and think if there are things you want to avoid thinking or doing, maybe that's more than just food.
Those are little hints, I know it can be hard resist carbs, but keep trying even if you fail. And accept yourself when you fail, be kind to yourself
Jana 145 N.
There isn't any instant way to cut carbs carving but you can try to cut carbs out of your diet and definitely hide all your favourite carbs in a cabinet and lock it with a lock and give the keys to someone you trust and tell then to not give you the key no matter what for a week then after that open the cabinet take one of your favourite carbs then lock the cabinet again and replace the carbs with something healthy you like any vegetables or fruits would do the job, hope this helps ☆
Diane P.
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If you feel like it, try to go out for a walk. Also, eating fruit or chewing gum will reduce your cravings a bit. Finally, I think you should always try to have regular meals and eat a full breakfast.
Rose E.
Many times the more unhealthy food options are so enticing not only because they are tasty, but also because they are easily accessible. It's easier for me to eat a ready-made pastry than to cook an egg and veggies. My advice is to make the healthier options more readily available. Prepare/buy healthy food and prepackage if you can, so the healthiest option is also an easy option.