What if you can’t afford to have fruit and vegetables every day?

Phoebe U.
Just eat normal vagitable that available in your local area and try to eat Banana it's cheap and eat pulses besides vegetable
Baishali P.
That’s okay! Have fruits and vegetables at least 3 times a week. Focus on other sources of nutrition on the other days. Go for milk, green tea, eggs, add chia seeds to your routine, 3-4 almonds a day and healthy carbs. Besides all of this, it’s necessary to keep your body hydrated. Hence, 3 litres of water is a must. And remember, workout is the key.
Magnolia M.
If you can’t afford to have fruits and vegetables every day, at least you have the thought of it in your mind. The best thing you can do, with your current situation, is to work towards that goal—the goal of having enough to obtain fruits and vegetables to eat every day.
3looya N.
Personally I don’t strive to eat fruits and vegetables everyday since there are plenty of other heathy foods to bring nutrients into your body. Eating healthy doesn’t mean spending money on expensive “health juices” etc it’s about eating what your body needs.
Sandhra F.
I usually go for what mom makes for breakfast. Maybe some bread and egg or i never out of muesli so that could be an option
Veronika C.
fruit and vegetables are big part of my day. I cant emagine my life without these things. I like fruits more than sweets and its also healthy and we need fruit and vegetables to by healthy. its also big source of vitamins.
Bell N.
I keep frozen fruit and veggies stocked cause they tend to be cheaper and they’re still good for you. Plus I like smoothies so I throw them all in a smoothie
Caroline G.
Start small- you can buy canned fruit and canned veggies for a dollar or less. If it’s time you don’t have to spend, canned is also good to save time (throw green beans on the stove for less than 10 minutes and ready to eat). Work your way up to buying fresh vegetables and fruit- enough for at least one or two a day. We should be eating 4-5 different veggies and fruits everyday. Most important- observe where your putting your money into, and see how you can change spending to see prioritize your health in fruits and veggies.
May P.
Tbh I have never thought about it. Some might be high price but some are affordable here. I will drink more water, I assume. I actually dont have answer for it.
Caylan W.
don’t worry! if you can’t afford to have fruits and veggies everyday, you don’t need to buy fruits and veggies everyday. a little goes a long way. if you want, you can buy fruits and veggies that come in multiples (bananas, small tangerines; carrots, bell peppers).

there can be days when you don’t eat that many fruits or veggies but, you make up for it in another way (slight exercise, journaling). just do what you can to make you happy 🙂